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Monday, 29 July 2013

National Bookstore Latest Purchase: Miss Peregrine's Home For Peculiar Children

A visit to the mall would definitely not be complete without picking up a book that I have always wanted to read. The truth is I could have only one book purchased because I left my bag at the coffee shop where my Dad and Lola were catching up and I had only 400 bucks with me. I could have gone back to fetch my wallet but it's a long way back. Anyway, this is what I got, I swear if I had more on me I could no longer get onto the boat all the way to my uncle's place...

Would you be interested in winning a paperback copy? Would you leave me a comment below?

Friday, 26 July 2013

Raisie Goes A Travelin'-What's A Packin'?

How do you like the new look? Can you believe that J designed this for me? He does have a girly-girl side to him after all, he knows that I like a cleaner approach, the past one was just a result of tweaking and personal effort here and there.

I will be leaving with my folks tomorrow, so I won't be doing regular updates here for a week. Right now I am packing (and still have time to post-lol). The trip consists mostly of plane ride, boat ride, road trip, visiting people and more celebrations. Hey, it's family.

So now that I am a travelin, here's what I'm a packin'...

Even if I am travelling light, these deserve a place in my bag! 

I got the following from Sample Room
  • Gluta C Intense Whitening Body Lotion
  • Physiogel Cleanser
These are the ones from my July BDJ Box:
  • Beach Hut Spray Sunblock
  • Too Cool for School BB Cream Travel Size 
  • Dove Damage Therapy Shampoo
  • Dove White Beauty Bar
  • Dove Whitening Original Deodorant
And my trustee Human Nature Hydrating Lipsticks in Lucky in Love and First Kiss. 

Who would have thought my BDJ box would arrive at good timing? I could also test the Too Cool For School BB Cream and the Beach Hut Sunblock since there are plans of swimming and lazing around.

Could you guess where I am headed? Have a fantastic weekend, dear friends! You can still join my Firmoo giveaway here

Thursday, 25 July 2013

Beauty Review: San San Nail Polish Touch of Tan + Exam and Job Interview Nails

Sometimes neutrals can be refreshing. The reason why I went to look for neutral nail polishes was because I needed something calm when I went around submitting resumes and taking exams. See, it's not only justifiable to have these but it is also a good move if you will. Now on to what I think about these nail polishes. 

San San Nail Polish Colorless

  • It can be used as a top coat and base coat, making it really versatile. 
  • It is also quick-drying which is a big plus for me and it acts as a nail hardener.
  • Can you believe that you can get a dual purpose product for only Php 37?
  • The bottle is durable and I like the simple but effective packaging.
  • It bothers me that it smells strongly of alcohol.
  • Also, 2-3 coats are needed to prevent chipping. 

San San Nail Polish Touch of Tan 


  • This is another smooth-gliding lacquer and the shade is refreshing and really appropriate for conservative working environments
  • Again only at Php 37, it's affordable!


  • Smells strongly of alcohol too. 
  • Needs 2 coats at least for decent color. 

But overall, I am really fond of the color and I still have it on even if it is already more than a week. I will be confident wearing this shade without any supervisor commenting that "the nail polish is too loud". Ok, I did watch that episode of Be Careful With My Heart. 

In addition, this is also the shade that I put on during one of the exams I took last week. It does feel good to have non-distracting nails during a pencil and paper test again. Makes me feel like a freshman in college! 

Now that I am packing up for a trip with the family, I have to choose for a fun nail polish. I have over thirty colors already, so which one should I choose? Do you have any suggestions? 

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Confessions of a Bibliophile: The Dirty Lil Secret Is Out!

Yeah from what you see here, I am letting you in on a little secret....

Yeah, reading The Great Gatsby and still have To Kill A Mockingbird on queue. 

I do read in the toilet! 

Ok, the truth is- this is my entry for a photo contest from a few months before to Book Depository's theme: Places Where You Read. So what would lead me to post a wacky photo of myself online? A whole library of Lord of The Rings nonetheless...

Alright, so if you are a bibliophile, you could more or less do crazy things for books.

How about you?What are the things you are willing to do for books? Let's have a fun discussion below! 

Monday, 22 July 2013

Post Exam Mini Haul

Over the weekend, I prepared myself for an exam which took the whole day. Admittedly, exams can be stressful and it could drain the energy of an examinee especially if it is a battery of tests. But I am still glad that I have supportive people surrounding me.

This is what a really thoughtful person gave me- a mini haul to reward myself after a rainy day filled with IQ questions and Psychological testing.

Paganini Makeup Brush Travel Size 
Bobbie Nail Polish in Cherry Blossom 
Bobbie Magnet-ficent Nail Polish

I really enjoy finding and testing affordable beauty items without having to spend a ridiculous amount of money. And when I say affordable, the brush set contains the essentials and costs only Php 65, Bobbie Nail Polish in Cherry Blossom Php 30, and then Bobbie Magnet-ficent Nail Polish for another Php 35. Total damage is only Php 130. 

I'm pretty proud with this mini haul. Not only is this super affordable, it is also a thoughtful gift from someone really special to me. 


Can you believe that the lesser known, MiC brush set is more expensive that this Paganini makeup brush travel sized set? I'm glad that the helpful lady was able to point this out as a third option when I was surveying the brushes. 

This is a shade I haven't tried yet. Tried it on J's middle finger last night, though it looks good in the evening, even cute. But when the morning light comes in, I have to sort of re-evaluate if this is a vacation-wise shade. 

Alright, this does not have a shade name, just a code and number. It has a brown-coffee shade that I like that's similar to Gingerbread. I did not succeed in making the magnet pattern but I could give it another try.

So that's about it for my mini haul. What did you do this weekend? You can still join my Firmoo giveaway here and win free spectacles from the classic series! Have a good day! =D 

Sunday, 21 July 2013

Unboxing BDJ Box July- A Whole Lot Of Pampering Goodness!

My July BDJ Box arrived and you can just imagine my sister and I's excitement as we learned that the box was arriving. Before that, I already knew what the contents were because some gals were already posting photos online of their unboxing but we still had fun. My Sis even assisted me with the unboxing photos.

This is the whole package which looks so compact, but don't let the small size fool you because...

It's got a whole lot of Dove love and the usual treats from BDJ Box. Not bad for the month of July right? 

It's my first time to receive a BDJ Box, which was supposed to be a belated birthday present. Since all of the June slots were already sold out, I was able to get a slot for July. This month's theme is all about Head to Toe Pampering, and BDJ sure knows how to reward hardworking girls in the middle of the year.

When I first heard about the Top to Toe Pampering theme, I prepared myself for spa products, but now that I see all the Dove goodies and even added makeup, I think it's still more than enough to have a full body pampering experience.

Now look at this love from Dove, (fun rhyming!) there are all full-sized products that is enough to make me feel pampered. I'm a long time Dove user so this has just saved me at least a thousand bucks in my body care supply! Even Mommy is impressed... =D 

For this month, the BDJ team prepared a buffet of Dove pampering. Here, there is just not one but two bottles each of full-sized hair care for the crowning glory. There is the Dove Damage Therapy Intense Repair Shampoo 180 ml (2 bottles) and the Dove Damage Therapy Intense Repair Conditioner 180 ml (2 bottles). For the body, this will be handy for me as I travel at the end of this month, so I should be sure to pack the Dove White Beauty Bar Moisturizing Milk 135g. 

And for the BDJ Box itself, it's still oozing with sweetness and goodness, not to mention the most interesting stuff I have ever had my hands on... The color palettes in here are just what I need!

So what am I looking forward to with this month's beauty products? I am no stranger to Dove, and I am a big fan of the Energizing line because of its squeaky, clean scent for bath bar and deodorant. But receiving a super-generous line of eight full-sized products can just simply make anyone's day, and I have to say I can't wait to try the Dove Damage Therapy Intense Repair Treatment Mask 200 ml. I still have a small bottle of the Intense Repair Shampoo in the bathroom right now even as we speak and this could help me with my hair fall issues.

Another Dove full-sized product that I am excited to try is the Dove Whitening Original Anti-Perspirant Deodorant Aerosol 169 ml. I have been using the stick and roll-on for many years now, so using a spray deo is a first for me. At least I don't have to worry because Dove is gentle on my skin-even my underarms.

Now from the July BDJ Box itself, it's a treat that I am glad not to have missed. This box really caught my attention. I can't wait to try the Enchanted Eyeshadow and I got the Pixie Dust Shimmer Eye Palette Nude Eyes. 

 I like that this palette I received consists of neutrals which is really wearable for me. This only means that the team pays attention to my beauty profile and personal preferences since wearing anything too loud is not appropriate for a corporate environment. The super-tiny-sparkly formulation makes me feel like I am staring at real pixie dust! =p

Another plus is the usable applicator. I say usable because I have other eyeshadow palettes that promise good color but kind of fall back on the applicator since I don't really like to bring around a long eyeshadow brush in the bag.

Another sweet treat I like is the Too Cool for School BB Cream  from the BDJ Box. Lunch Box is a Korean Brand and they gave me the travel size tube. This is just perfect for an upcoming trip next week to visit relatives. So yeah, this is a keeper.

I really think the packaging is cute and clever. 

Well it was my sister who announced dibs on this one. She is a regular user of Revlon lippies but to tell you honestly, this is my first time to own a Revlon lipstick of my own. The usual brands that I have come to know are Mary Kay, Human Nature and Maybelline. But now, I have an added shade and I think I can experiment with this. 

I have heard of many positive reviews about Revlon Color Burst Lip Butter, as for the shade I got, it's in Raspberry Pie. It's a deep maroon pink shade. I haven't swatched it yet so let's see if it suits my skin tone. 

So far, these are the highlights of the whole July BDJ Box. There are still a lot of products in here like the Beach Hut Sunblock, Foot Appeal Mask, and the Sure Slim Voucher.

All in all, I think this is a great box, not to mention it is practical and there are a lot of good items putting the total estimated amount to over Php 4, 070. Whew. Just looking at that amount gives me a proud feeling. It's a good box, if not excellent. It makes me curious as to what's next. All the August boxes are already sold out but the September boxes are open for reservations.

It's tempting, I know. But I am more than satisfied with this month's box and receiving a July BDJ Box simply strengthens my interest that I could gift a similar one to a very special woman come October this year.

The BDJ Box team deserves a pat on the back for the job well done they have made. From the friendly responses I get in Twitter from their official account, to the carefully selected products that they offer, I am tempted to continue a subscription for more months to come. 

See how quick they are to respond to a simple question? 

So are you a Dove user too? Have you subscribed to any sampling boxes so far? What are your thoughts? 

If you haven't joined my Firmoo giveaway yet, you can check it out here. I hope you had a good weekend! =D 

Friday, 19 July 2013

Giveaway: Win Raisie Speaks+ Firmoo Eyeglasses!

Who has not heard of Firmoo?

Firmoo is the Global Online Optical Store that is generously offering practical and stylish eyeglasses for everyone. Firmoo has a complete line of computer glasses, fashion sunglasses and even classic series that come in many designs. If you need specialty eyewear and have a specific prescription, you can get inexpensive eyeglasses with high quality so that you can access good eyewear and see better.

Some time ago, Firmoo offered me free eyeglasses and I still have them up to this day.

Here are some personal picks from the classic series.

You can join and win $20 e-vouchers which you can use to purchase Firmoo eyewear so that you can give their products a try. There will be six grand winners of this giveaway, however if the number of participants will be over forty, there will be one grand prize winner as long as their shipping address provided is serviceable, then all is well and good. 

Only those who leave a valid comment telling which eyeglasses from the classic series you would want will be regarded as valid participants. You can also be a part of the Firmoo First Pair Free Program so that you and your family can test out the eyewear from Firmoo. If the total number of participants reach over 80, well that's all and good, yours truly can also win a free pair.

All you need to do is follow the mechanics and be sure to check your email regularly just in case you won!

So are you ready? Get set. Go!

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Book Review: The Imperfectionists by Tom Rachman

How fast do you think you can finish a book? My reading speed is all ups and downs but my friends at my reading group can read fast and even finish 4-6 books in a month, even more! Yeah, I am back with my book reviews. This one is a little overdue which got me thinking that I should review books as soon as I finish them. I've still got my eyes on new books from the supplier, and I am on a lookout for other book blogs that will be willing to exchange links with me, if you are interested, would you let me know? Hint: leave a comment below...

I have already mentioned that I started reading Strange Pilgrims by Gabriel Garcia Marquez and didn't get beyond the introduction. I can't help feeling sad that I can't read it when I want to. It just won't load... I don't even know how this could happen, I have yet to figure it out. But I also think it comes at a reasonable time when I have a lot of projects to finish and both my parents are home, I have had a blast spending time with them together to make up for the bonding moments that we missed the past three months.

So on to the book review...

Highlights of the Book: Themes, Issues and Characterization
(Warning: May Contain Spoilers) 

Some issues and themes worth noting in this book is the balance of work and personal lives, as well as trying to maintain the professionalism in the workplace. As the correspondents strive to meet deadlines, there is the issue of a 50 year old publication staying afloat in the dot com era.

I liked that this came from the perspective of a staff operating an international newspaper. The issues touched were meaningful, and that these are the stories of ordinary people. Instead of a bulk of it being just one perspective, it is a breakdown of various characters and their relevance to their workplace. Tom Rachman gives a varied voice and style for the different characters, even just the supporting ones. It seems that this is a young author to look out for.

The themes that the book touches are love and family life, career and security, and faithfulness or loyalty. Each chapter in the book provides a glimpse in the life of each employee, and in between, there is the history behind the international newspaper, of how it started, but the true reason behind why it was founded is not revealed until the last two chapters. What goes on beyond the professional surface is more intriguing compared to how each correspondent and editor deals with in the workplace.

As for issues, enter the battle of the printed word and daily circulation of an international newspaper versus digital content that can be downloaded and shared in seconds. Usually the thin line is crossed between the relevance and truth of news reporting versus sensationalized stories. Here, the rich stories and challenges of being in the journalism profession is told. I can also personally relate to this side because of my involveent with the printed word having been a scriptwriter and editor in the past.

 The character I could truly relate with is Kathleen, the editor in chief of the paper because I somehow admire her drive and her ambition, being a tough woman in the workplace otherwise dominated by men, and the way she checks facts to protect the paper's credibility. Also, the obituary writer has quite a transformation as he transforms from a lazy but dedicated father to a work-committed editor but unfocused husband.

I also like that each chapter is titled with newspaper headlines which are parallel to each character's story and experiences-this is a novel way of introducing memorable characters to the reader.

Who Could Enjoy The Book 

This book is for people who are curious about what it means to be a print journalist in the midst of a dot com age where reporters from all over the world are facing, and how an international print newspaper can survive. Also, if you are curious as to how the balance between personal life and working life is achieved or rather in constant turmoil, then this book is for you. 

About the Author

People still write good books. 

That's what Discovery said about Tom Rachman and he is considered as one of the best discoveries of 2010, including Andrew Garfield. 

Tom Rachman was born in 1974 in London, but grew up in Vancouver. He studied cinema at the University of Toronto and completed a Master's degree in Journalism at Columbia University in New York. From 1998, he worked as an editor at the foreign desk of The Associated Press in New York then did a stint as a correspondent in India and Sri Lanka, before returning to New York. He was sent to Rome in 2002 as an AP correspondent where his assignments brought him to Japan, South Korea, Egypt and Turkey. He began as a part time editor in 2006 at the International Herald Tribune in Paris in order to support himself while writing fiction. He currently resides in London and is working on his second novel. 

What Other People Are Saying About The Book

It seems that I am not the only one who is quite happy about this book. Other book groups have shared their reactions and you can view them here

If you happen to like this book and pick up this copy, would you want to let me know? 
What types of books capture your interest? 

Thursday, 11 July 2013

New Sample Room Goodies

How have you all been? I can't believe that a lot can happen in just a week. But that's life, and it all depends on how fast you can react to the events, and how well one can manage it all.

I am just glad my e-library is back. That only means that I can continue my reading habits. However, I have encountered problems with the title that I am most interested in. Every other title seems to load just fine. I have to look into the memory card though.

But blogwise, I have some surprises coming in store for you this month. You might want to look out for the next posts here and follow me on Bloglovin to be the first to know.

Here are some goodies that I received from Sample Room. You can watch out for the reviews for these products soon. In the meantime, I won't stay long, I have a huge project that I have to finish and I hope you all are having a good week. Hang in there, tomorrow is Friday!



Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Currently Reading: Strange Pilgrims by Gabriel Garcia Marquez

I'm on a hold right now from reading because I have a ton of writing tasks that are too technical and just getting the facts straight is tricky alone. Another thing is that Momsy is on travel and she brought the digicam and tablet with her which puts my reading on hold too and that leaves me with more beauty products review without any suitable photos to use just yet.

Behind the scenes, I am babysitting our one-year old Fiona. She whines every thirty seconds. But I still let her rest on my lap and cover her with a blanket when she feels cold.

So, I shall wait for my ebook library to arrive then and write as fast as I can on those technical reports and writing tasks. But for next month my reading group in Goodreads have chosen Vladimir Nabokov's Lolita for the discussion. Momsy is reading Tolstoy right now. Does this mean I should go for an actual ebook reader instead of just a tablet?

Ok, ok, ok, currently reading (but put to a halt) Strange Pilgrims by Gabriel Garcia Marquez. (I can't believe I still have not posted my review on Tom Rachman's The Imperfectionists...)

G.G. Marquez is an old-favorite of mine, I got to collect and read many of his novels except Strange Pilgrims. Everybody else knows that I like to read his works, but every time someone goes out of town and passes by the bigger bookstores, I am always unlucky. Now that I have the ebook, it went traveling without me. But I can still wait...

In the meantime, here is a compilation of all the splendid book covers for your inspiration. I've always had his books in Random House editions, but there are other book covers that are even more impressive.

 What are you currently reading, avoiding, completing? 
Follow me on Bloglovin? 

Monday, 1 July 2013

On Fragrances: Pink Shimmer and Shine in Pretty and Pure

I got this when a friend of mine brought quite a haul in the office. So yes, I fell for it at first scent. I have to say that the package is an instant favourite because I am a big fan of teal and everything that falls in its radar. I am feeling that it is a good buy as soon as I saw it, and I will be sharing my reasons why.

About the Company

I think anyone who has a relative in the States and has received a balikbayan box knows or has tried some Pink products in the past. Pink is Victoria’s Secret’s sister company which has expanded into so many products already, from underwear, beauty products, sporting attire, shoes and fragrances, now they are introducing bags and totes. There are so many merchandise that they are conjuring up, it takes a girl quite a good amount of self control to decide which are really the essentials. As for me, I am content with this particular body splash. What's a girl on a budget to do?


I got this 75ml bottle for only Php 350, so it must be a sale price of approximately $8.75. The regular items I see on the site are over $15-25 if these come in full size. I think it is already a good value for me, and I got to save on other fees, so yes, definitely a keeper. 

About the Product

The print on the bottle says that it is a sparkling body mist, and yes it is definitely sparkly! I like small bottles because I can toss them in my bag no matter how small it is and then carry them around no matter where I am. I usually head to the mountains for the weekends and then go back to the city when the week starts again. I also need some calming scents to help me start my day.

Who Is It For?

Pink's Pretty and Pure Sparkling Body Mist is for those who like:
  • Subtle and refreshing scents
  • Shimmery products to reflect on the skin 
  • Candy bubblegum reminiscent fragrances


I like that it offers:
  • Fresh feeling
  • Smells pleasant and becomes subtle as time goes on
  • Not too sweet and not overpowering
  • Reasonable bargain price thanks to my friend 
  • Compact travel size bottle 
  • Non-irritating


I don’t like that:
  • It is too shimmery
  • Creamy and milky texture that make it appear like lotion
  • There is something wrong with the spritzer, it does not spritz it just gives a spurt and I need to rub it on my skin and it wastes an amount of product
  • It is inaccessible, I don't see it on sale even in their own site and I have to see yet if they offer it here

The Verdict

I find that Pretty and Pure is a calming scent that I really like. At the rate of how I spritz it, it will be consumed in no time. I am pleased with this product but I am sad that it is no longer on sale in the site.