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Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Book Review: ABCs of Journaling by Abbey Sy

Letterer, instructor, entrepreneur and all-around talented gal Abbey Sy is back with her second boo and she’s sharing tips on journaling creatively. The book wasn’t available yet in Zamboanga and being the crazy person I was, I asked my friend to buy it from me from a National Bookstore Makati branch which was just within walking distance from where he was staying. I received it the next weekend. 

Abbey Sy

I’m a fan of Abbey Sy and one of the people excited to get a copy for myself when it was announced on Instagram. I also have her first book and knowing Abbey Sy, she’s really put her heart into the completion of her published works. 

Abbey introduced the definition of terms to those who are new at journaling. It’s a good guide for newbies. I also like the tips all over the book and the author distinctly promotes sketching and drawing in transit. It’s a great way to preserve modern-day adventures. Also, here are helpful tips on how to pack up materials like washi and watercolor while on travel.

There’s also a section featuring local artists who have done journaling in different styles. I’m thinking of applying some tips in my upcoming travel where I will be doing some interesting activities up north.

The sticker sheet is a bonus with the travel-inspired stickers. My only suggestion is that it should have a couple of sheets for international and domestic travel.

I’ve been documenting and journaling on my own for a while now, but some tips are also relevant here from her book. Abbey Sy is a letterer and her works really shine in each of her travel pages. She draws scenes from food, to buildings and she has the patience (and the time) to complete each one of them.

On the other hand, I don’t have that much time when I travel especially when I’m with people who want to hop from one place to another, and my sketching skills are not as advanced. This is where smartphone photos come in, and for days when my mirrorless camera is kind of too heavy. But I can manage especially when I sit down and start jotting down notes and experiences of the day.

For my personal travel journal, I can’t wait for an upcoming adventure and for me to gain new experiences and to cross off a few items on my bucket list. 

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Raisie Speaks: 4 Gift Ideas for Bookworm Friends

Hey everybody! 

Do you have close friends who are bookworms? (Almost all of my friends from university are not just collectors but book hoarders! These are the hardcore, I-don’t-wanna-part-with-my-books-like-EVER-bookworms. Yeah I’m looking at you Ate K and J!) =p 

Do you often have trouble finding them a gift during the holidays? I’ve put together a gift guide to help you sort out the dilemma, chances are you can come up with something more affordable that is still just as cute, or this list can serve as inspiration for you to zero in on the best Christmas gift you can get your bookworm friends-after all, you know them well enough to gauge what it is that they really want. 

1. Elegant Bookmarks

Whether personalized or store-bought, it’s the thought that counts. You can give your bookworm friends something for them to put in between pages to replace those grocery receipts and even tissue paper as bookmarks. You can either
a.       Make them a personalized ribbon bookmark
b.      Buy them a magnetic bookmark
c.       Or get them a fancy shepherd’s hook bookmark

I'm a huge fan of Ma'am Yen's shepherd's hook bookmarks because they are just so memorable and very pretty. There are other designs like mermaids and dragonflies but I always pick up the dragons.

2. Statement Bookends

I just think that fun bookends can be great accents for any shelf and the kind of bookend you select can also reflect the genre of the books your friends are into. For example, a katana bookend will go well with any Asian Lit selection, this Lost Head in Book version can be good for Philo and other related genres. Could you guess what selection will suit the Falling Bookend? 
 Photo Source: Quirks

 3. Book Totes

This is more than just dual-purpose, it is also an essential. Any bookworm will definitely be grateful for a book tote that is exclusively used for weekend reads, notebooks and journals. Throw in a bunch of pens and highlighters as well as bookmarks and post-its for those favourite quotes. Want to go extreme? Include a tin of sugar cookies! This design definitely hits the spot! 

 Note: Look for materials that are durable, the straps should be able to support heavy weight especially if your bookworm prefers hardbound books. 

4. Latest Releases From Their Favourite Authors

Some friends (who are huge fans of this or that author) might have eyes on the latest release and still might not have time to go to the bookstore, or may live too far away. Zamboanga needs more bookstores, I’ve heard this so many times. But if you happen to have an advantage, you might want to check out your friends' shelves and compare what they have or don't have. 

If you have the budget, you can get that final book of Sandman to complete the library, or get the latest Murakami flown in from Barnes and Noble (hand-carried, thank you very much) or the latest Stephen King that won't be released in the Philippines until after January 2015 but has been released in the US already. Hey, even your mother would appreciate a new cookbook for the holidays in the kitchen!

If there is anything I know about bookworms, it is the fact that they appreciate fun gifts or items that can protect their books for a long time, or even if you simply get them anything that can go on their shelves. 

What are you going to get your bookworm friends for the holidays? Here's a secret, I'm going to gift the dragon bookmark to someone really special! Clue: Year of the Dragon =)