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Saturday, 13 September 2014

L Gluta Power Soap and Royale Beauty Lipstick by Royale Business Club


I’ve always believed that different people come into our lives for different purposes. 

As for a friend of mine in uni, she’s told me all about her latest business and voila, I have new products to try. I’m quite lucky to have the L Gluta Power Soap and Beauty Lipstick to sample. 

The reason why I am interested in the Gluta Power Soap is because my face has darkened since I’ve started my rounds in public school. So I’m going to put this to the test. Also, I’m just going to work for an even tone and see if my blemishes and acne can be prevented. I’ve heard from a friend that it’s better than Kojic soap so let’s see. Update: the soap smells like Sampaguita blossoms!
On the other hand, there is the Royale Beauty Lipstick Satin in Coral Craze. I’m quite impressed with the packaging because of its all-silver box and tube.  It’s a little matte in appearance but when swatched is also has a little glossy effect so that I can skip the gloss. As for staying power, it depends on the exposure and activity I engage in throughout the day. Then again, there’s always time to reapply in the middle of the day. 

Thank you to Angelica and Ate Kat for introducing me to Royale. If you wish to take a look at their products and place orders, kindly send them a message on Facebook. 

Have a good weekend! 

Friday, 5 September 2014

Natural Goodness Straight from the Beehive, Burt’s Bees from Sample Room

 Burt’s Bees has been known for its lip balms. However, this time around, there are new products to try thanks to Sample Room.

This has got to be one of the best lotions I've tried. For two weeks, I've noticed that my skin has become smoother especially around the elbows where it is usually rough. It is fast absorbing and leaves a subtle, minty scent behind. I've used it at a time that my wrists had rashes and yet it completely soothed and calmed down the reaction. The lotion glides on very well and I'll be sad to see it empty.

For a small, compact size, the hand salve can calm me with its scent. I like that it has a lemon, fresh scent unlike other rubbing balms and it's quite solid. However, I can only pick up limited product and rub it on my hands, but the application is always so smooth and it's a good product to apply on the hands after heavy tasks around the house.

I'm just grateful that I got to try out Burt's Bees products and they are very useful for me. The scents are calming and they make great pre-bed time buddies.  I'm also going to look forward to Burt's Buzz when it's released soon.

Have a great weekend and I'll update you with all that's been happening. I know it's been a while but I do strive to keep things in line.

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Product Spotlight: Human Nature 100% Natural Clarifying Shampoo

At the end of the week, I arose from the dessert that is called the public school and let down my hair that has been in a bun from 5AM up to 3 PM. Our rigid and conservative teacher’s uniform consist of a coat and skirt, white top, nude nail polish if one must and cannot live without nail polish, and finally, pink or peach-nude lipstick matched with hair in a bun. 

From Monday to Thursday, that’s what I look like. Casual Friday is Reading Day and my Grade 8 kids welcome the change in my image. It is only then that I can let my hair down and my strands rest. Given that my hair has experienced being tied up and pinned and twisted, I wanted my hair and scalp to feel refreshed and clean.  

This is where a clarifying shampoo comes in then. 

Our hair is exposed to stress, heat, styling and other chemical products. A clarifying shampoo provides a deep and natural clean. I found an organic clarifying shampoo that didn’t upset my budget. Human Nature introduced a Clarifying Shampoo with an improved foamy and fragrant, luxurious lather. It is formulated with natural fruit acids that help get rid of impurities and the muck that has been building in the scalp and roots. It has aloe vera and betaine to help soothe and moisturize hair strands. 

For my first use, I didn’t have any idea how much to apply, so I tried a wild guess and it gave just the right healthy lather on my head. I usually towel dry my hair and leave it at a wrap before I let it all down and I was just ridiculously content with the fresh and mild fragrance. 

It has a fruity scent which I really like and I could tell that my scalp was squeaky clean and my strands were instantly lightweight.

Now if only my hair could talk, I would be hearing a faint whisper of thanks in my ear...

Sunday, 17 August 2014

NYX Beauty Haul From Beauty's Treasure Shop


I have to say that it’s my first time to try NYX products. My makeup brands have always been Mary Kay and Urban Decay plus the bonuses I get for reviewing samples. I found quite a bargain from Beauty’s Treasure Shop and I think no other shop will be able to give out so many freebies. Ladies, my advice would be to keep an eye out for this shop, you get absolutely good value for your buck!

On to my haul, there’s quite an assortment for the lips, eyes and cheeks. This has got to be the ultimate bargain haul. To begin with, there is a matte lipstick in Audrey that’s a pale pink shade, almost like old rose. I’m not so sure that this matches my skin tone though. I do have high hopes for the Soft Matte Lip Cream in Antwerp and Monte Carlo. They smell good, not like the boring lipstick scent that I normally observe. Antwerp is close to Audrey in a soft pink shade, Monte Carlo is a ruby red shade and both have long-lasting power. I might just want to give these a try.

The eye palettes are just something for me, as if they were just waiting for me to come along. They come from the Caribbean collection and have an assortment of smoky eye shades and also evening glam in violets. I Dream of St. John is just the right smoky eye palette for those who want to try it and I Dream of Barbados has violets with hints of shimmer.

To be honest, this is my first encounter with a Mosaic Powder Blush, this is the Spice variety. I normally just use a peach blush and that works on me. But right now I feel like I want to experiment. So what does a Mosaic Powder Blush do? It is “a medley of 9 matte and shimmery colors creates a flush of color and dazzling glow for every skin tone. Use to highlight, enhance, brighten and bronze. Each mosaic of color blends beautifully with magical results”. Sounds promising doesn’t it? Let’s see what a swirl of this can do. 

Lastly, there is the Cream Blush in Tickled. Upon closer inspection, the pigments have fine gold shimmer and have a touch of elegance about it. I have yet to find out how it will fare against the ordinary powder blush that I've been using.

Like I said, it's my first time to try out NYX. What should I expect? Care to share your thoughts? Have a good day!

Friday, 25 July 2014

Would You Want To Guess Which Colour Collection Lip Perfection Shade I Grabbed?


Sample Room has introduced quite some interesting products lately, some of which went out of stock immediately just minutes after posting and announcements. I was lucky to have sampled two shades of the latest Colour Collection Lip Perfection lipsticks with Argan Oil by Sample Room.

On the left is a peach and nude shade, Crema, that goes well with formal looks and conservative work environments. I find that it takes at least two coats to give my lips good colour and it has a somewhat sheer finish. As for the shade on the right called Bella, it's a bright pink that packs a punch and will look great in the evenings. It's also for those who want attention-grabbing lips apart from red. It has a generous amount of colour and has a semi-matte finish.

As for lasting power, it can easily come off after having had food. I prefer to use lip balm before swiping lipstick back on because it seems like the consistency is the same as that of the Colour Collection lipsticks I've tried from Sample Room.

I like the white and gold packaging, it gives a fresh appeal to lipstick junkies out there. However, I would like to see how the brand can design a sleek and slim lipstick, after all, space savers are a plus. Something tells me that I'll be reaching out for Crema in the weeks to come until I've abused it enough.

Did you get a chance to experience Colour Collection's Lip Perfection? Which shades did you get? Have a fab weekend!

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Unboxing: Summer Radiance in BDJ Box May 2014

It finally arrived. 

Even before BDJ announced that the May boxes were being shipped, I had a pretty good feeling that it would include nail polish thanks to my stalking the site frequently, I didn’t realize there would be two shades! But I’m getting ahead of myself here. 

It’s a box of surprises for summer pampering and there are impressive products inside. This month's theme is all about Summer Radiance, a pampering treat for the last stretch of summer from interesting brands.

I'm so thankful that BDJ included this in my box because I've tried this and I am currently lovin' it bay-beh... =p This was also the first thing that caught my attention and although the label and instructions are in Korean, the curation card explains that it is a leave-on pack to help the skin restore its natural moisturizing properties. I like that it's lightweight and I find it a good bedtime moisturizer with a very faint scent. It's supposed to be used only twice a week. That should prolong my using it up in a month's time. (That's how much I am so into this...)


New nail polish to play with! I can't believe that they cost Php 300+ each, I'm blown away! I like that the box included two contrasting shades. The left one is Seashell which is a barely-there peach-pink colour with a faint gloss. It's like Bobbie's Fave Bikini and if any of you ladies are looking for something work-appropriate and a splurge on polish, this is it. The right one is Jungle, a forest green shade. I like dark nail polishes and have a bias towards this.  This should save me from hoarding more shades in the near future because it promises long-lasting colour. 


The purpose of a beauty haul in a box is to try new things, and I am just so grateful that this has been included in the box and I got to try out a shampoo and conditioner (after my mother and sister helped themselves). It did wonders to my dry hair after just a single wash and I like that it is a new experiential fragrance for my crowning glory. Love!

I like that Godiva has been generous with the sachets of lotion and deodorant. I've just started using them so let's see how they turn out. This couldn't have come at a better time because I need to restock on lotion.  As for the deodorant, I'm not so keen on it being in sachet, a tiny sample bottle could have been helpful. 


I haven't yet tried these masks and both of them says firming so I have to close my eyes, do an eenie-minie-miney-mo and try one for the weekend and I can tell you all about it.

Before the boxes were shipped, BDJ announced that they were giving away flip flops to 100 subscribers. I didn't get them but received a voucher for a free Avon brassiere. Would the ZC branch accept it, I wonder.

For this month's set of stickers, it says A Happy Woman Is A Beautiful Woman.

I do fancy the sleeping pack and nail polish, and I like the Organix hair care set so I have to check out how to get full-sized goodies pretty soon. It's just like a delicious treat on the head!

That's pretty much the contents of this month's box. Have a good week and enjoy the rest of May!