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Friday, 28 December 2012

Lounging in Peach

Thankfully, I have spare time this holiday season. It's all been rushing and working but at least I have some down time to spend with my family. So now I have the chance to lounge around in the second floor library barefooted and in a very sheer and lightweight dress of all things!

About the dress, I won this from a giveaway sponsored by Bejeweled Jhazz which is a wholesale dress shop from Las Pinas. The shop owner is very friendly. She keeps up with the latest trends in dresses, tops, bottoms and even shoes and this could be seen with her selection of clothes. You can check her photos in the shop too! There are many styles that are suitable for casual and formal gatherings. A visit to her shop would show that she is very organized with how she posts and categorizes her items, an order form could be found in the caption of each item.

The dress I picked out from her collection is a sheer, dainty chiffon sleeveless dress. It is so light and feminine that it could be worn for summer days like barbecues and gatherings in the garden. I think the photos show how much I enjoyed this dress and I did not even mind that I was barefooted!

I think I will be wearing polka dots for the New Year. What do you readers think? 

Credits to Damon Steine for the photos
Peach Chiffon Dress by Bejeweled Jhazz 

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Florals in Casual

For some reason, this floral cardigan brings out that love I have for the red+black combination. I call this put together Florals in Casual. There is some hidden comfort in a pair of faded Levi's. =p

It's the second time I wore these Lacy Daisy flats from Ziggy and Zooey and I have not encountered any discomfort with these. I am tempted to add another color but I know it has to wait, this is already my second pair out of indulgence really. I do patronize the brand.

I did find some nifty bazaar finds over the weekend and was I so happy to be able to drop by at Achi Mich's booth from 85th Closet at the Paseo del Mar last Saturday afternoon. I got to choose great pieces which cost less than what I anticipated! I guess there will be more photos of my finds here featuring her stuff. I really like going to her booths because she is super friendly and Achi Mich has just the right selection of pieces at really affordable prices.

As for the photos here, I just had to stay indoors because we were busy like that!

Lacy Daisy Flats from Ziggy and Zooey
Floral Cardigan from Mich Enriquez 85th Closet
White Top from Mom
Silver Watch Anne Klein
Rings gifted
Pearls from Mom 

Credits to Damon Steine for the photos

Thursday, 13 December 2012

Beauty Review: Human Nature Cleansing Bar

I am quite content with my Human Nature Cleansing Bar and immediately tried it out. It immediately went soldout as soon as it hit the branch here, and thankfully I got the chance to try it out when the branch restocked.


The bar is fragrance free, which is suitable for users who do not want strong perfumes in their bar soaps. It is a good size of 120 grams and can be easily gripped. The formula is good for those who have sensitive skin or who are conscious of switching from one brand to another because it is very mild and gives off a creamy lather.

What is great about this bar is that it lasts long for a single person's use and it has no chemicals that could be harmful for kids and adults alike. For only Php 59.75, you get to experience its moisturizing capabilities because it has undergone the cold-process instead of the commercial method of hot process where the glycerin's natural benefits are stripped off.

In addition, this bar is awarded the cruelty free stamp because it is made of organic, natural materials and no animals were harmed during its manufacturing process. Every purchase of the bar helps Filipino farmers with their livelihood and it also is a green product, so you get eco-friendly beauty products that could help your skin glow!


The bar does not have a protective plastic over it, so when the box is opened, it's just the bar that slides out. After a few uses, it becomes soft and is in danger of melting too quickly, so it is best to move it in a dry soap dish without other bar soaps. It also has a tendency to stain from other bar soap's color. 

Monday, 10 December 2012

Subtle Femme: Rose and Gray

I call this ensemble Subtle Femme. 

I have always been fascinated about dainty details, and this includes laces, pearls, even studs. It's been raining frequently here in our place, and I have decided to put on something practical but still femme.

The top has a peter pan collar style, but it is loaded with pearls, dainty lace appliques and even little diamond studs. It has a sheer fabric and has an old rose color. I guess my outfit inspiration for this is my grandmother who is so fond of pearls and knitted details. I call it my Portia Top after my granny, every time I put it on and wear it I am reminded of my lola and the way she used to walk out that door with giant sunglasses and her favorite hand painted clutch.

I wore it under a gray knitted cardi yesterday which was one of my purchases from Tzu Chi Bazaar last Sunday. To at least add some consistency to the look, I wore my gray flats paired with the jeans.

Top- Adah Belle
Gray Cardigan- Tzu Chi Annual Bazaar