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Monday, 23 April 2012

My Zalora Wishlist

This is so exciting!

If Zalora were a genie and I were the one who rubbed the lamp, Zalora will be granting five items from the wishlist to a very lucky blogger. 

So let's say for example, the items were listed on a wishlist from Zalora, which ones would it be? 

This is a twisted cropped cardi in black, and would be a great fashion staple in every girl's closet, not to mention the color can easily be matched with any plain or print top or dress. With full sleeves, it could keep my arms warm especially in the office where there's next to zero degrees temperature. 

This Reena striped print is great for a summer dress, and the style is appropriate for any beach party this season. Match this with any wedge or flats, you're on your way. (See, she's very happy with the very summer-y pastel colors!) 

Keep it neutral with this braided strapped Carina wedge and add some inches. I'll be sure to be walking tall and proud in this pair! It's one great style all year round, and surely my feet will be rested even when strolling down the boulevard in these. This is simply a classic! (Dear Zalora genie, I'm a size five by the way...)

This top is just the right material, and it's no-fuss wear by the looks of it. Need to go to the mall for a sec? No problem. Want to take in some fresh air at the park? No problem. Going to the beach with friends? No problem. Running late for work? No problem. Put on this Kiara Ext Top and add some nifty, kitschy cute accessories and head on out that door!

Of course, where would a working-girl, barkada-loving, blogger, writer, everyday commuter be without a trusted bag? It's the magic carpet of all essentials, so while Zalora is being generous, it's great to add in this Shoulder Tote Bag as a plus. It's extremely useful for those mountain hikes, beach visits, camp fires and lazy weekends. It's quite fun to be ultra-fashionable with this too. 

If you want to rub the lamp and ask the Zalora genie for your wishlist to be granted too, visit Zalora and follow the link below: 

Do you have a Zalora wishlist too? What's in it? 

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Sleeping Bookworm

I've been away for a while, but still I caught this little boy sneaking upstairs and snoozing all by himself. This will be all for today's post, but I'm leaving you with a couple of photos of Rocky, our little baby. 

He gave a smile for the camera here, he must have felt kind of guilty. 

And I guess he just fell asleep after reading all those books saying:

"I've got enough knowledge already stored in this super big head of mine". 

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