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Thursday, 19 July 2012

Packages- Raisie Is More Excited To Receive Books in the Mail

Having a good Friday? 

I was rushing to get in to work this morning and did already half of what I'm supposed to do when I saw the packages which were sitting on my chair (I didn't even get to sit in front of my computer because I went straight to the bank downstairs first for a couple of transactions) when I saw that my books and the phone I won from Boy Kuripot's blog arrived. You can read the announcement here

The phone was sent to me straight from DTC inside a durable plastic container. 

Tadah! And that's the basic bar type phone which comes with a music player, camera, and video player. Not bad. I was thinking of giving it to my dad for a replacement phone but he said the font size was too small for him. I might keep it for a while until I figure out what to do with it. Upcoming review maybe? 

Another good news, my books from Book Depository arrived. Here they are:

To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee and The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald

Upon checkout Book Depository gave me a fair warning that arrival will take 7-10 days to the Philippines, but it was just me being impatient. Fair enough, these arrived on July 12 in the Phil according to the stamp by the Post Office. 

I've been waiting for these books like I was obsessed. In fact, I was even more excited to receive them compared to anything else that's addressed to me. Sigh. Symptoms of crazy book collector? 

Classic books for my library. 

This is just an update, I'm supposed to do a review on authentic Japanese skin care products from Wawaza today and a surprise for you all but I realized that the links are in my other drive. (Hay I'm so bright... Grrr...)

I have my books for this weekend and will be cooking for my brother. We decided to have a delayed birthday get together because he was busy with classes on weekdays. And Papa had to leave for an emergency meeting out of town but will be back on Sunday yet. 

What will you be doing this weekend? Share your plans! =D 

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Kindle or Nook?


I can't even believe I'm thinking about this now. I need. An E-book Reader. Not Want. Need.

It's because I'm doing some major book reviews and the best way to get books is by reading the e-books. The paperbacks can wait for the personal collection.

I know I will also enjoy an e-book reader. I've been thinking. Which one?

Amazon's Kindle?

(Photo taken from Amazon.com)
Or Barnes and Noble's Nook?

I have no problems whether or not it's colored. I just need to read.

Let's do a tabular comparison, shall we?

                                                             Kindle Touch                             Nook Simple Touch

Price                                                           $ 99                                                  $99
Color                                                          No                                                    No
Display                                                        6 inches                                             6 inches
Battery Life                                                  2 months                                           2 months
Wi-Fi                                                           Yes                                                   Yes
No Glare                                                      Yes                                                   Yes
Memory                                                     4 gb on device (30,000 books)         2 gb (1,000 books)
Dictionary                                                     Yes                                                   -----
Supported File Types                                   -----                                                   ePub, PDF
Free Books                                                (Through Special Offer)               (Through Nook Gift Cards)

This is just an overview comparison, I'm still thinking. You will find out though which one I will be asking for when one of my aunts arrive. Close competition right? 

Reminder: Features are taken from these sites- Amazon and Barnes and Noble. I am not being paid to compare the two e-book readers. Though I won't mind if someone would want to donate either one to a poor bookworm like me. Yikes!

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Luckiest Week Perhaps

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I can't believe the continued rush of blessings that keep coming my way. Especially if it's books.

I've had a Good Reads account for quite some time now and I join some author giveaways for fun too. So there, I click on interesting books to read, hoping I could get a free copy. I even think of writing reviews when I finish. Who would what that? Get paid for writing book reviews-that's a dream job! 

So, here I am, leaving my email open when a message finds its way in my inbox and it says Congratulations!

Well, okay, I wasn't expecting it but I won a book from a Good Reads author.See announcement here.

The Prize 

Here's what I won:

The Amadeus Net by Mark A. Rayner

Book Description: 

"Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is alive and in love, living the world's first sentient city, Ipolis. Lucky for both of them, nobody knows, but how long can it stay that way?

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart walks into the sex change clinic, determined to have his "sprouter" snipped off. So begins The Amadeus Net, a satirical novel set in the year 2028, which explors art, love, and identity at the end of the world. For more than two centuries, the one-time wunderkind has kept his existence secret while he tried to understand his immortality. Living in style through funds raised by selling "lost" Mozart works, he has also helped create Ipolis, a utopian city-state, after the cataclysmic Shudder, a global disaster caused by an asteroid strike in 2015. 

But a few complications mar Mozart's utopia. The woman he loves is a lesbian, which paradoxically, makes him forget about his sex-change plans. The world's greatest reporter knows he's still alive and will stop at nothing to expose him. The stakes are higher than he knows, because if the reporter finds him, so will the spy planning to sell Mozart's DNA to the highest bidder. Oh, and by the way, the world might end in seven days. His only allies are a psychotic American artist, a bland Canadian diplomat, and the city itself: a sapient thinking machine that is screwing up as only a sapient, thinking machine can. "

-book description taken from Good Reads

So I'm told that I will be waiting for 4-6 weeks for the book to arrive in the mail. And just like all books, I can't wait!

I'm saying thank you thank you very much to the Good Reads author Mark Rayner for the giveaway. I can't help feeling blessed that I am one of three winners.

With the blessings I've received so far, I'm thinking this is such a lucky week for me.

Monday, 9 July 2012

Feeling Lucky

I can't help feeling lucky as good news arrived yesterday afternoon. So I guess it pays to be reading and visiting fellow bloggers' sites every now and then and joining their giveaways. I don't really expect to win but it's also a sweet surprise all the same knowing that I won something. Even I couldn't believe that I won a total of three giveaways this month. 

I already picked up the DTC Micro SD Memory Card Kai was giving away on her blog and was quite happy that I could finally replace the one I'm using for my phone. So I'm giving J back the favor with the new memory card I won. 

But yesterday was another story. I am one of the lucky winners of Php 200 Gift Certificates which could be used at Bagellia Filipinas, a local shop which designs and manufactures bags for a cause. I was thinking, perfect timing, I really needed to replace my old bags. 

(Announced on Kai's blog)

(Torn between the gray or brown satchel)

I will be going back to make a purchase on payday. Yehey! A right-sized bag will do for my everyday books. Hehehe. 

And of course, I am also one of the winners of a DTC GE1 phone which was raffled at Boy-Kuripot's blog. Now that I have a memory card, I can use it with the phone. But I'm thinking of giving it to my dad who needs a replacement phone. 

My mom said blessings come to those who are patient. I would like to think that I am, or learning to be. So yes, thank you to the people who have continued to give me blessings. =D 

Have a good week everyone! 

Thursday, 5 July 2012

Polka + Charm + Books to Read This Weekend

There are times when I feel a little kikay and want to dress up a little. But there are times when I feel so lazy that I just want to jump into shorts and a comfy old shirt and stay in bed and ignore all my responsibilities. So, yesterday was one of those kikay days.

I'm just sharing an outfit post because I am absolutely in love with my top and charm necklace. It's just one of those rare moments when someone actually took a photo of what I'm wearing. Hahaha. Talk about lucky. Lol.

John Lennon at the back, yup that's him! 

Polka Floral Top from Paris Dreams
Levi's Faded Jeans
Summer Cardigan thrifted
Cutey Bracelet
Cosy Red Slippers
Writer's Charm Necklace from Beaded Jewelry

Showing off my Writer's Charm Necklace from Beaded Jewelry

I won't be anywhere without my glasses. And what to do with them? Rejoice because I found some treasures in someone else's bookshelf! Hahaha. 

I never get tired of acquiring new books! I'm waiting for my new ones to arrive.

This came in a box with some other children's books. 

Could it be? Yes it is! 

J handed this to me. First page and I couldn't stop. Just because it's old does not mean it's ugly. 
It's not my copy but I'm glad to have started reading. I should be reading this while on holiday so no one will be interrupting me. 

I'm a few pages away from finishing this one. It's the first time I read a Jerry Spinelli book and I must say, it's really colorful and an urban legend on its own. Upcoming book review maybe?

Have a great weekend everyone! 

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

For Keeps Giveaway Winner

I would like to thank those who joined my second giveaway, and also For Keeps Online Shop for sponsoring my second giveaway.

And so to formally announce the winner of the beautiful necklace 

It's none other than fellow blogger and proud mommy, Charms Dalguntas. There won't be any problem with Charms picking up her prize since she is also based here in Zamboanga too. I haven't yet met Dear Charms but I would love to, and that will be soon. 

Congratulations to our Promding Chamimay! You brought home a charming accessory Charms!

Thank you so much for being a part of this giveaway, to all those who visit and follow my corner of the digital world. Not to worry, I have another giveaway in store, as soon as I straighten everything outside my blogging life! =D

Have a great day everyone! 

Sunday, 1 July 2012

Review: The C's of Cutey

I love silver and charms. So what’s better than receiving my silver charm bracelet? It’s finally receiving my prizes from a contest I won: bracelets from Cutey! You can read about my winning the giveaway here and my winning entry here
I received a notice from the Post Office that a package was waiting for me to pick it up, together with the other packages I was expecting. The courier used was Royal mail and I like the stamp which has the Queen's impression on it. 

I received Momus, Hypnos and Hemera- which is my favorite. My thoughts? Continue reading below. 


One interesting feature of Cutey bracelets is the chain that's used. I'm used to chains when it comes to bracelets, and most of the charms and links are chunky, making it heavy. But the chains used for Cutey's bracelets are slim and lightweight. This made me instantly fond of its sleek design. This also gives a good fit once worn on the wrist, and I can say that one size fits all. I am petite and have small wrists and its chain is a-ok when I put it on.

Charms and Beads

Another feature which caught my attention is its assorted charms and beads. The Cutey signature bead-as I like to call it, makes the bracelet more distinguishable from other accessories. I think this is what makes it the genuine article.

The silver charms are appropriately sized and there are different charms for each bracelet. This makes each bracelet unique from the other. The same also goes for the beads which are high quality glass beads that are colorful and have a silver inner-lining in the center for easier assembly.


A good clasp has to be secure and that's what Cutey has made sure for its unique bracelets. Even when worn for hours, there's no worry about the lock loosening or the charms or beads slipping. The clasp used is more secure than any lobster clasp I've tried on any bracelet, not to mention, it is also very durable.

The shipping took three weeks and the wait honestly made me anxious because I was already very excited to receive them. Cutey has a new collection of bracelets out, Shamballa, and you can choose your bracelets and enjoy their beautiful jewelry.

Am I satisfied with Cutey's products?

I have to say yes. 

And I might check out the new collection too. 

If you want to win a necklace, you can join here: For Keeps + Raisie Speaks Giveaway