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Friday, 28 February 2014

#Win Wire Jewelry From Christine's Books and Baubles Giveaway!


The beauty of wearing handmade items is that you know it's unique, that nobody else has the same accessory because it's one of a kind.This is one reason why Raisie Speaks likes to support creatives like Ms. Christine Fabian-Ruste, a lady with the passion to turn beads and wires into inspired colors and forms. 

In Christine's Books and Baubles, there are also Argain Oil based beauty products and secondhand books for sale, (I'd go over there asap if I were you). That's not taking for granted the beautiful wire jewelry such as pendants, bracelets, rings and necklaces.My favorites are chunky beads and choker necklaces, as my Mom likes to call them, and varying hues of green, blue, pink and purple. You can choose your own favorites and you will be assured that owning a work of art handmade from Ms. Christine herself is surely affordable. 

The generous shop owner has also decided to give away some of her creations. But first, a look at the prizes:  


Prize A
The focus against the lilac beads is balanced out by the coral diagonal pendant on the charming bracelet. The three tone wire ring is a part of her New Year Collection and can be worn with a stack of silver rings to produce a layered look. 

The tangerine, emerald and metals bracelet is great when worn with a gray or brown shirt, complete the outfit by wearing complementing earrings and a ring making use of the same tangerine beads-great for summer and winter season!

Prize B

I don't think anyone has thought of combining colorful wooden beads and neutral beads to create a bracelet that has a character of its own, but Ms. Christine dared-and succeeded! Can't afford a sapphire? Not to worry, you can still sport this cute cut blue bead ring and see the way the light disperses- at least it's handmade!
Discs and rounds are the theme of the pink, red and disc bracelet, just the perfect pair to the red bead set in gold wire ring (a personal fave-shame I can't join my own giveaway). 

Hint: guys can still join and gift these prizes to their Moms, sisters, aunts and girlfriends or best friends.

There are two lucky winners for this particular giveaway, and if you happen to be one of them, be sure to take very good care of these, they're surely bound to be the start of conversation between wire jewelry aficionados! Good luck! 

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Pristine and Classic: DressV Offers Vintage Lace Wedding Dresses For Your Special Day

When it comes to the big day, the traditional bride will most likely choose elegant and classic cuts making vintage lace wedding dresses on top of the list. Vintage lace will always be one of the time-tested wedding dress styles. If the theme is a Victorian wedding, the delicate layer of lace combined with tulle never fails to impress. A vintage lace wedding dress immediately sets the tone for a fantasy-Victorian theme wedding that is nothing short of elegant.

Looking back at the styles of yesterday, one can say that a vintage lace wedding dress style is timeless and exudes the mode of perfection for the bride. After all, a bride has to look her best on her wedding day. In today’s fast-paced world, selecting the right style and that complements the bride’s personality as well as complying with high quality and fashion, getting a beautiful vintage lace wedding dress can be challenging. DressV makes it simpler for brides to focus on other details of the big day by providing beautiful dresses that are fit to be proudly called “the one” for such an important milestone. 

DressV produces dresses that comply with proper measurements that fit any body type and personal style, and a range of classic vintage lace dresses so that the bride can attend to other wedding details, confident that she is getting the most on her wedding dress without having to go over the budget. DresssV is the haven for stylish and affordable dresses for all formal occasions.


With DressV as part of your special day, any bride can surely achieve that pristine and classic look. Click on the link to take a look at the top styles:  http://www.dressv.com/vintage-wedding-dresses-c103387/

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Unboxing: 13 Piece Sampler Buffet from Beauty Selection by Aliza Sim

When the good news broke, I decided to reward myself just because. I also found Beauty Selection by Eliza Sim at Happy PH. This Sampler Buffet has 13 products and comes in a cute pink travel pouch in kiss prints. Perfect for Valentine's  don't you think? Can you believe I did the unboxing in a hospital room of all places? I was playing watcher and keeping my mom company when she was confined for a weekend. The confinement didn't last long thought because she was insisting to go home because she badly missed her dog! Dog lovers, yeah...

I'm also grateful that the bag included perfume samples because fragrances give me an idea on which scents to write about for my next On Fragrances post. I have another feature coming up though!

The bag also has some hair care products, I received Rockaholic Hair Spray in travel size and a Technician Color Care shampoo which I gave a try in the hospital room.


These are my favorites in the bag. The Urban Decay Primer Potion will go well with my Naked 2 Palette and I already am impressed with this brand. I already emptied my ELF Primer wand now I have this to play with.

The Escada Shimmer Powder is really cute and handy. Its powder is perfumed. Although I'm not really a fan of shimmer, I am willing to put this on exception simply because it's one of those feel good products that I can use to give me a boost. The puff is small but still very useful.

I'm quite grateful that I got this bag that's not just an assortment of mumbo jumbo. I actually can use some of the products here especially for travel since I'm anticipating another trip at the end of the month. This turned out to be a feel-good bag and I am so enjoying it!

Do you see some products here that you would want me to review? I'm thinking of doing a quick spotlight on the fragrances already. Let me know!

Sunday, 9 February 2014

Adah Belle’s Weekend Surprise + Giveaway


Looking at all the pretty clothes in Adah Belle’s inventory can have quite an effect on a shopper. The colors and styles are just too feminine and dainty, owning a piece is sometimes considered an investment for the closet. I’ve been shopping at Adah Belle for over a year now, and I’ve been carefully building up my corporate closet with blazers and dresses. Clearly, the choices available are for the Parisian belle, the lady who knows how to dress up in both statement prints and delicate minimalist fabrics.

So what could you get by shopping at Adah Belle? Looking at the labels that spell out Burberry, Marc Jacobs and Guess among others, you’re sure to get high quality, handpicked clothing for great prices. I personally don’t get tired of my corporate blazer and my short dresses are just the right choices for those last-minute meet-ups with friends and on special occasions.

 But instead of me raving on about this Facebook shop and the thoughtful ladies Pat and Steph behind Adah Belle, you are now given the chance to own these beautiful items. The sweet ladies have decided to send over these gifts to Raisie Speaks’ readers and all you have to do is complete the information being asked in the giveaway tool. Believe me, they surely are worth it!

 So do you think you are the one to take these babies home? Good luck!Open internationally.

Monday, 3 February 2014

Clap Along (Because I'm Happy)

I've just discovered this song by Pharell Williams lately and it's been on a loop in my Sony Xperia Walkman. It's just the right song for the way I'm feeling right now. Can you believe how many episodes of Happy Tree Friends show up when you search for this particular happy song in YouTube? Fun thought: the video 1AM lasts for an hour and 4 seconds! I don't mind playing this on a Sunday morning.

So what's the impetus to make me feel happy to be able to listen to Pharell Williams' 1AM song for an hour? Nothing much , just that I passed the Second Level CSC last week. I've also allowed myself a celebration.

My 13 Piece Sampler Buffet from Beauty Selection by Aliza Sim arrived thanks to HappyPH. I'll be showing you its contents on a separate post.  I've done its unboxing in a hospital room of all places!

In a nutshell, it's all about rewarding myself for a job well-done. I've honestly felt proud having addendum bragging rights but I'm now getting ahead of myself. I hope you are happy too!

Saturday, 1 February 2014

OMG Acccessories: Nothing Beats Personalized Like A Classic Monogram, ONecklace UK Shows How It's Done

The parcel bag was made in Germany, which was posted by an address in Jerusalem, shipped to an address in the Philippines, sponsored by a shop in the UK. Despite this rather exhaustive travel of a parcel, it made its way into the hands of this blogger.

Looking at all the monograms, I had to recall that both my mom and auntie had kept their monogrammed handkerchiefs-yes, they were a part of that era, and it must have been really charming to mark one's personal belongings with something as elegant as a monogram. People like personalized. It's also a smart idea for gifts and can be a keepsake for many years.

When oNecklace UK asked me to choose which style I preferred, I requested for the  Sterling Silver Circle Monogram Necklace. The package included a Certificate of Authenticity, a box containing my necklace and a gift voucher.

At first I thought it was  going to be heavy, but I was surprised that it was just the right size and the pendant was lightweight. The necklace itself adds a touch of elegance to any plain outfit, and it's very glamorous! There's a nostalgic feel to the way this type of monogram is presented, and it's something that I can keep or even give someone with the same initials when the time comes. 


oNecklace jewelry are one of the most stunning and contemporary pieces that can be found in the market. All the beautiful creations are found in a state of the art factory, making use of efficient machinery and a highly competent workforce intent on creating personalized jewelry that suit individual style and discriminating taste.

I find that the Circle Monogram necklace in silver is very stylish in its simplicity. It's also a smart gift idea and is very elegant. Surely, anyone will appreciate this versatile piece of jewelry. I've been wearing this everyday since I received it and it goes well with corporate and casual outfits. A monogram necklace can also be a surefire gift for someone special come Valentine's Day. Check out the links below to gather more ideas!