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Thursday, 21 August 2014

OMG Accessories: Handmade Knick Knacks From Maria’s Collection

Yey for a long weekend!

I wonder what you’re all doing. Did you plan a weekend out of town? As for me, I still have requirements and activities to complete. 

Though I would like to introduce you to a relatively new find on Facebook. I don’t recall how I found this little piece of handmade heaven on the already cluttered plane of my timeline but I am truly happy that I "met" Maria's Collection. Read: beautiful and handmade jewelry.

Maria’s Collection has a dainty assortment of handmade jewelry that is unlike any other. I would like to think that the creator manifests her imagination into each bracelet or necklace, combined by beautiful craftsmanship and the results are dainty and unique jewelry that is sure to be the envy of others. 

What could draw a person to her collection is the Tanya necklace. I’ve always admired fashion bloggers who were able to pull off a bubble necklace in blue. I feel that it’s the perfect statement necklace but I don’t feel that brave to wear a bubble necklace. However, the Tanya necklace is just the right style for those who can’t rock a bubble or bib necklace just yet. This version is in turquoise and its make is in a gold chain, despite its handsome finish, it’s not as heavy on the neck as expected.

What’s in the cute wrapped package, you wonder? It’s the charming Rose Ring in Pink set on copper wire which can be cleverly paired with bright, pink nail polish on both breezy, summer days and cool, wintry nights. This can match any floral outfit hands down.

Lastly, there’s the infinity bracelet that comes in clear beads that can be a great addition to any simple or formal outfit. 

The charm is what makes it stand out from all the other beaded bracelets and it can be worn with just a simple everyday watch. Here's a demonstration:

I do encourage you to check out her new collection, there are new designs up and all it takes is a simple message for you to get your fill of beautiful, handmade jewelry from Maria's Collection. Some personal favorites are the Mia Arm Candy and adorable Mikaela neckpiece.

Maria's Collection Facebook Page
For orders, message handcraftedbymaria@gmail.com

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Product Spotlight: Human Nature 100% Natural Clarifying Shampoo

At the end of the week, I arose from the dessert that is called the public school and let down my hair that has been in a bun from 5AM up to 3 PM. Our rigid and conservative teacher’s uniform consist of a coat and skirt, white top, nude nail polish if one must and cannot live without nail polish, and finally, pink or peach-nude lipstick matched with hair in a bun. 

From Monday to Thursday, that’s what I look like. Casual Friday is Reading Day and my Grade 8 kids welcome the change in my image. It is only then that I can let my hair down and my strands rest. Given that my hair has experienced being tied up and pinned and twisted, I wanted my hair and scalp to feel refreshed and clean.  

This is where a clarifying shampoo comes in then. 

Our hair is exposed to stress, heat, styling and other chemical products. A clarifying shampoo provides a deep and natural clean. I found an organic clarifying shampoo that didn’t upset my budget. Human Nature introduced a Clarifying Shampoo with an improved foamy and fragrant, luxurious lather. It is formulated with natural fruit acids that help get rid of impurities and the muck that has been building in the scalp and roots. It has aloe vera and betaine to help soothe and moisturize hair strands. 

For my first use, I didn’t have any idea how much to apply, so I tried a wild guess and it gave just the right healthy lather on my head. I usually towel dry my hair and leave it at a wrap before I let it all down and I was just ridiculously content with the fresh and mild fragrance. 

It has a fruity scent which I really like and I could tell that my scalp was squeaky clean and my strands were instantly lightweight.

Now if only my hair could talk, I would be hearing a faint whisper of thanks in my ear...