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Monday, 27 May 2013

Review: Human Nature Lucky in Love Mineral Hydrating Lipstick

My lip balm also from Human Nature is already exhausted, so I went to the branch and had to pick up a replacement. The one that I got is a deep red shade, Human Nature calls it Lucky in Love, and it is dark almost like wine.

More about the lipstick, it contains passion fruit oil that come from the farms of Davao, so one can be quite proud to patronize the efforts of the Filipino farmers here. I find that the mineral makeup from Human Nature has improved so much from its first launch, and I will be explaining more later in this post.

In the meantime, you might have noticed that Human Nature is one of the leading brands boasting of the cruelty free stamp which means that the mineral makeup being manufactured are free of animal testing. Now that is a company with a heart for nature! 

If you want to patronize other products with similar principles, you can look for the rabbit logo with the cruelty free stamp and the big ears shaped like a heart. This campaign seeks to take animals out of cosmetic testing and it is not only picking up awareness in the Philippines but also all over the world. 

So what did I think about the product? To be honest I am a one lipstick at a time person. During my college days, I didn't put on lipstick, but I used lip gloss until I emptied the little tube of Mary Kay. It was only after college that I discovered a carmine-free alternative. For those who don't know, carmine is a substance that come from crushed insects to produce that red pigment being used in lipstick. I can only imagine what other brands are still using it. 


Here are some points on why I like the improved formulation of Human Nature's Mineral Hydrating Lipstick:

  • It is highly pigmented and gives off a rich, dark color which is appropriate for evening events
  • It also smells like bubblegum ( I know the campaign says it is passion fruit scented)
  • The lipstick glides on very well and it does moisturize and produces a subtle shine
  • I find it quite affordable at only Php 225.00 so that the average Filipina can afford it 
  • Both the box and the tube legibly displays the expiration date 

Here you can see the list of ingredients that are used to produce the lipstick. Rest assured it is free of lake dyes and lead. 


And of course, there are some things that I did not approve of:

  • The color wears off after a few hours so I have to discreetly reapply
  • I find that it is not food proof and smudge proof
  • I need two coats to achieve the color that I like

The Verdict

Even with the pros and cons already enumerated, the question remains: Is it worth spending on?

The answer is yes, the pros still overweight the cons, and not only do I get a makeup product, but I know that I can also help animals by buying Cruelty Free products and also improve the lives of Filipino farmers. 

How about you? Have you tried any Human Nature makeup or products? What are your thoughts? Leave a comment below!

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Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Raisie Speaks X Oasap May Giveaway

May is such a merry month, and it is a transition month for me. It took me some time to adjust but here I am, back on my feet. One thing I am thankful for is that I got to learn more about myself, and that I am truly blessed to have family and friends with me.

In the meantime, Oasap has offered a giveaway to be hosted on my blog. This giveaway will run for ten days only, so you can be sure to participate in it and comply with the requirements. It is exciting because the prizes include Oasap Spring-Summer 2013 items that could be yours!

I know you want to win so all you have to do is follow the mechanics very well. I wish you good luck and take note that this giveaway is open internationally! Also, if you happen to be the lucky winner, you have to provide your correct shipping information that is serviceable. So are you game? 

You could win any of the following prizes:

Here is what you have to do, take note that you have to follow the instructions very carefully so that your entries will be counted.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thursday, 16 May 2013

Outfit Post: Black and White Floral Dress

It's been a while since the last outfit post. and quite frankly I bet nobody reads my outfit posts because I look like a kid who just escaped from school. Must be because of my height. But here I am still doing crazy outfit posts especially if there are occasions when I could dress up.

So last night was our thanksgiving dinner with people at work, and people related to work, and people who we got to know through work. This is what I wore, a black floral dress from Adah Belle with black lace flats. I just brought a black blazer along just in case it was too cold, and of course, my grandmother's ever trusty leather bag which is so much older than me.

A closer look on the dress's print

Filigree Lace Earrings were to complement the lace design of my flats

Well it's really no secret that I am uber comfortable walking around in flats especially in a big venue like Astoria Plaza where our gathering was held. But do you make it a point to wear sexier heels even if it hurts throughout the night? I know a lot of women who have spent half of their lives walking effortlessly in heels- I am somewhere stuck in the middle of it...

Black Floral Print Dress: Adah Belle

Lacey Daisy Black Flats: Ziggy and Zooey 

Filigree Lace Earrings Thrifted

Photo Credits: Damon Steine 

Hype my look please? =D 

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Beauty Review: Kleenex New Generation Oil Blotter

I would just like to share something really cool with you all. This is really helpful especially if you have oily skin like me or are prone to shine all day long, as a plus you even get a really kikay cutie oil absorbing paper. I am talking about the Kleenex New Generation Oil Blotter. Yes, that's right, it is Kleenex!

It's been a constant in my bag since I bought it from the supermarket last week, and it's done a good job of freshening up my oily face during break times especially when there is time to spare at lunch hour.

About the Company

Who does not use the name Kleenex when referring to tissue paper? Kleenex is a global brand known for sanitary tissues and it is recognized the world over. For 89 years and counting, it has become a staple among homes and even offices in over 150 countries while still maintaining the need for comfort, softness, cleanliness and gentle products. 

At first the company started manufacturing the cold cream towel and it has been innovated to offer softness that is uniquely exceptional. Over the years, many benefits and features have been added as it tries its best to provide quality products to its consumers. 

I just can't help myself. Here are just some funny quotes related to the brand:

"Girl please, I can remove 90% of your beauty with a Kleenex"-Anonymous

Blair Waldorf: A hot lifeguard is like Kleenex! Use once and throw away. You could ask for better rebound. -Gossip Girl Quotes

"Men should be like Kleenex, soft, strong and disposable" -Cher 


Now back to the Oil Blotter, it comes in a small, handy box that looks like a compact mirror, and it can easily be mistaken as a mini makeup palette. The girly combination of violet, white and hints of pink is just too cute... It is uber dainty and feminine, and the print at the back of the blotting paper is super attractive and  it feels soft to the touch.


  • I like that it is affordable, it is readily available in leading supermarkets and beauty shops and it sells for only SRP Php 94.75 so if you need to, you can always stock up just in case you run out
  • It removes oil effectively, keeping shine free face
  • You can use it anytime, anywhere, and it eliminates the need to wash your face regularly in order just to keep looking fresh
  • It is compact and lightweight, does not add weight to bags or purses
  • It is safe to use for all skin types


  • It has only 50 sheets, and it is not enough for me. I can pull up to three or more in a day because I am usually exposed to pollution and other harmful elements
  • It is too small, and again, I pull more than just two in a single use 

Front and back of the blotting paper 

This is what it looks like when it is already blotted -for disposal! 

And that is what I look like after I have used the blotting paper... 

My apologies that is overtime night when I decided to test the blotting paper so please excuse the eyebags! =p 


Even with the pros and cons already enumerated, the question still stands if I will buy or restock. The answer is yes, because the pros overweight the cons. The New Generation Oil Blotter can be a good, compact freshener for my face in a long day's work. 

I find it very convenient and it might serve me well this season, knowing that there are still a remainder of summer days ahead. 

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

May Beauty Haul

I just have to say, I am quite lucky that my colleague has an easy peasy way of getting beauty products from her cousin abroad, so that I can have my fix of vanity and color on a regular basis. Here is just a small haul. Now you wonder why I enjoy beauty products so much, I think it just goes with the territory of being a girly girl.

I don't like the feeling of filthy, dirty, and I also don't like overdone makeup. I do enjoy color and I like it subtle, and as much as possible if it comes in a professional tone and subtle manner, I am good with it! I am instantly a fan. Here is this month's beauty haul!

NYC Eye Color Palette in Queens Boulevard (Lilac and Purple shades)

Maybelline Moisture Whip Lipstick 99/ 514 

PINK Pretty and Pure Sparkling Body Mist

NYC Eyeshadow Wand in Blue Fairy 

What new hauls do you have for yourself today? Do share your motivations with me! Have a good day ahead dears!

Sunday, 12 May 2013

Book Review: Keeping Score by Marc Brackett

Here is a relationship book that has a fresh approach and is difficult to put down. If you are an eager learner and fast reader, with the hopes of learning a thing or two about relationships the honest and mature way, then this book is worth a try.


The analogies and examples are relevant! It knocks sense into the reader, and if you are a man looking to learn a thing or two here, you would not regret lingering for a while. The tone gears towards the obvious, to the subtle. Overall, it is a fun read!

The more you read, the more insights you gain. Whether or not you have a slow or fast pace, it is worth it. In my case, I recommend you take your time with this. This is not just a straight relationship boring read. It is a fun journey and you will be glad with little surprises along the way.

If you have at first hesitated to open and discuss about your relationships, this is the time to re-evaluate and work towards the issues which are slowly surfacing on the front.

The name of the game is to manage and come up with good solutions to make the relationship or marriage work. Explanations and illustrations are short and concise, making this book very reader friendly.
Quotes are generously sprinkled in sections of the book.

I have also asked some friends if they would pick up the book or read it, surprisingly the answers are yes, and they have even said that the title is intriguing.


Sections are broken down in easy to digest, bite-sized chunks which makes it easier to read, so if you find yourself in need of a break, you can finish a section and take a break there, then continue to the next.
The book is not a questionnaire, it is not an activity book, but the approach is similar to one. There are special features which serve as a bonus. Even if the tone is light and funny, the realizations cannot be missed!

If you are a sensitive person quick to pick up on the hints that are laced all throughout the book, then you can make mental notes of what adjustments and new things to try in order to improve your relationship.
Another plus with this book is its scope. From finances, vacations, dating, to in-laws and many more, the topics are diverse, touching as much as it could in a simple, comprehensive manner in 150 pages.


In an interview with Parchment and Pixels, Marc Brackett shared that he hopes Keeping Score’s readers would understand the power of how the little things affect the quality of relationships they are leading. The way he sees it, the little things build up. They even matter when problems arise. Also, Brackett hopes that “the readers can find joy along the way and appreciate the journey together with their partners”.

About the Author

Marc Brackett lives in Idaho with his lovely wife Kristin and five beautiful daughters. The whole family enjoys outdoor activities that are abundant in Idaho. Keeping Score was made possible by the following:

Cover and interior design by www.TheBookProducer.com
Fountain pen image courtesy of Waterman: www.Waterman.com

Last Words

Keeping Score is not just for readers who are in relationships, it is also for couples who are married, as well as those who are single, searching and are content to be single but would want to see themselves in a relationship someday.

There are a few lessons that I have realized along the way, and perhaps you can pick up a thing or two with Keeping Score. Brackett has tried his best in maintaining equality for both men and women readers. Although there are some choices following questions that are repetitive, it is still generally a good experience and I can say that there is no time wasted with a book like this.

What Others Are Saying About It

You can find out what other people are saying about Keeping Score in the leading book sites here:

“This is not the usual kind of book for me. I tend to stay away from these relationship-improvement books, but this one caught my attention and I had to give it a try. “ -Valentina


"I'm very happy to see we are really a perfect match"-pinkcattleya