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Sunday, 26 January 2014

Sundays Are All About Winding Down- Love, Arista

Hi! How are you doing? I hope you’re having a cool weekend! I’m Arista, a year-old chocolate Labrador who lives in a mountain-side property. Over here, there’s lots of fresh air and also grass to roll around in. If other dogs avoid water, I am the first one to launch into it and just play around. I also know how to fetch! My mommy buys me toys that don’t last for more than five minutes, but she tries. She does. 

Mommy right now is busy baking in the kitchen, and I think if I make a good show of my darling eyes, I can make her give me some of that butter cake. Since she left her laptop open, I thought I might do her a favour of narrating to you what Mommy and I did this weekend. Good thing there are photos here to support my claim on how behaved I really am, you know... 

Well Mommy just started reading this paperback version of Salmon Fishing in the Yemen by Paul Torday. She brought it home from a business trip last month and realized that it has been months since the last book review, so there you are. She’s also bought more stationery for writing, and Mommy has a weak spot for chocolate milk but she added ice to Swiss Miss with marshmallow instead of drinking it hot. 

There’s another haul from Sample Room that arrived this week. The package includes Probiotics fiber, Celeteque Back Acne Spray, and Calchews in Chocolate and Caramel. Mommy says that the Chocolate tastes like Tootsie Roll! 

Do you see that Reese’s sticks up there? Mommy is crazy for those. She also has two new Kit Kat flavours whose labels she can’t even read. At least I’m smart enough to say that the green one is green tea. There’s Radiant Orchid in the Human Nature eye shadow palette (which I believe is the last one ever out there) and Tropical Rose seems to be a good, healthy color on the skin. #sampleroom

Another thing that excited the both of us is the arrival of Onecklace monogram necklace in silver. Isn’t it lovely? What makes Mommy happy also makes Arista happy! Watch out for a separate post on this. #silver #jewelry #onecklace

And finally, this haul is simply for the babies. Mommy found the green silicon bone at a local supermarket. It’s supposed to clean my teeth and keep me from stealing people’s slippers here in the house. Mommy also had to make sure there’s enough stock of dog soap here at home. I also have a new pink collar. Don’t I look pretty in it? The blue one is Axle's.

See, I told you I am so behaved. Mommy allowed me to stay with her to keep her company. We went for a walk shortly after I was all fresh and clean and smelling good. Mommy has to get more shampoo for me!


I also went to say hi to my friends the goats at the back of the house. I promised I didn't bark or harass them. I'm a sweet baby like that.

So I guess that's it. I'm sure there will be more to follow but I do know that it's going to be a busy week for the both of us and Mommy wants to get me a bed of my own so I won't have to really stretch on the hard and cold floor. I'm trying my best to be clean all the time. 

I hope you enjoy your time with family! It's time for me to be a good girl because I smell the cake in the oven calling my name!


Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Colors and Forms: My Latest Finds From Christine’s Books and Baubles

Two collections later, I could say that Christine’s Books and Baubles is doing well. More people are discovering the beauty of Ms. Christine’s handmade creations. They’re unique, affordable and most importantly, made with passion by the lady that inspired them all. Christine’s Books and Baubles expanded clientele might be good for online business but it means more competition for handmade jewelry lovers like yours truly. I’ve gotten better at being the first to comment on her page once I’m alerted that a new collection is launched. 

So why am I all hyped up about her designs? Why should a newbie at handmade jewelry be lurking around in her Facebook page for a start?

I already mentioned unique-so if you’re looking for something that is  new and would want to walk around with jewelry that has no replica, you know where to go. That’s when you will encounter people appreciating and commenting on the outstanding color combinations, if not whimsical characters of your jewelry. At this point you can do an advertising plug and say “I got them from Christine’s Books and Baubles”. 

Here’s where you recall how affordable they are. If Ms. Christine knew just how pretty her jewelry are, I swear they’d cost more, but she’s sweet and humble like that. Well you can also mention the fact that they’re handmade, it only adds a certain charm to them. Personally, looking at the pieces that she’s conjured makes me wonder what emotions, thoughts and ideas she’s had at the time when she sits in her crafting corner and brings birth to these beautiful pieces. 

In each collection, I’ve fought really hard to control myself from hoarding. But I’m not going to suffer alone. I’m sharing the beauty with you. =)


The Santorini Collection: Turquoise and pale pink stone bead matinee necklace with a sea glass wire-wrapped pendant, matching bracelet 

This is my latest acquisition, (listen to me, as if I'm talking about diamonds) that's how special her creations are, at least for me. Just looking at these lovely colors immediately brings me to blue skies and sparkling waters.


I'm a ridiculously happy girl.

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