"We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us."
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Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Mountain Province Travel Mood Board

I honestly can’t wait to unplug and be closer to nature. I guess it’s one of the factors that influence us every time we decide where we want to go. This year’s themes have some sort of element in them, and we have completed that immersion factor already. January, we had air at the Hot Air Balloon Festival. April we had sea as we went Whaleshark Diving. For October, it’s going to be land because where we’re headed, is all full of land as far as the eye can see but it’s still going to be a memorable experience.

Since I want to maximize the time out I’ll be having, I’ve organized a mood board for our upcoming travel. I’ve fantasized about this for quite some time now, also because it’s on C’s bucket list to experience these all. It’s kinda contagious don’t you think? 

1. Mt. Pulag- The Playground of the Gods

We’ve heard many things about Mt. Pulag both mystical and natural. It captured our curiosity, plus C’s friends have shared stories of the Playground of the Gods, I also saw some milky way shots from visitors who have been there. It’s been on C’s bucket list and I’ll be happy to put my photography skills to the test. 

2. Sagada Tour

I’m after the hanging coffins in Sagada for a photo opp and then maybe do a side trip to one of the strawberry farms in Benguet. I might meet Ifugaos as well. Who knows what else I can do in Mountain Province. I’ll definitely be happy to just drink it all in. My cameras better be ready with spare batteries! Don’t give up on me powerbank!

3. Baguio City Tour

Just like the Sagada Tour, I’ve also listed what I want to do in Baguio. That includes a visit to Mt. Cloud Bookshop, then a taste of strawberry tahu, visit the nearby attractions and then…

4. Shopping for Pasalubong and Succulents 

I know that I’m supposed to grab pasalubong with anything strawberry and ube in it. Yep, I’m a good tourist like that lol. I’d also like to get myself a little souvenir from Ibay’s Silver Shop if I’m lucky. 

5. Conrad Manila 

We will be ending our week with a stay in Conrad Manila. It’s also quite a meaningful place for C because he’s one of the engineers who have helped construct it. From roughing it, we sure can lounge around in a luxurious place such as a hotel by the bay. 

I really hope we can cross off all our items in our bucket list. Plus, I’m hoping that all goes well. We can come back with more stories to tell too. Who knows where else our feet will take us. 

I guess it's also going to be our last travel for this year before we head on out next year. We've sort of developed appreciation for looking at both ancient and modern architecture lol. We'll definitely share some more stories here as well as our hacks and itineraries. 

Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Washi Wednesday: Fall Washi

There’s just something romantic about entering fall and the change of the color palette that makes it lovely. And perhaps the signaling of the last quarter of the year with the -ber months beginning. Soon it will be winter and before you know it, the holidays will be upon us and then there goes the end of the year and we will be welcoming the next year in our doorsteps.

I’ve rounded up some fall washi for inspiration because this season just brings us closer to thanksgiving, and the earthy tones of burnt reds, oranges, browns, mustard, and even plaids and dark florals. It’s very comforting too, and also thinking of food for the season. I’d love some shepherd’s pie and chocolate cake…

And here I am presenting to you some fall washi for inspiration just in case you are looking for a new color palette to try out in your journal, diary and planner spreads. It’s fitting since we’re only a few days away from September.

Drool with me, will ya?

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Saturday, 25 March 2017

Scribbles: Currently Obsessing Over Galaxy Washi

Yeah, yeah.

Who actually falls in love with galaxy washi right? I mean, it's just sticky duct tape with prints. But I've fallen in love with starry, night summer skies and I've always enjoyed stargazing in quiet places.

These washi reminds me of those quiet nights just chilling in the patio and just talking.

I guess I'm lucky that no physical store here carries them yet, or else I'll be hoarding away again.

More pins are in my Pinterest board if you're interested.

Monday, 2 June 2014

Coping With Change, Saying Hello to June

Credits: Rebloggy.com

Change whether big or small may take a person by surprise. 

I won’t be pretending when I say that May was a month of change for me, some were good and some-not so good. I’ve had major disappointments and got hurt both physically (due to an accident) and emotionally (due to my hopes being crushed). 

But I now realize that I am stronger than that. 

It’s no use holding on to what could have been and the best thing I could do is gather myself up and look for what I can do today. So if you are thinking, no, it’s not about relationships or family. It’s about ambition and the desire to be out there, to make a life for myself. And yes, only I have the power to move forward. 

There will be more changes and you will read my updates soon once things are in place. 

In the meantime, I am saying hello to June and embracing a new possibility for me. 

I've always enjoyed writing and presenting my outputs and feeling accomplished. But there is just something that kept hounding me and now I am facing it. You will pick up the hints pretty soon 

I wish you all fun-filled June and have fun with back to school!

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

On Fragrances: Let’s Love Woman by United Colors of Benetton

A new month means that it’s the time for another feature on a new fragrance! I daresay that it’s a new fragrance at least for me. I hope your pranks yesterday were pretty effective.  I did pull a prank yesterday, being April Fool's Day but that was it. I think I'm losing my touch.  >___<

Valentine’s Day came and went and Let’s Love Woman by United Colors of Benetton was one of the featured samples in Sample Room but to my disappointment, I didn’t have enough points to secure a 30ml bottle. I guess it was my lucky day when I became one of the 25 recipients of the Sample Room #Inspire bag.

“The feminine equivalent of earlier launched masculine fragrance Let's Move is named Let's Love. It is designed for the young, modern and romantic woman who still dreams of love affairs. The dominant note is the note of passion flower, floral - fruity composition optimistically opens with bamboo sap, pineapple and lily of the valley. Middle notes are ruled by passion flower, with star jasmine and raspberry. Musk, cedar wood and cashmere wood form the perfume’s background.”

In a small silver box, the print on it already gives perfume collectors a hint of what to expect. It’s simple and sends the message across- Let’s Love. If love were to be embodied in a fragrance, what would its scent be? How would one capture the moment and the actions of love?

There will be thrilling moments, and then there will be those seconds when you feel just content and happy-not wanting to be anywhere else except there. There will be that light, airy feeling and with eyes closed, it will be sweet and fluttery and you will be one with the cool wind. It’s like taking the plunge and trusting yourself, pretty much like how the sweet and floral scent is. It can be a little overpowering, but after all, it’s the pull that no one can ignore. 

It’s a suitable scent for spring and summer, especially when one is to spend the day outdoors under shady trees and blue skies. The more prominent notes can last up to eight hours, it blends as the hours pass by. The trail is delicate, and the hint of fruity and floral scents makes this tiny bottle just the right companion for the breezy, summery days ahead.

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

What’s In My Sample Room #Inspire Bag?

My dad handed me the package that arrived here and he was also curious to find out what could be inside, so he stood there while I pushed all the contents of the bag on my bed and he was pretty impressed. How’s that for a supportive father? He even suggested getting me a side table for all my cosmetics to be situated in my room. He likes the fact that I’m spending time bonding with him here at home because I’m taking a break from work. 

Fun fact about my Dad: he is an avid user of the Physiogel moisturizer also from #sampleroom.

This is Sample Room’s second goodie bag with the theme Inspire. Do the contents inspire? You will find out. 

The tools included in this bag are the ReveN Natural Cleansing Sponge for the face which I’m really pleased with. It should be great for cleansing in the evenings. There’s also the Charm Pro Flat Liner Brush, I was hoping to get something similar to an eyeshadow blending brush but this will do. I’ve felt the bristles and they’re really soft. The only downside is that the ferrules were disattached from the wand when I tried to realign it, but that’s something a little super glue can just handle.

Sample Room has been all about discovering new beauty products and I like that it’s all natural. Could you believe that I haven’t heard of AHAVA and probably would not have paid attention to it? But because of Sample Room including this set in my goodie bag, I’m learning to love this brand. It looks all so high-end, and I like that the Comforting Cream is really intense with its moisturizing properties. The Hand Cream has a subtle scent which I am fond of. Just the other day I was worried that I would be running out of Eye Makeup Remover, having shared the rest with my Mom and I’m really glad I got another from my loot. There are a couple of Gentle Body Exfoliators in sample sizes so I’m going to test it out against my local body scrub brand. 

I’ve reviewed the Pevonia Enzymo-Spherides Peeling Cream some time ago, and now I have a travel size bottle with me! Hurray! I’m not so fond of brightening masks but this one from Shisheido just says “try me”. And so I will.

As for cosmetics, I have a ZA Perfect Action Mascara; the tube is a little too bulky but it’s still manageable. There’s also a lipstick from Collection Cosmetics in Sweet Tarte that has a sweet scent and comes in an intense pink color. The NYX Butter Gloss is very convenient and comes in a Cherry Cheesecake label though it looks like an orange-coral shade that’s just perfect for the summer. 

Lastly, here’s another one for an On: Fragrances post for Raisie Speaks.This has got to be a sweet treat. I was meaning to keep my eye on United Colors of Benetton's Let's Love Woman when it hit availability on Sample Room but it required so many points. I'm just happy that it's included here in the bag. 

I didn't take photos of the printed brochures included in the bag. 

I would say that the contents are pretty inspiring, not to mention, the loot bag has a good selection and mixture of skin care products, cosmetics, tools and fragrances. It's a good to start to inspiring someone who needs some much needed boost. 

Diolch Yn Fawr Sample Room!

That's thank you in Welsh. =)

Sunday, 26 January 2014

Sundays Are All About Winding Down- Love, Arista

Hi! How are you doing? I hope you’re having a cool weekend! I’m Arista, a year-old chocolate Labrador who lives in a mountain-side property. Over here, there’s lots of fresh air and also grass to roll around in. If other dogs avoid water, I am the first one to launch into it and just play around. I also know how to fetch! My mommy buys me toys that don’t last for more than five minutes, but she tries. She does. 

Mommy right now is busy baking in the kitchen, and I think if I make a good show of my darling eyes, I can make her give me some of that butter cake. Since she left her laptop open, I thought I might do her a favour of narrating to you what Mommy and I did this weekend. Good thing there are photos here to support my claim on how behaved I really am, you know... 

Well Mommy just started reading this paperback version of Salmon Fishing in the Yemen by Paul Torday. She brought it home from a business trip last month and realized that it has been months since the last book review, so there you are. She’s also bought more stationery for writing, and Mommy has a weak spot for chocolate milk but she added ice to Swiss Miss with marshmallow instead of drinking it hot. 

There’s another haul from Sample Room that arrived this week. The package includes Probiotics fiber, Celeteque Back Acne Spray, and Calchews in Chocolate and Caramel. Mommy says that the Chocolate tastes like Tootsie Roll! 

Do you see that Reese’s sticks up there? Mommy is crazy for those. She also has two new Kit Kat flavours whose labels she can’t even read. At least I’m smart enough to say that the green one is green tea. There’s Radiant Orchid in the Human Nature eye shadow palette (which I believe is the last one ever out there) and Tropical Rose seems to be a good, healthy color on the skin. #sampleroom

Another thing that excited the both of us is the arrival of Onecklace monogram necklace in silver. Isn’t it lovely? What makes Mommy happy also makes Arista happy! Watch out for a separate post on this. #silver #jewelry #onecklace

And finally, this haul is simply for the babies. Mommy found the green silicon bone at a local supermarket. It’s supposed to clean my teeth and keep me from stealing people’s slippers here in the house. Mommy also had to make sure there’s enough stock of dog soap here at home. I also have a new pink collar. Don’t I look pretty in it? The blue one is Axle's.

See, I told you I am so behaved. Mommy allowed me to stay with her to keep her company. We went for a walk shortly after I was all fresh and clean and smelling good. Mommy has to get more shampoo for me!


I also went to say hi to my friends the goats at the back of the house. I promised I didn't bark or harass them. I'm a sweet baby like that.

So I guess that's it. I'm sure there will be more to follow but I do know that it's going to be a busy week for the both of us and Mommy wants to get me a bed of my own so I won't have to really stretch on the hard and cold floor. I'm trying my best to be clean all the time. 

I hope you enjoy your time with family! It's time for me to be a good girl because I smell the cake in the oven calling my name!