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Wednesday, 2 April 2014

On Fragrances: Let’s Love Woman by United Colors of Benetton

A new month means that it’s the time for another feature on a new fragrance! I daresay that it’s a new fragrance at least for me. I hope your pranks yesterday were pretty effective.  I did pull a prank yesterday, being April Fool's Day but that was it. I think I'm losing my touch.  >___<

Valentine’s Day came and went and Let’s Love Woman by United Colors of Benetton was one of the featured samples in Sample Room but to my disappointment, I didn’t have enough points to secure a 30ml bottle. I guess it was my lucky day when I became one of the 25 recipients of the Sample Room #Inspire bag.

“The feminine equivalent of earlier launched masculine fragrance Let's Move is named Let's Love. It is designed for the young, modern and romantic woman who still dreams of love affairs. The dominant note is the note of passion flower, floral - fruity composition optimistically opens with bamboo sap, pineapple and lily of the valley. Middle notes are ruled by passion flower, with star jasmine and raspberry. Musk, cedar wood and cashmere wood form the perfume’s background.”

In a small silver box, the print on it already gives perfume collectors a hint of what to expect. It’s simple and sends the message across- Let’s Love. If love were to be embodied in a fragrance, what would its scent be? How would one capture the moment and the actions of love?

There will be thrilling moments, and then there will be those seconds when you feel just content and happy-not wanting to be anywhere else except there. There will be that light, airy feeling and with eyes closed, it will be sweet and fluttery and you will be one with the cool wind. It’s like taking the plunge and trusting yourself, pretty much like how the sweet and floral scent is. It can be a little overpowering, but after all, it’s the pull that no one can ignore. 

It’s a suitable scent for spring and summer, especially when one is to spend the day outdoors under shady trees and blue skies. The more prominent notes can last up to eight hours, it blends as the hours pass by. The trail is delicate, and the hint of fruity and floral scents makes this tiny bottle just the right companion for the breezy, summery days ahead.

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