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Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Beauty Review on Celeteque Skin Relief after Sun Gel from the Sun Care Line

Summer is making its presence known and in dear old Zamboanga, the heat can sometimes be unforgiving. I’m not really a summery person, I dwell more with winter because sometimes, the heat and glare is unkind to someone like me with four eyes. But the thing that really gets to me about the sun and the heat is that I don’t like feeling dry and dehydrated. Once that happens, you can hear me complaining non-stop and that is something that could irritate the people around me. Also, it’s not really a good thing for me to stay exposed to the sun for a long time. I mean, who wants that?

I’m grateful though that I got to try out Celeteque’s Skin Relief after Sun Gel from their Sun Care Line and this is a courtesy of the ever trustee Sample Room. I got it for only 60 points and I thought it is already a good value for me to get a sample that is already full sized. 

About the Company

Celeteque has linked up with Unilab to formulate skin care products for its consumers to have healthy and beautiful skin. Celeteque Dermoscience is one of the successful skin care lines in the market with local origins. It has already earned some recognition and loyal users since its first introduction and launch in 2003. There are various skin care lines for many skin care types and needs from acne solutions, sun care, hydration, anti-aging, restorative and brightening. It is a very competitive brand in my opinion and even if it sounds imported, the brand actually comes from the Philippines.  

Celeteque also offers a skin analyzer to help every customer find the best skin solutions for a customized skin care regimen for optimal results. 


For a full sized product of 200 ml, it cost Php 290 ($7.29). But it is currently available in Sample Room for 60 points, and all you have to do is pay for the shipping fee. It is already a good value for me, I get to try out a full sized product, and don't need to pay an additional Php 290 for it. 

My sample came with a freebie too. 

 About the Product

Celeteque DermoScience Sun Care Skin Relief After Sun Gel provides immediate moisturizing and cooling relief to sunburnt skin caused by prolonged sun exposure. It contains anti-inflammatory soothing extracts that reduce possible inflammatory response after long sun exposure. Wheat and aloe vera skin conditioners soothe and reduce possible flaking of overly dry skin. 

Who Is It For?

Celeteque's After Sun Gel is for people who :
  • are regularly exposed to the sun and are most of the time outdoors as part of their profession or just simply enjoy leisurely activities outside
  • have sensitive skin and immediately redden after sun exposure
  • have skipped sunblock
  • for those who do not want the painful effects of sunburn to show on their skin
A word of warning though: this is not a substitute for sunblock 


I like that it is: 
  • quick absorbing and it has an instant cooling effect on the skin
  • A little goes a long way with this product
  • It can be applied anywhere you need in order to have a soothing feeling
  • Can Instantly be applied on wet skin 
  • Does not irritate the face


I don't like that it is:
  • Scent is overpowering
  • Might gather dust and other debris to stick on the skin
  • Feels sticky after an hour or so 

The Verdict

It feels good though to know that there is relief available for people who are overexposed to the sun and its effects that could be harmful over the years. If I were to purchase it for myself using my own money, I would definitely do so. In the meantime, I am grateful to have it for free thanks to Sample Room. With Celeteque's After Sun Gel, I will be able to make the most out of my summer this year!