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Thursday, 31 July 2014

Why I Won’t Cheat Myself On Even Just A Hairbrush Anymore

Like anybody, I am on a budget. 

When it comes to tools, I can be content with just the basics. 

So when I was faced with having to choose between an Php 80 brush and a Php 400 brush, I chose the former one. It’s a local brand and I thought that I’d be safe with it. However, only two uses later, I noticed that the handle was loose. Further investigation showed that the handle could be easily pulled apart and that the bristles were thin. It is made of plastic all over and it’s very light. Sometimes when I brush my hair with it, it does more damage than good because it tends to tug on my strands and I have a worse case of hair fall compared to when I started. 

I was tempted to return it to the shop and have it replaced. However, with just some super glue, I was able to put it back together and it seemed like nothing was wrong in the first place. 

But by now I already learned my lesson. 

Sometimes cheaper isn’t always better. 

I can recall a good quality hair brush that my parents had that lasted for years. It had a rubberized grip and sturdy bristles. It had so many memories as well, my aunt used it to also brush my hair when I got ready for school or before going to bed. I learned the hundred strokes before bed theory using that brush. But like all good things, it had to bid adieu

Now, I have given this cheaper brush a chance. I’ll have to give it another shot to prove to me that it is worthy of the second go. But next time I know that I don’t have to cheat myself on even just a hairbrush anymore. I could spend on the Php 400 and not expect for the handle to come loose even after just the second use, if it makes any consolation whatsoever.

Friday, 25 July 2014

Would You Want To Guess Which Colour Collection Lip Perfection Shade I Grabbed?


Sample Room has introduced quite some interesting products lately, some of which went out of stock immediately just minutes after posting and announcements. I was lucky to have sampled two shades of the latest Colour Collection Lip Perfection lipsticks with Argan Oil by Sample Room.

On the left is a peach and nude shade, Crema, that goes well with formal looks and conservative work environments. I find that it takes at least two coats to give my lips good colour and it has a somewhat sheer finish. As for the shade on the right called Bella, it's a bright pink that packs a punch and will look great in the evenings. It's also for those who want attention-grabbing lips apart from red. It has a generous amount of colour and has a semi-matte finish.

As for lasting power, it can easily come off after having had food. I prefer to use lip balm before swiping lipstick back on because it seems like the consistency is the same as that of the Colour Collection lipsticks I've tried from Sample Room.

I like the white and gold packaging, it gives a fresh appeal to lipstick junkies out there. However, I would like to see how the brand can design a sleek and slim lipstick, after all, space savers are a plus. Something tells me that I'll be reaching out for Crema in the weeks to come until I've abused it enough.

Did you get a chance to experience Colour Collection's Lip Perfection? Which shades did you get? Have a fab weekend!

Friday, 18 July 2014

I’m Not Used To This New Life

It was my idea after all. I wanted this. But I’ll admit it. 

I’m not used to this new life.

I get up at 4 AM, make my breakfast, sort out my things, put my hair up in a bun and get dressed in my uniform. By 6:30 AM, I am waiting for the bus to take me to one of  the biggest public schools in my city. Upon arrival, I line up with the rest of the teachers, and after the morning assembly, I make my way to the faculty passing by my classrooms where I spend teaching hours, encouraging Grade 8 kids, helping them make alien connections in the English language, helping them establish relationships with verbs and clauses, seeing my strategies fly to see my classroom management techniques become rewarding. 

I’ve started teaching kids, and I can see how they are doing. I’m coping as well, I am readjusting with how to modify my learning targets and my supervisor can tell that I am still adjusting and getting to know my kids. I did admit to my supervisor that I’m still nervous every time I stand in front. She told me that it’s all part of the teaching experience. Even veteran teachers are nervous when supervisors sit at the back of the class and observe. 

I’ve had the odd day and the best days. 

There are a lot of stories in my kids’ eyes. 

But I’m glad to be their teacher.

(So now you know where I’ve been.) 

Sunday, 6 July 2014

2014 White Homecoming Dresses By DressV

Are you getting ready for homecoming? 

I think the best colour to wear to homecoming is white. 

There is something timeless and unrivalled with the pure and pristine colour of white. There is a difference between wearing white from wearing beige or ecru or champagne; white comes out as crisp and just plain classy. It must be why on most debuts in Europe, the debutantes line up in white dresses and flowers in their hair, making these formal occasions one of the glamorous and memorable events of the season.

Why else would white be the appropriate colour of wedding dresses to bring out the glow of brides on their special day? It only proves that white is a timeless colour and is great for either short or long dresses.

As for this year’s homecoming, a 2014 white homecoming dress can be a good match with any modern or vintage style tuxedo. Whether you are an alumni or current student of your school, you can’t go wrong with a 2014 white homecoming dress from DressV of the right style and cut to accentuate your figure and highlight your assets. 

 Matching 2014 white homecoming dresses is easier than you think. You can always wear pearl earrings that can make your skin glow, or even diamond style earrings for a luxurious and dramatic look. If you are one who fancies flowers, you can wear them on your wrist. 

As for your hairstyle, you can sweep up your hair and clip tiny flowers or also beautiful tiny crystals that sit on your hair, you can go for an elegant style or a simple one. If you are comfortable with adding a dainty bow to your dress, then you can add contrasting colours but be sure to keep your overall look consistent. 

White homecoming dresses can be paired with shoes that are of appropriate height, choose ones that you are comfortable walking in.  

You can choose the right 2014 white homecoming dress in DressV's extensive selection here: 

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