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Tuesday, 23 December 2014

OMG Accessories: Holiday Jewelry Favorites for 2014

I guess jewelry is one of the most memorable gifts that anyone can receive this season. Why not? The right style can be worn to many occasions this time of year and all it takes is some mixing and matching. But the holidays call for some dressing up and meeting people. Here are some holiday favorites that can inspire you to accessorize. 

Sonja Necklace and Bracelet by Avon

With a statement necklace like this, you don’t need big earrings to steal the show. Let this elegant pair do the talking, they match any little black dress and nude pumps. 

 Charm Lockets by Achi Kaye

What makes these charm lockets special is that each one is unique. The charms alone have their own stories to tell. Also, they can be worn alone over a simple plain tee and jeans plus wedges to match. They can also be layered up with various long necklaces.

I gifted my mother a charm necklace that contains the charms that reflect her personality- a KitchenAid pink mixer, a pink flower, a pink cupcake and perfume. What’s great with a charm necklace like this is that it’s a good gift not just for Christmas but also for Valentine’s and even for graduation or birthdays. Good news if you are in Zamboanga, our family friend Achi Kaye, sells this.  I'm really just so happy that she made time for me despite the Christmas shopping rush and she assembled this for me. For only Php 1,100 this month, you can get three charms with your chosen locket styles. It's time for you to personalize your locket and if you reach a new milestone in your life, simply add a charm.

 Blue Charm Bracelet and Blue Bib Necklace

Do you have a costume party to go to but don’t have the time to make a costume on such short notice? Here’s an idea- grab a royal blue dress, wear accents of blue, braid your hair to one side, add pops of blue on your eyes, wear heels-yep, you’ve guessed it right. You can be Queen Elsa without the overused Disney character costume. 

 It doesn’t matter though if your jewelry falls in a smaller budget range. What matters is that you know how to match them with the pieces in your closet. Always aim for sleek styles and remember that less is more. 

I hope you're all having a good time with your loved ones. This is for you my dear readers. Happy holidays! 


Friday, 5 December 2014

What's On My Christmas Wishlist?

I've been asked about what it is that I want for Christmas. If someone asked me that question five months ago, I would answer without any hesitation  "A TARDIS!" and I would map down the places I want to visit and when. However I acknowledge the fact that I can't really find a TARDIS, not in this town anyway and I am no Time Lord. 

So going back to the present day, Christmas is just three weeks away. I've been very careful with how I handle my finances this year and have always asked myself about splurges. So if you were contacts with me on Facebook, you would see how proud I am of having exercised my thriftiness. But yeah, I guess I can list down my needs and wants for this year's Christmas. Believe me, I am saving up too.

  1. Mirrorless Camera- I've wanted one since my birthday, but I had to prioritize paying bills and rent so yeah, this sort of went onto backlog. But I just have the itch to play around with photos and I missed photojournalism and going onto Adobe Light Room. I was also seriously thinking of diving back into film because my grand-aunt used to manipulate chemicals being a film photographer's daughter and she could gladly teach me how to develop because I have a secret want to have my own dark room and I know my mother is going to scold me again for attempting to do it in my bedroom and the guest bathroom!  
  2. I noticed that I needed to clean up some of my files especially the movies that I keep in my laptop and so that means I have to provide another place for them and my other files like documents and also photos. I'm not picky, I just need something that's within my budget and I don't mind if it is something that I have to come up on my own. 
  3. My sandals are wearing out since they are my favorite, so I'd like a pair of comfy Ipanemas so I can be a model like Giselle (meh) but yeah, I'd rather invest on something that I know will last long instead of spend on something that is cheap but needs to be replaced frequently. 
  4. I go crazy sniffing on scents so I guess that scouring fabulous fragrances will be my only splurge for this year. Feel free to count the S's yep. I've been on a lookout for a good rose scent and my Elizabeth Arden Cherry Blossom is nearing the bottom of the bottle, but I can't say I didn't have a lasting love affair with it though.
  5. Lastly, nobody really knows that my annual New Year's Resolution is to inject more art and creativity in my life and I guess I succeeded in that aspect this year. So I've played around with paper cutouts, watercolor, colored pencils, crayons and digital media, now I really can't wait to get my hands on acrylic paint and just swoosh away. I think I'd also like some good brushes too please LOL. 
So I guess that's it.  It's a simple wishlist really but I know the budget is more of a splurge. Who knows it can come true this season but I know it needs a little bit of an effort on my side. 

How about you? What's on your Christmas wishlist? If you've got one posted on your blog, please leave a link below so that I can visit it directly and stay tuned because I will also be posting gift guides here pretty soon. 


Saturday, 13 September 2014

L Gluta Power Soap and Royale Beauty Lipstick by Royale Business Club


I’ve always believed that different people come into our lives for different purposes. 

As for a friend of mine in uni, she’s told me all about her latest business and voila, I have new products to try. I’m quite lucky to have the L Gluta Power Soap and Beauty Lipstick to sample. 

The reason why I am interested in the Gluta Power Soap is because my face has darkened since I’ve started my rounds in public school. So I’m going to put this to the test. Also, I’m just going to work for an even tone and see if my blemishes and acne can be prevented. I’ve heard from a friend that it’s better than Kojic soap so let’s see. Update: the soap smells like Sampaguita blossoms!
On the other hand, there is the Royale Beauty Lipstick Satin in Coral Craze. I’m quite impressed with the packaging because of its all-silver box and tube.  It’s a little matte in appearance but when swatched is also has a little glossy effect so that I can skip the gloss. As for staying power, it depends on the exposure and activity I engage in throughout the day. Then again, there’s always time to reapply in the middle of the day. 

Thank you to Angelica and Ate Kat for introducing me to Royale. If you wish to take a look at their products and place orders, kindly send them a message on Facebook. 

Have a good weekend! 

Friday, 25 July 2014

Would You Want To Guess Which Colour Collection Lip Perfection Shade I Grabbed?


Sample Room has introduced quite some interesting products lately, some of which went out of stock immediately just minutes after posting and announcements. I was lucky to have sampled two shades of the latest Colour Collection Lip Perfection lipsticks with Argan Oil by Sample Room.

On the left is a peach and nude shade, Crema, that goes well with formal looks and conservative work environments. I find that it takes at least two coats to give my lips good colour and it has a somewhat sheer finish. As for the shade on the right called Bella, it's a bright pink that packs a punch and will look great in the evenings. It's also for those who want attention-grabbing lips apart from red. It has a generous amount of colour and has a semi-matte finish.

As for lasting power, it can easily come off after having had food. I prefer to use lip balm before swiping lipstick back on because it seems like the consistency is the same as that of the Colour Collection lipsticks I've tried from Sample Room.

I like the white and gold packaging, it gives a fresh appeal to lipstick junkies out there. However, I would like to see how the brand can design a sleek and slim lipstick, after all, space savers are a plus. Something tells me that I'll be reaching out for Crema in the weeks to come until I've abused it enough.

Did you get a chance to experience Colour Collection's Lip Perfection? Which shades did you get? Have a fab weekend!

Thursday, 8 May 2014

Scribbles: For the Love of Writing and Cutie Patootie Stationery

HEART by Artistic Dreams by Abby Sy haul last year

I write for a living. 

It’s bloody different if I were just writing for myself and I were cursing in between pages of leather bound diaries because of how bad my day went. What if things turned out for the best? There would be a litany of gratitude that’s about two pages long. 

I’d like to think any person who still writes entries on a journal would react the same way. But-let’s go back to writing for a living.

I do. I write for a living. 

My adage is: If you need technical or creative outputs, call me. But I sure dang won’t complete your thesis for you-(edit, sure I could do that, spot grammatical errors and misspelled words, but don’t let me do all the writing for you, your thesis grade is something you have to earn). 

All my writing and brainstorming can sometimes get lost on pad paper. In fact, I’ve lost pad papers all over the place. 

This is where notebooks come in handy. I even plan my blog posts in notebooks and keep track of my writing assignments and meetings in notebooks. There’s the ever-present to-do list, structure of most reports I have to do (a concept note has a different format from that of an executive summary), and dates of meetings. 

With my need for stationery, I’ve decided to introduce a new feature section of my writing materials purchases which I do frequently. Allow me to tell you which gel pens are good, which post-it-notes do stick, and where to get cheap and cute notebooks, and useful executive gifts appropriate for professionals. School’s about to start next month, let’s also see how we can maximize a school supply budget for the kids, shall we? 

Stick with me, friends. Scribbles is the newest section here on Raisie Speaks. It’s birth is inspired by my need and love for writing and cutie patootie stationery. 

What’s your must-have writing instrument? Let me know!