"We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us."

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Book Collector

Here I am then, with my thoughts and latest reads. I am an avid reader whose endless love affair for books make it impossible to turn away from floor to ceiling bookshelves- and just admire at all those printed pages. I do buy books almost every month for a good read, and sometimes my wallet argues. In most cases, my wallet wins the battle, but I take note of the titles and put off book collecting for another month and come back to online bookstores, salvage book sales, and if lucky, an out-of-town trip to the bigger metropolitan cities which boast of National Bookstore and Powerbooks. And cheaper finds are out there in Multiply.com and Facebook too.

Despite the lack of resources, the love affair still blooms. I started from colored, illustrated books from childhood to pre-teen Archie Comics, and I admit to having read Harry Potter and Paulo Coehlo in my high school years. And now the shelf occupants are Gregory Maguire, Gabriel Garcia Marquez and Neil Gaiman, and of course Ernest Hemingway requires all my patience.

My work of writing book guides have led me to this mini-project. I will be writing about my latest reads in the next posts. There will be a few observations about the books I come across, and some personal thoughts about what makes each read special.

So, here I am.