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Monday, 25 November 2013

Product Spotlight: Nutrilips by Three Beauties London in Blush

Even before I got hold of the right shade for my skin tone from Mary Kay, I've been on the lookout for everyday, wearable lipstick shades. I stumbled upon Three Beauties London Nutrilips being featured in Cash Cash Pinoy and thought hard on whether or not this shade is good for me.

It's a light pink color that has a semi-sheer finish to it. I like that there's not too much shimmer and it's been a regular in my vanity kit for a while now. I've been reaching out for it almost everyday if I have errands to complete or just a feel good day. I got it for only Php385 instead of the usual Php700.

I like that it has a subtle, sweet scent to it instead of just being scented like plain, old lipstick. Also, a couple of swipes can give off a really nice and neat finish. The color makes my whole face look fresh and bright, even if I'm wearing it in the evening. =)

Single Swipe
Double Swipe
 I did a comparison among the pink shades I have in my possession. Even if I look sleepy in the evening, I still can't resist seeing how it looks like on me.


Thursday, 21 November 2013

Raisie Speaks- The Beginning + Blogversary Giveaway

Two years ago, I started a blog purely to record all the books I have read, the authors I have been pining after, and the books I had on my wishlist-because I was crazy like that. I didn't expect to complete my wishlist, which explains why until now it's nowhere near halfway complete because the wishlist seems to be longer compared to my actual acquisitions, plus the fact that like any other working person, I am on a budget.

So you get the tone of this blog in the beginning, at least. That it was meant for books and literature.

Then somewhere along the way, it evolved into a beauty blog. Barely just dipping into the world of makeup and not knowing the first thing about the differences with contouring and just concealing, here I am sharing my adventures on skin care and beauty (again) on a budget.

And from books, the tag also extended to beauty.

The ride on a whole was a mixture of ups and downs. What could a small town blogger come up with? How on earth would it be interesting? Was my life and blog worth sharing? In those two years, I learned that there were some things worth sharing and some things worth keeping private, and was kind of careful in balancing the two. I have met fellow bloggers, got to know them a bit and most importantly, got to know who my readers were. I was reaching out and being influential to a group of  readers who were interested in what I had to say.

Sometimes, I didn't have the time. There was a time that I posted only a single entry for a month! But the thing bout blogging is, I can always come back. It's tough especially if author of said blog has a day job that can be downright challenging which also entails writing on a completely different topography- but here I am still writing my heart out, waiting, waiting, waiting for what-I don't even have the answer. But as long as Raisie Speaks is still alive and online, I would be forever grateful to those who read it and interact with me.

This one's for you.

There are two prizes! Which one is yours?
Prize A

Top From Adah Belle
Lace Shorts 
Creativity Notebook + Pen From Heart Artistic Dreams
Bobbie Wondernails Polish
Peace Bracelet
Blue Drop Bracelet
Nautical Necklace in Gold

Prize B
Pocket Notebook in Mint
Hair Accessories in Browns
Hair Pins in Black
San San Nail Polish in Raspberry Peach
Caronia Nail Polish in Eternity Frosted
Plum Leatherette Chain Bracelet
Allue Milk Bath Soap Plus Yogurt
San San CYO Eyeshadow in Blackground, Charcoal Brown and White Frost

This is going to be super-duper easy. All you have to do is input the correct details into the Giveaway Tools app.

Monday, 18 November 2013

Raisie Speaks + Everbuying.com 11 Pc Bamboo Brush Set Giveaway!

Whew, it's been a busy time for me, and as many times as I wanted to come online and update my corner, I've had to attend to other matters. I can't really predict if I would be posting frequently over here, but to let you know, I will be launching my anniversary giveaway soon and that I will try my best to post more hauls. But in the meantime, I am introducing you to our newest sponsor, Everbuying.

From electronics, home and beauty, toys and apparel, you can find what you need at Everybuying and be ready for the holidays by picking out gifts for the season. You can shop at your most convenient time and choose a consolidated payment system when you check out. It's truly a convenient haven for beauty enthusiasts like me, they even have cosmetics and makeup brushes with different styles and functions. Speaking of makeup brushes, Everbuying has offered to giveaway this 11 pc Cosmetic Bamboo Brush Set  to one really lucky reader.

 For more details, you can see more at Everbuying's site 

This brush set can cover the basics of makeup application. What I also want to find out is: who could take home this sweet prize?Joining is also very easy, simply complete the requirements into our best friend, the giveaway app below and remember to input the correct details. Good luck! Hint: the more entries, the better, if you are a male, you can gift this to your mom, sis, girlfriend, aunt, etc. =)

Friday, 8 November 2013

Flaunt Your Generosity (I Call This The Bullet Proof Shirt)

I received this shirt some time ago from the amazing and thoughtful ladies behind the Flaunt Your Generosity project, (you can visit them in Facebook) and thanks very much to one really thoughtful person who volunteered to get me a white shirt. Turns out though, it's too big for me even if it's already labeled Small. But to still be able to put it to good use, I gave it to my brother who happily wore this to school and gained much exposure when he went to finish his enrollment for the second semester.


The shirt comes in black and white, I chose white and it says:


I really agree with the message that this shirt brings, and perhaps anybody who is born and bred a Zamboangueno could also nod their heads towards this message. At the back (which I did not get a chance to photograph) it says Levanta Zamboanga, Rise Again Zamboanga.

Don't mind my brother also advertising the cup, he just came upstairs to get a drink of water.

If you want to support this very special cause, you can purchase your own shirt and choose the correct size for only Php 290. Here's an idea, why not gift a shirt to someone this Christmas? It's for a good cause. This way, the victims of the siege can get back on their feet with your help.

It's Been A Mary Kay Week! True Dimensions Lipstick in Color Me Coral

Every lady has a "hunting for that good shade of lipstick" era, or so I assume. But now Mary Kay has been opening its doors and welcoming me lately, so I figured, I should invest in that correct lipstick shade. When I say correct lipstick shade, I learned something from Ms Epie of Mary Kay Zamboanga today. When it comes to  daytime makeup, especially in the office, it is best to have a light and wearable shade of lipstick. And what did Ms Epie recommend? She pulled out, not a wand (though at this point I feel like she is such a fairy godmother already) but a Mary Kay True Dimensions Lipstick in Color Me Coral.

It comes in a sleek, push button silver packaging. According to Ms Epie, this is a new shade. To open, push the top and the whole thing slides out, very smart if you ask me, I feel like a Ms James Bond when it pops up. =) 

Light you are! Mom got to test it out first hoping that it's her color, turns out it's not. And for the swatches, you can see that it glides on smoothly and takes only a light swipe.

Single Swipe, Mary Kay True Dimensions Lipstick in Color Me Coral

Double Swipe, Mary Kay True Dimensions Lipstick in Color Me Coral

I will update this post and let you know how it all goes, in the meantime, do enjoy the weekend and I have a giveaway to launch so keep checking out this little cyber zone! =)

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Mary Kay's Three Step Skin Care In Check

The title alone gives it away. [Insert weird sense of humor here]

Here's what I took home with me yesterday.

I'm not new to Mary Kay, in fact, I have been using it since my college days. I had oily skin and boy, would I break out and you can't believe my acne especially if the schedule was hectic. But using the Mary Kay products that I had everyday as part of the skincare regimen, my acne subsided and eventually was in control.

Now that the demands of time have changed, skin also evolves. Thanks to Ms Epie of Mary Kay Zamboanga, I now came back to the three step skincare routine.

Here's what I got. I have the Botanicals Formula 3 Moisturizer and 3-in-1 Cleanser, and the Timewise Moisture Renewing Softener. One thing that I really like about Mary Kay products is that the products are really worth it. Some can even last over a year because all it takes is a drop and you are good to go.

Thanks to Mom for contacting Ms Epie and suggesting that I go back to my old skincare routine. I am ready to give this a try and let you know what I think!

Friday, 1 November 2013

Would You Enjoy Chocolate Diamonds On Your Fingertips?

And I am back! It may sound like I've been busy with work, and that fact I do have to confirm. So much for trying hard to be able to update this corner frequently.Four haul posts later, and some weeks in between (work has kept me busy), here I am back to my nail polish features. 

For this particular shade, I can't help noticing that it resembles liquid chocolate diamonds. If you want an idea, here are luscious jewelries that are proudly called chocolate diamonds.

Photo from http://www.kay.com

They look delicious don't they? They are even sweeter to show off. So how can simple women on a budget enjoy chocolate diamonds on our hands? Here's a tip. You can enjoy chocolate diamonds' liquid version. Run to the nearest HBC store you can find and look for the nail polish bottle that closely resembles a rich, dark, brown spectacled color. In my case, I picked up San San's Nail Polish in Burnt Copper.

Pleased with it, I am. With a couple of coats, it sure looked like there were gleaming pieces of bejewelled chocolate diamonds on my nails. You can see the tiny glitters just by looking at the bottle.

And if you must know, this color stayed on my nails for a full week! That's seven days without thinking of changing even if I had new colors from San San. Now I am protecting this precious color as long as I can! With rich nails like these, chocolate diamonds should not be eaten, they should be flaunted!