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Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Wishtrend Wish Recipe: When It Comes To Skincare, Simpler is Better

Every beauty junkie must have had gone through the belief that more can give good results. But when it comes to skincare routines, our needs vary for the same principle that we have different skin types and that we have varying environments where we thrive in.

Thus, each individual needs to learn about the kind of skincare routine that is suitable for a prescribed skin condition and protection.

Wishtrend understands this principle very well and has introduced Wish Recipe, following simple but effective skincare routines, featuring products that can address skin concerns for different women. Each set of recipes is specialized to help target skin issues that a person may have.

There’s a Wish Recipe for different needs and for different ages. To take a look at each Wish Recipe, there are seven sets to choose from that can help address skin problems that one is dealing with right now. 

Featured Wish Recipes From Wishtrend 

The Upgraded Vitamin Starter Kit is double the vitamin content from the vitamin line, it’s a healthy capsule of everything that you will need to achieve bright and vibrant skin. It’s a way of letting your skincare routine work for you while you enjoy life with clear skin.

Vitamins help to maintain younger looking skin and to help resolve pigmentation due to antioxidants that help balance moisture. The Vitamin Starter Kit also helps to exfoliate and brighten skin tone with the help of ascorbic acid and vitamin tree water minus the irritation. You can expect eco-friendly and sustainable ingredients such as sunflower seed, macadamia and palm tree oil.

Another notable Wish Recipe is the Klairs Midnight Blue Product Line helps delay the effects of aging. It’s a simple night care routine from Klairs loaded with herbal ingredients like chamomile to help repair and restore skin’s natural elasticity.

The skin has a natural repairing factor, and Klairs Wish Recipe in Midnight Blue can help boost these natural actions overnight. The blue calming cream can help in dealing with external irritation. This Wish Recipe is great for prevention of aging, for ladies aged 20-60. Let the results do the talking. 

Personal Favorite Wish Recipes 

Of course, I’ll also be sharing with you my personal favorites when it comes to the Wish Recipes being showcased.

I’m rather conscious when it comes to having acne-free skin, so I’m all about beating stress to have clear skin. Which is why I’m interested in getting rid of pimples no matter which phase they are in. pimples can be difficult to deal with, and if not addressed properly, can leave scars and marks on the face. The Pimple Spot Care Kit effectively deals with these spots with the help of the Klairs Midnight Blue Calming Cream and the Centella Dressing Powder.

Another Wish Recipe that caught my eye is the DIY Wish Cream Sheet Mask. When it comes to skin, it’s important to moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. But it doesn’t have to be complicated and this is where Klairs comes in. it’s convenient and easy to use for hydration and to maintain moisture and to soften skin for makeup prep.

It’s a specialized recipe that can offer light finish provided by the mixed-in toner and lotion in a silky and light texture. You can also look forward to finer and smooth application of makeup. 

Must Have Wish Recipe For Sun Protection

 Finally, there’s a Wish Recipe that’s best for everybody, for all careers and of all ages.
To beat sun damage, Wish Recipe offers After Sun Care Kit to address sun burns and possible sun damage after heavy activities under the sun’s exposure. Because sun damage may not be visible now, it’s best to complement after care for all skin types. The sun can damage skin regeneration.

Luckily, Wish Recipe has a complete set for the spring and summer to prevent the speedy aging process and to replenish lost moisture under sun exposure. If it’s keeping skin healthy, it doesn’t have to be complicated.

Of course Wish Recipes are not the only products available in Wishtrend.

Wishtrend has one of the widest choices of skincare and cosmetics products online. And if you know Korean skin care products, they can always work miracles for you to achieve glowing skin. Visit  Wishtrend today to land your best ever, glowing self. 

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Unboxing: Summer Radiance in BDJ Box May 2014

It finally arrived. 

Even before BDJ announced that the May boxes were being shipped, I had a pretty good feeling that it would include nail polish thanks to my stalking the site frequently, I didn’t realize there would be two shades! But I’m getting ahead of myself here. 

It’s a box of surprises for summer pampering and there are impressive products inside. This month's theme is all about Summer Radiance, a pampering treat for the last stretch of summer from interesting brands.

I'm so thankful that BDJ included this in my box because I've tried this and I am currently lovin' it bay-beh... =p This was also the first thing that caught my attention and although the label and instructions are in Korean, the curation card explains that it is a leave-on pack to help the skin restore its natural moisturizing properties. I like that it's lightweight and I find it a good bedtime moisturizer with a very faint scent. It's supposed to be used only twice a week. That should prolong my using it up in a month's time. (That's how much I am so into this...)


New nail polish to play with! I can't believe that they cost Php 300+ each, I'm blown away! I like that the box included two contrasting shades. The left one is Seashell which is a barely-there peach-pink colour with a faint gloss. It's like Bobbie's Fave Bikini and if any of you ladies are looking for something work-appropriate and a splurge on polish, this is it. The right one is Jungle, a forest green shade. I like dark nail polishes and have a bias towards this.  This should save me from hoarding more shades in the near future because it promises long-lasting colour. 


The purpose of a beauty haul in a box is to try new things, and I am just so grateful that this has been included in the box and I got to try out a shampoo and conditioner (after my mother and sister helped themselves). It did wonders to my dry hair after just a single wash and I like that it is a new experiential fragrance for my crowning glory. Love!

I like that Godiva has been generous with the sachets of lotion and deodorant. I've just started using them so let's see how they turn out. This couldn't have come at a better time because I need to restock on lotion.  As for the deodorant, I'm not so keen on it being in sachet, a tiny sample bottle could have been helpful. 


I haven't yet tried these masks and both of them says firming so I have to close my eyes, do an eenie-minie-miney-mo and try one for the weekend and I can tell you all about it.

Before the boxes were shipped, BDJ announced that they were giving away flip flops to 100 subscribers. I didn't get them but received a voucher for a free Avon brassiere. Would the ZC branch accept it, I wonder.

For this month's set of stickers, it says A Happy Woman Is A Beautiful Woman.

I do fancy the sleeping pack and nail polish, and I like the Organix hair care set so I have to check out how to get full-sized goodies pretty soon. It's just like a delicious treat on the head!

That's pretty much the contents of this month's box. Have a good week and enjoy the rest of May!

Saturday, 12 April 2014

Unboxing: Skin Food Exclusive by Saladbox March 2014

Saladbox's March 2014 offering is a Skin Food box

This box was sent to my old shipping address and I had to pick it up from my auntie's house thinking that it was the stationery (I have a weakness for stationery but I'll discuss more of that later.) It's supposed to be my third box, my December slot was moved to March, and even though I have not received my Clou manicure set as promised way back when I was supposed to receive it in the first box, Saladbox's social media representative told me that it will be sent separately. (I'll update this post once I have received it.)

So what's inside the Skin Food box?

March 2014 is all about Beauty Recipes and the Skin Food partnership hints about the selection
Sitting at the bottom of the box is Skin Food's Black Sugar Perfect First Serum. Don't be fooled, the brown paper bag is meant to contain the sampler and the cotton pads on the left, so yep, it's empty and just cushioned the items on top. How does it apply to me, I really am clueless about how to use it. The instructions on the label are all in Korean and the back of the curation card is hardly helpful. Ask everybody's best friend-Google, apparently many beauty bloggers have already written about the Black Sugar Serum and most of them are raving about it. Perhaps this will help me with my problematic forehead?

The Watery Berry gift set is a travel sized pair of toner and emulsion. I still have my regular freshener and moisturizer, this could do for some backup or when traveling. They have a mild fragrance and seem to be gentle. 

I believe the highlight of the whole box is the Black Pomegranate Premium Kit.  Two counts so far for a toner and emulsion-there's also a cream and voluming serum. I have no idea how to use this and the instructions at the back of the box are again in Korean, so I will once again turn to Google.

Just a few personal rants and what I think of the whole box in general:

  • The contents of the box are repetitious, it would have been helpful if there were a mixture of tools or cosmetics and not just skin care
  • Speaking of skin care, I have no idea if these products are for oily, combination, dry or aging skin, the labels are all in Korean, if they curated the contents of this box according to my profile, it should be for oily but I have no way of knowing
  • It's supposed to be the March box, I received it on the second week of April  
The idea of teaming up with an award-winning and innovative brand like Skin Food was a good move for me, but not enough to make me into a Saladbox convert. Of the three-month subscription period that I signed up and paid for, I'd have to say only the first and third boxes neutralized my expectations for a bit. The second box which I received for December was just a box of sachets of Paula's Choice skin care that wasn't even worth the subscription fee. That's all that was for December- the season of joy and giving. I didn't feel the Christmas spirit then, it was just meh. I've decided not to post an unboxing too, but I still have the photos.

Something tells me that I should close the chapter on Saladbox for now and just wait for the Clou manicure set to arrive. The brand should amp up their game if they want to play in the field longer. Besides, there are other impressive local brands that they can team up with. All it takes is doing homework.

Looking back, I'll try out the Black Sugar Serum and see how it turns out.

I hope you are having a good weekend. It's time for some pampering and revitalizing. Tell me what your plans are ayt? Enjoy!

Thursday, 20 March 2014

Product Spotlight: The Cream Factory in Witch Hazel

I’ve got to be one of the last (if not already the last) persons to discuss The Cream Factory’s brilliant liquid soap that makes use of... (yep, you guessed it) goat’s milk. 

The thing is, I’m a self-confessed bar soap hoarder. I like bar soaps especially if they’re organic. When it comes to liquid soap, I usually just keep mum about them because there was this international brand that I tried but it didn’t quite meet my expectations (it sort of left some residue dye on my bath foam) and I stuck to citrusy bath bars from then on.

With the introduction (and rage) that Sample Room introduced with The Cream Factory’s arrival here, I got to test it out for myself. Having tried out the Witch Hazel variant (without having any idea as to what witch hazel actually is,) I have one option but to Google it and find out what makes witch hazel an important ingredient for a bath cream.

According to our good friend Wiki, witch hazel is an astringent and is sometimes called winter bloom. Witch hazel is loaded with antioxidants and is usually used as a skin care ingredient in many beauty washes and skin treatments. It's quite a clever move for witch hazel to be the star of this particular variant of The Cream Factory. I feel nothing short of fresh and rejuvenated after a good time in the shower because of it!


I'm rather pleased that regulator is small to be able to control the fluid that passes through. I've been using this for over a month and I still have about a quarter left in it. Talk about thrifty. It's just that The Cream Factory's products are not readily available in Zamboanga City just yet and it would take time for me if I wanted to restock, to make a purchase in the online shops and wait for them to arrive. That's not neglecting the fact that if I were to satisfy the shipping fee, I'd be forced to throw in some additional purchases too.

I particularly enjoy the rich, creamy lather and it comes with a mild scent. It's moisturizing on the skin and for this one, there's no need to apply a scented lotion. It's gentle and can be used on kids too. This is one treat that's undeniably refreshing, no wonder they call it Dessert For The Skin.

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

All Natural, All Minerals: My AHAVA Favorites

All natural, all minerals from two extremes; this is the ambience that I transport myself to every time I apply a load of AHAVA Hand Cream in Mud (which is at least five times a day). I am so fond of my sample that it’s already half empty by the time this post is up. (It’s that good.)

AHAVA is an all natural and all minerals brand that takes pride in being the Dead Sea cosmetic brand, owing many years of research and discoveries in discovering the purity and natural richness of the Dead Sea region. But why the Dead Sea of all places? It is a basin of the greatest concentration of moisturizing minerals and age-delaying algae that helps to soothe the skin-all these grow in the driest of desert conditions. Who would have known that there is life in what we normally overlook?

I received these AHAVA products from the #Inspire bag from Sample Room except for the Dead Sea Osmoter Concentrate which came from my Sampler Buffet from Beauty Selection earlier this year. Even with just samples, I've already made up my mind about this brand.

The Eye Makeup Remover came in full size. It's just perfect timing for me to receive this because my makeup remover is about to go empty. I like that it's sheer and very lightweight and it's very helpful to have during late night events (every woman who's crazy about makeup should have a remover nearby). However, the stopper is just too wide, and it's enough to soak a whole round cotton pad, it could leave the face looking drenched in something so oily. But it effectively cleans eye makeup, there's no traces of makeup whatsoever, it's even safe to use on the whole face and even on the neck (might as well maximize a drenched cotton pad, yeah?)

The only regret I have about the Body Exfoliator is that the sample is only good for a single use. The other sample was Dead Sea Water and it was as good as empty in one of my weekend showers, but I don't regret it at all. Exfoliate, it did and I was wondering, how about if there was a body lotion to go with it, hmm? I felt like having an exfoliating experience in a high-end spa and it was a lightening experience. Perhaps I'd be sad to see this Dead Sea Mud Body Exfoliator go.

 Between these two, I'd have to say that the Hand Cream has got to be my favorite. It sits on my desk and I lather on every time I reach for it. It has a calming, soothing scent and the cream is quick absorbing and moisturizes the back of my hands and palms. I have calloused fingers because I grip pencils and write like there is no tomorrow on my notepad. I even have conditions of skin peeling in between fingers. But the hand cream was able to relieve the uber noticeable peeling skin. If anything, my hands look plumper though.

The comforting cream is a little magical worker. It's a handy partner (because of its size and wonders) in soothing sunburned and slightly tanned faces. One way to find out if the face really was overexposed is when there is an itchy feeling and reddish marks on the skin's surface. But this one helps to cool that burning, itchy feeling. It's not only good for sunburns, it also soothes allergies. Lately, I've had rashes appear on my arms and thighs, this little tube sure saved the day for me. Even if the rashes didn't disappear immediately, at least the itchiness disappeared. 

Lastly, I have to admit that I don't come close to knowing what an Osmoter really does. But that's nothing Google can't solve. According to AHAVA's official site, it's an "exclusive concentrated extract of mineral-rich Dead Sea water that helps restore the skin's vitality and enhances its natural ability to retain moisture".-so in short, this is a moisturizer. 

I use this after my cleansing, toning routine in the evening, and it's pretty quick-absorbing. When I get up in the morning, I can feel the concentration of the moisturizer still there even after nine hours of sleep. Just one pump of the osmoter and it covers my hyperpigmented forehead, then a portion goes on my cheeks and all over the face. I'll be sad when this will be empty, which it is nearing because it's just a sample size after all, and it's due because it has a subtle feel-good scent about it that I really like.

My absolute favorites among all of these products has to be the Hand Cream. I put it in my bag and pull it out when I feel like I need some hydration every time I look at my dry hands (which is often) and there I am- ridiculously happy gal.

I'm still dying to try their makeup and body lotion as well as body wash. Have you tried AHAVA? What are your recommendations?

You can still join my giveaway here with Christine's Books and Baubles. Good luck!

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Mary Kay's Three Step Skin Care In Check

The title alone gives it away. [Insert weird sense of humor here]

Here's what I took home with me yesterday.

I'm not new to Mary Kay, in fact, I have been using it since my college days. I had oily skin and boy, would I break out and you can't believe my acne especially if the schedule was hectic. But using the Mary Kay products that I had everyday as part of the skincare regimen, my acne subsided and eventually was in control.

Now that the demands of time have changed, skin also evolves. Thanks to Ms Epie of Mary Kay Zamboanga, I now came back to the three step skincare routine.

Here's what I got. I have the Botanicals Formula 3 Moisturizer and 3-in-1 Cleanser, and the Timewise Moisture Renewing Softener. One thing that I really like about Mary Kay products is that the products are really worth it. Some can even last over a year because all it takes is a drop and you are good to go.

Thanks to Mom for contacting Ms Epie and suggesting that I go back to my old skincare routine. I am ready to give this a try and let you know what I think!

Saturday, 24 August 2013

Product Spotlight Sun Putty Broad Spectrum Sunscreen

 If you are like me suffering from hyper-pigmentation or simply uneven skin especially in areas that are always exposed to the sun and harsh elements, then you might have already scoured stores and shops for competitive products. Luckily, Sun Putty has offered to let me try their broad spectrum in a jar and see how it fares against oily and acne-prone skin like mine.

Sun Putty Sample All The Way From NYC!

About Sun Putty

Sun Putty is not just another sunblock product like those you see out there. It feels like, yes, putty! I find that it is a clever idea too.Sun Putty helps with:

  • Broad spectrum sunblock that is made of natural ingredients with no synthetic or filler ingredients
  • Level SPF30 sunscreen
  • Blocks UVA (photoaging) and UVB (sunburning) rays of the sun
  • Skin nurturing properties
  • Hydrating and anti-aging, anti-inflammatory and anti-acne properties
  • Helps with anti-microbial and wound healing effects on the skin
What's In The Box? Sun Putty 1/4 oz sample, Sun Putty Pen, Notepad, List of Ingredients, Thank You Note, Business Card and Sticker

About The Company

 Sun Putty is produced by Universal Platinum, Inc. which was formed in 2007. Among their products are a natural body care line that have contributed to reducing environmental waste, decreasing energy costs and packaging wastes. By using natural and non-synthetic ingredients, the environment and wildlife is preserved, as well as aiming to reduce harmful impacts as opposed to the effects of chemical products. 


¼ oz. sample (one week supply*): $8.00
1 oz. jar (one month supply*) : $28.00
4 oz. jar (4 month supply*): $78.00

Now that you see the prices, let's get something clear. We have had the long-time perception that expensive products must be good, and cheaper products are just so-so. This is not the case with Sun Putty. It is cheaper per ounce and it does not contain any filler products. This is where true value comes into the picture,Sun Putty is not just sunscreen. It can help nourish the skin in many ways and the effects can be seen over time. Thus, it lives up to its true value.

Clever design on this cute travel-sized jar, perfect for the beach!
Hey it's orange scented!

Who Is It For?

 “Don’t Just Protect Your Skin, Love It, With Sun Putty”. 

This is Sun Putty's  message. With that said, Sun Putty is for those who are:

  • looking for natural, eco-friendly, non-toxic, gentle sunscreen and skin care products
  •  avoiding watered-down or less effective sun care products
  • known to have extra-sensitive skin 
  • confirmed to have psoriaisis or eczema
I recommend Sun Putty because not only is it gentle and effective on oily skin, it can also replace several products and goes on clear on the face and even other parts of the skin. it is water resistant up to 80 minutes! This is great even for kids, and it is concentrated so just a little can go a long way. A small jar can last a week or more, depending on the frequency of use.

You can look out for other products that will soon be available such as the lip balm and a bigger jar for Sun Putty body! 

Check out Sun Putty in their