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Wednesday, 29 February 2012

My Paris Dreams Shopping Experience

Paris Dreams is a mixture of florals, laces, polkas, glitters, preppy and classics. It’s one of the up and coming shops in the Multiply Marketplace.

One thing I like about this shop is its clean and navigational layout, designed by none other than Tin Roque of Posh and Pretty.

Paris Dreams has a signature selection of clothing, shoes, bags and swimwear that are carefully selected, each reflecting the dainty, classical and feminine side of a Parisian woman. If you picture yourself as a modern French lady with timeless European style that’s elegant and sophisticated, then Paris Dreams might have a little something for you. Paris Dreams can complete your craving for feminine and one-of-a-kind pieces with beautiful satchels, flats, tops and swimwear.

Shop owner Murielle Anne Ranque has picked unique apparel and offers them for sale at bargain prices. My polka floral top cost only half the regular amount in Topshop, and the material is comfortable and breezy, perfect for the summer. The Parisian lady behind the shop understands that being stylish does not have to cost a lot. And perhaps this is why I look forward to the next available collection. The availability of payment options makes it easier for the shopper to send immediate payments conveniently. Best practice: From reservation to payment, to shipping confirmation, she is with you all the way, giving timely updates through SMS, this trait I have not yet experienced with any other shop online. 

Polka Floral Top I was eyeing...
(photo from Paris Dreams)

Some of the tempting finds in Paris Dreams... 

Paris Dreams made sure that my top was handled well, and it was wrapped with utmost care, in double transparent plastic so I could make sure I received the right one. Xend Express delivered my package on time, in fact, earlier than I had expected. I made the payment through bank deposit a day ago, and I received my top the next morning, so that makes it less than twenty four hours wait time. Paris Dreams sure knows how to give satisfactory service. 

Overall, I am satisfied with my entire shopping experience with Paris Dreams. Because of the friendly shop owner and the adorable items up for sale, I will be checking out her latest collections every now and then and reward myself when I have the chance.

Visit Paris Dreams here: Paris Dreams Multiply Shop and get a taste of Paris in your closet. =)

I might be coming back for these soon... Hehehe... 

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

The Onion Girl by Charles de Lint

I wrapped up the book in old newspaper in the absence of transparent cover. Since the book is not mine, I was extra careful with it. The owner has a good selection of reads, so I take care of the ones I borrow and try my best to return them in good condition so I could borrow again. =p

So here is The Onion Girl by Charles de Lint. I've finished this last month, but for some unnamed reason haven't gone around to writing about it.

Crow Girls. Manido Aki. The Dreamlands. Mabon. Newford. The World As It Is.

These are just some of the places Charles de Lint brings the reader to discovering. In this story set in the city of Newford's urban fantasy, we meet Jilly Coppercorn, the painter who is well-loved by her friends and Jillian May Carter, the troubled girl who overcomes her past and dares to change her life both of whom happen to be just a single person.

Jilly finds herself in an accident and is comatose, immobile and begins to retrieve into the dream lands, retracing her past and leaves her friends behind in The World As It Is. For every visit she makes to the dream lands, she leans into abandoning her physical body and chooses to live in the shifting seasons of Manido Aki.

Here, we learn about the origin of the world, its non-human inhabitants, creatures of old, and the cycle of magical beings. What goes on in the thoughts of the Broken Girl? Read. The answers might just be there.

"There's never an easy route to the things that matter."

Charles de Lint

 If I'm lucky, the next book I might grab from Charles de Lint would be Eyes Like Leaves. 

Sunday, 12 February 2012

I'm joining Mich's Summer Giveaway.

Spread the love! 

Books Celebrating Love

Alright, with Valentine's Day just twenty four hours away, here I am thinking about errands and chores. Many V-Days I've spent with my family and yep, I'm still going to spend it this year with them. May my Papa remember to come to town early to pick up the pizza in time and beat the traffic in town. Mama still hasn't decided on the dessert. 

To all of you, I bid you a happy, fun St. Valentines Day. As J would put it, "love is celebrated all year round". 

Here is a little suggestion for some Love Reading this month. Here are some inspiring reads for the Love Month of February.

Pablo Neruda. Best remembered for his love poetry and political beliefs, Neruda's popular poems have never yet been published in its entirety in English translation. In Isla Negra, the poet dedicates his celebration of love and life to his beloved wife Matilde. 

Haruki Murakami. Murakami is "easily accessible and profoundly complex" (Virginia Quarterly Review). One of the big influences in contemporary literature, Murakami writes in simplicity and yet his settings are laced with urban mysticism and elements of supernatural. 

A quiet college student, Toru finds himself attracted to Naoku, an introspective young woman. But their mutual passion is marked by the death of their best friend years before. A coming of age story, it is unforgettable and enticing. 

Laura Esquivel. Like Water for Chocolate is a sensual book, with generous helpings of Tita's story of how she prepares food for her family and by striving to win the heart of her beloved Pedro. 

Forbidden by Mexican tradition to marry, Tita is the youngest daughter in the household, condemned to take care of her mother until she dies. Tita gathers all her efforts and knowledge about the magical food she cooks, and Pedro is driven in desperation to marry Tita's older sister so that she can stay close to her. For many years, they circle each other in the same household with unconsummated passion. (goodreads.com) 

Here's a crazy thing. National Bookstore and Powerbooks as of this writing, Do Not have copies for sale of local writers Kerima Polotan Tuvera and other books by F. Sionil Jose. The only F Sionil Jose is the novel Don Vicente at Php 5,590.00 (approximately $130). 

Do you have any suggestions for this month's reading? Share them below! 

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Valentine Flowers

Flowers are a traditional gift on St. Valentine's Day. And during this special day, flower prices double uncontrollably. If work or school keeps one busy by getting to the nearest florist on February 14, or the wallet just isn't cooperating and the result is a run out of roses, do not worry too much. There are other flowers that are just as romantic and meaningful.

Orchids are simple, beautiful and long-lasting. My grandmother used to take care of a whole range of orchids, of different colors and types. Orchids represent (I didn't realize just until lately) love, beauty, seduction and refinement. They dwell in in semi-tropical regions in Asia and South and Central America.

Lilies are a representation of beauty. They stood for tenderness and were referred to the voice of the muses in Greek poetry.

I think that Daisies are the friendliest of flowers. They mean innocence, loyalty, love and purity. The daisy was described by Chaucer in his writings as the "day's eye."

Roses are always the classic blooms to find their way anywhere on Valentine's Day. They are considered to be the most romantic and beautiful flowers to give to someone special. 

Here in Zamboanga, I got a chance to chat with the florists in good ol' San Jose Road. They said that prices this week are still at regular rates, from Php 130-180 but beginning Monday of next week, that's February 13, bouquets will be priced at Php 300-900. 

This as the demand of flowers has increased, and some of the suppliers are based in Cebu. Awaited stocks were supposed to arrive Tuesday morning but were delayed and shipped later, arriving on Thursday afternoon due to the earthquake and its aftershock in the Visayas area.

Stall owners have now included balloons beginning at Php 35-50 depending on sizes and desings, artificial flowers and other novelty items to sell in celebration of Valentine's Day creating a one-stop shop in the local floral row. 

Monday, 6 February 2012

Book Window Shopping

I really don't  know what's the right term for what I'm doing lately, so it's best if I describe it instead. 

The past few days, I've been restraining myself from purchasing books from my suppliers. Since last month, all of them have posted announcements that they will be uploading new stocks on this date and that site. I still have a stack of unread books at home and promised myself not to spend on new ones unless I have read all of those waiting for me in the room. And I am so intent on saving up for this summer's getaway that I need all the bucks I can save. So I have become a little self-conscious when it comes to buying more books. So the temptation is always there whenever I open my Multiply account and all the notifications of NEW BOOK UPLOADS start screaming at me and I do permit a sneak peek for a few minutes. And then I exit. 

It's like I found myself in a mall with rows of rows of bookstores and went to look at the shelves, then I lift and touch them, look at the price tags, try to remember how much cash I have in my wallet, and retrace the nearest ATM machine, and then put back the book on the shelf without looking back and leave the store. That's just how it feels. Book Window Shopping. 

But I keep repeating my mantra: summer vacation. Summer vacation. Summer vacation. 

So if there are some book worms who do want to grab some books to read out there, or who are in the same pain as I am, here, I'm sharing the torture with you. (wink, wink)

Life Is Like A Book Page: This online bookstore is managed by Maricar, a full-time working Mom who is so accommodating and has a love for books more than storage space in her home. Contests and giveaways are available all year round. 

Mad About Books: The shop owner is also a book blogger, and her personification of a book in the home page is just fun to read!
Hi there! I'm one of the books being sold here and I'm just very happy that you found the time to drop by! It could get pretty boring without someone reading me. I've been stuck here for ages and I would just love for someone to read the beautiful words written by my wonderful author.
Aside from me, your book, I'm also sandwiched in between a variety of comics and hygienic products such as Baktolin and Sterilium.
Oh well, that's all for now! I really hope you'll check out my other friends in the catalogue! We're just dying to find a new owner to spread our good story to so many other people! :)
Mad About Books
Great Finds for Less!
Bookstore Atbp: Ems has the widest selection of fiction and non-fiction books and gives away volume discounts. She believes that reading is as important as eating and breathing.

"But I think the most important reason I read is for meaning. I believe that when an author writes a book, she or he does it because they want to say that there is something meaningful about how people live in this world. And we can learn from that. "

 Julie's Sari Sari Store: Here are some books that are second-hand but are in excellent condition and at half the price. Browse to your heart's content. There is a wishlist section and other items up for sale too.