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Monday, 19 March 2012

Firmoo Optical: Helping Bloggers See The Light

My package from Firmoo arrived yesterday, right here in the studio and I was surprised to know right there and then that I was one of those who were given a free pair of eyeglasses from Firmoo Optical Global Online Store.

How I Got A Free Pair of Glasses

See that tiny ad by the side of your Facebook page that says you can get a free pair of glasses if you're a blogger? That's the same ad that sent me a free pair of glasses. All I did was answer via email and gave my prescription. After a week, my free pair arrived. I didn't pay for anything.

The Site

The shop sells all types of reading glasses, sunglasses and fashion glasses. There is a promo ongoing as of the moment. Free vouchers will be sent to new buyers through their emails. This is a promo strategy and you may want to take advantage of this. There are over 300 styles of classic and fashion eye wear, and goggles for sports. For those who want to receive free eye wear, you get to choose the frame style for free. Need prescription lenses? No problem, it's also available for free. A filter search at the left side makes it easier for you to find what you're looking for.

The Frame

I chose a plain black frame so it can go well with most of my clothes. The frame is lightweight and very practical for me. I like using my new pair of glasses for reading at home. (I still have my old pair which is quite usable too.) I picked one with decent temple width to help support my lenses because I have specified prescription, and this works well for me.

The Lenses

The lenses are scratch free, and my eye wear came complete with a box, cleaning cloth and travel pouch. The box is made of plastic and it's lightweight, and compact and should be no problem when it comes to traveling.

I'm super grateful to Firmoo's Free Glasses for Bloggers program because my initial checkup with my doctor  already gave me the heads up of spending Php 3,000 plus on my new eye wear. With the free pair, I got to save the amount and got to enjoy my glasses as a freebie, with the new prescription I got from my doctor too.

(Wearing the geeky glasses outdoors) 

Thank you Firmoo for making this a possibility for me! =)

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Baking Tools Mini Haul and Treats for Doggies

Been busy but it's been fun.

I decided to surprise my Mom yesterday after we parted ways. Her hobby is baking and she enjoys baking cakes for the weekend and taking orders from her office mates for functions, birthdays and some special events. Her craze lately is the buco pie.

But she has been complaining about not having an oven thermometer to use at home. I think she has trouble with the dials and reading on the thermostat in the oven when it becomes too warm. She also says that most of the baking supply stores here in Zamboanga don't have good oven thermometers. Another problem, our big whisker seems not to cooperate with her whenever she whisks cream and the buco pie filling. I know it's too old and it needs to retire from the many years it has served the kitchen, so she expressed desires of having to replace it soon.

Luckily, I decided to go to do a pit stop at Mindpro grocery to pick up some yoghurt yesterday afternoon and I spotted an oven thermometer and a nine-inch whisker. Good thing I had enough money in my wallet and decided to surprise my Momsy, this month being Women's International Month and all.

And she was delighted to have these brand new tools for her baking.

 ( 9-inch wire whisker at Php80 from Mindpro grocery)

(Oven thermometer at Php258 also from Mindpro grocery)

And I got these chew toys for the puppies at home. Total cost (or damage) is about Php200 from the Pet Grocery in Campaner Street. 

It might be too early for Mother's Day but Mama just did some pagpaparinig that she wants a Lazy Susan for her cake decorating someday. This will require some participation from Papa. He eats all of the baked goods anyway. 

Happy Thursday to everyone! I will be blog hopping soon! =p

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Love Giveaways? Try Your Luck At These

Jannie is celebrating March with a giveaway!

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Have a fun month ahead!

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Marchas de las Mujeres

For the International Women's Day Celebration, women employees of all local agencies joined in the parade from City Hall to Joaquin Enriquez Memorial Sports Stadium.

Purple filled the streets:

(Purple ribbon round the hat)

 (Purple knitted scarf)

(Purple polka dot umbrella)

(Purple pop art graphic on shirt)

 (Purple sprinkle effect on pink collared shirt)

(Purple striped cardi)

(Purple flats)

 (Purple and white balloons)

(And more balloons)

(Purple flags)

I found myself waking up at 5:30 in the morning because my Mom and her office mates were required to join the parade. And there I was, also wearing purple, marching next to my Mom. And I was the obedient photographer-daughter.

(Mommy and her friends from work)

So I tagged along with my Mommy and her office mates. She told me that all of her lady-friends attended the parade and left all of the men and feeling-lady in their admin building, and that her friends will be bargaining for a day-off, today being Women's International Day and all. Hehehe.

But the walking from City Hall to the JEM Stadium did us some good exercise. The weather was humid although the weather forecast last night said that there will be scattered rain showers.

Of course I had to split and return to our studio after getting some video support for our footages, the material will be aired on the weekend news segment this Saturday, and Mom and her friends will be waiving at the camera (talk about biased).

This is all for today. Maybe tomorrow I can share a little something from the piece I wrote this morning.

Happy International Women's Day ladies! =p

Monday, 5 March 2012

The Bargain Doll

I'm sharing, following and spreading the love about The Bargain Doll!

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Have a good summer ahead!