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Sunday, 30 June 2013

Raisie Takes on the Liebster Award!

Hooray! Raisie Speaks was nominated or rather “tagged” for the Liebster Award thanks to Aviva! For the record, it is my first time to be tagged and yes, I am now getting down to business… 

For those who are new to the Liebs just like I am, it consists of providing 11 Facts about Yourself, and answering 10 Questions by the blogger who has tagged you, and forwarding 10 Questions to other bloggers you have tagged. So shall we begin? 

11 Fun Facts About Raisie 

1. My real name is Raisa and my second name is Mae. Raisie is a pet name used by my Mom. 
2. I am currently living with ten dogs at home. If you are wondering, it is no walk in the park, I have to take care of preparing their food and bathing them and making sure they don’t chase the chickens and give the goats a heart attack. But coming home to adorable and sweet dogs is worth it.
3. I tutor-coach my Mom in Candy Crush. No kidding. She goes to bed at midnight after she plays Candy Crush. I don’t have to tutor Papa in Poker. That’s his area.
4. Until last month, I collected and insisted on reading books that were tangible. I didn’t really get the hang of reading ebooks on my laptop screen and buying paperbacks and hardbound cost me shipping fees. So what changed? A tablet.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2

5. Yes, I still write my thoughts in script and I do use copyediting marks and icons even if I am no longer a practicing journalist. 
6. There is no denying that I really enjoy cooking. I follow well-kept family recipes and I still continue to learn. My specialties? Fresh lumpia, pasta, chocolate and butter cake, tenderloin steak and mixed vegetables.
7. Apart from collecting books of all my favourite authors, I also collect-gasp-pencils. It’s weird and scary, I know.
8. I am a semi-type A person with minimal tendencies of OCD. My work space is a dining table that can seat six people-but right now I am hogging it.
9. I have a secret obsession over nail polish!

My Various NOTD

10. I enjoy movies too! As long as it is interesting, I watch it. My range includes criticizing remakes of well-loved classics, cartoons and animations to watch with the kids (my little cousins), indies and documentaries and also Japanese anime.
11. I am also a freelance creative writer for ebooks and web content. Need something done? You can reach me at raisa513@yahoo.com. 

Whew, so now that’s done, we now move on to Aviva’s Questions. Brace yourselves, here we go!

Aviva’s Questions

1. What’s your skin type? If you were to choose a different skin type except normal, what would it be and why?

I had oily skin ever since. I don’t think any other skin type would suit me except dry because there are many beauty and skin care products right now that are infused with moisturizing properties that could give positive results.

2. Which would you prefer: a premium makeup product worth thousands of pesos or a makeup loot consisting of drugstore products worth the same? Why?

Believe it or not, I grew up thinking that the reason why some beauty and skin care products were more expensive was because of the quality and payoff of the products. But these days, I am proven wrong because there are already many affordable products that can perform well and are satisfactory without the super duper expensive price tags. So if I were given the drugstore loot, I won’t mind, but if I were given the premium makeup brand, it is not every day that I can experience a luxurious pampering session. In any case, it is a win-win, and I can save money in the process too, that’s the way I look at it.

3. Are you willing to fork over more than Php 500 for a lipstick? Why or why not?

I am a minimal lipstick kind of girl. I find that putting on too much darkens my lips. So when it comes to lipstick, that amount is a bit pricey for me. My lipstick range is usually Php 250-350 and so on. The others, I just receive as pasalubong and gifts from friends and family.

Human Nature Mineral Hydrating Lipstick Lucky in Love

4. What’s the one makeup/ skin care product you want to try the most and why? What’s hindering you from trying it?

Honestly, I have a secret item on my wishlist and that is the Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette. I really admire the shades that are appropriate for corporate wear and even weekends. But the price intimidates me…

That’s not the only one though, I also have my eyes on Mary Kay’s Bella Belara perfume. I had a test spritz before and the scent just blows me away. Again, the price is a problem. I would rather spend my money on something more worthwhile or invest in myself instead of spend on beauty products and fragrances that are really not a necessity. 

5. What color do you wish your hair is?

I think that black-brown currently suits me. However, I have always been curious with an ombre style with streaks of red or blue. Weird, huh?

6. What’s your go to face base?

I am more of a powder person compared to the cream formulation when it comes to face base. This is because of my oily skin. So I would have to point out that women who have oily skin should try out Human Nature’s Mineral Pressed Powder. There are four shades to choose from, and it is super affordable. It also provides sheer to medium coverage and keeps oily skin at bay, it works every time!

7. Do you think face primers are necessary? Why or why not?

Over the years, getting ready for me in the morning comprised of cleansing, toning, moisturizing and sun protection. It didn’t make a difference if I had face primer before foundation because honestly, I thought that the lesser application on skin was better. I still think this is better until now. Sticking to a tried and tested routine has helped avoid too much breakouts and problematic skin conditions that are caused by products that are not that suited for my skin. 

8. Which are you most likely to sport when going out: green or purple eyeshadow? 

Lately, I have been intrigued by corporate makeup and executive grooming because of the nature of my field. In this case, I have mastered lilac shades which can go with almost anything. Purple can be worn for night events though, and I can stick to the lilac shades for the day in the workplace. However, I am open to the idea of experimenting with emerald shades too.

New York Color Eyeshadow Palette in Queen's Boulevard

9. Which looks better on you, red or nude lipstick?

I still like color and red seems to be the best shade on me. 

10. Given a chance to undergo cosmetic surgery, would you take it? If so, what procedure would you undergo? If not, why?

I have always been comfortable with the way I look and I like keeping myself under the radar instead of putting myself on the spotlight uncomfortably. Hmm, cosmetic surgery you say? Give me the money and I can use it for other more productive means. =D 

My Questions for Other Bloggers

  1. There are already so many sampling boxes in the country today. Would you subscribe to one? How long do you wish to subscribe?
  2. Describe your daily beauty routine.
  3. How would you differentiate your regular beauty routine to a pampered beauty treatment?
  4. How much do you allocate for beauty splurges and hauls every month?
  5. What is the most that you have spent on a beauty product?
  6. What is your current beauty obsession?
  7. What is your beauty mantra?
  8. If you had Php 100, what beauty product would you spend it on?
  9. How would you format your beauty reviews?
  10. What are your top two fragrances?

My Blogger Tags

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  3. Duchess of Delaware
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  5. Its Meryll Jane
  6. I Make Me Michelle
  7. The Draco Princess
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So far that's all I have. If you want to answer some of my questions, you are very much welcome and you can link back here. There is no deadline...

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Thursday, 27 June 2013

What I Am Crushing On Right Now

Hi friends how are you all doing?

I have been waiting for some packages to arrive, one is from an international courier which takes about three weeks, or even a month, depending, and the other one is from a local courier which should have arrived anytime a couple of days ago. But I would rather not let that get me down.

I would like to share with you some things that I have been drawing inspiration from, as well as some that I have been crushing on for some time now. If you are one to indulge in rewarding, active scents, I can share something with you about me.... I like sniffing on various scents. Even if I am left alone at home and wearing just tattered shorts and shirt, I can spritz on a little and sniff my way into a relaxing day. And I really don't mind masculine scents such as Aknarf Cologne for Men. The bottle alone looks out of this world! I will be discussing more about scents, colognes and perfumes after the Liebster post next week... (And I have another book review set for you, ayt?)

Another crush of mine right now is Urban Decay eyeshadow. The only thing that intimidates me about this thing of beauty is its price! But other than that, I think this is a good palette to have especially if one is intent on corporate looks and executive grooming. The colours are not too loud and there are two palettes to choose from!

So even if these are just random thoughts, I am hoping that someday I can experiment with the colors and see how it all turns out. I hope you are having a great time! How is the work week treating you? If you need to let out, you can leave your comments and I will be right back at you! 

Thursday, 20 June 2013

What I Am Currently Reading On Where

I have been dreaming about an ebook reader for some time now. I've done research and even compared prices. I think you can recall it here in one of my posts from way back. But when the mind wanders and the heart wishes, there are ways for just thoughts to materialize in actuality.

Last month, I unexpectedly received a big blessing from my grandfather which was already enough to buy a decent ebook reader. It served as an advanced birthday gift. I added just a little and it was enough to buy a good device- a tablet that can function well as an ebook reader. Now I think this is one birthday gift that still gives me the chills. It is one of the more extravagant presents I have received, (I would not even spend that much on myself). But I got my wish, and a better unit too.

So now, I am using the tablet as an ebook reader. As for the rest of the family, tablet means Candy Crush. And I just want to share what I am currently reading...

I found this book in one of my suki shops online and I thought I could first try out some resources online just in case so I could save money instead of buying books and having to pay for the shipping fee. Luckily, there is an epub version online.

I am enjoying this! It has a lot of rich experiences and insights- but I am not going to spoil it all, I have a book review next for this alright? But it has positive reviews online already. I will share my thoughts on this and a background on Tom Rachman when it's ready! 

Have a great weekend guys! =D

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Gifts for the Classic and Modern Dads

Father's Day came and went and all throughout social media, there were greetings, stories, and also touching and creative expressions of love dedicatd to all the fathers out there. It is said that anybody can be a father but it takes a lot of effort to be a responsible one. My Dad is currently away from us because of work which allows him to come home only two weeks after every three months. However, the frequent phone calls and short messages can make it easier for us to catch up.

So what did you get for your dads? Early on I got him two bars of his favorite Theo and Philo Dark Chocolates, he likes his with the Barako Coffee because he is admittedly a coffee addict-now you see from which parent I got this trait from.

Image from Foodspotting

If your dad or if you know someone who deserves a treat this father's day from all the work, ferrying the kids from school to home, tutoring, cooking or just being an all-around dad or even granddaddy, he could definitely use some of this magic for inspiration. Whether or not your dad is a classic or modern dad, these picks could cheer him up.

When it comes to accessories, Dad could definitely use a watch to be stylishly on time. So all you have to do is choose which one he would prefer.

I think this one definitely spells classic Dad. It can also go well with most casual outfits for the weekend and don't be surprised if he will be reaching for this more often than his other watches. No numbers face bring back those old-world details thanks to Fossil. 

On the other hand, or wrist, if your Dad is the modern and active type, this modern version in all black is just the right edgy style from Marc Jacobs without being too overdone. 

As for scents, the same goes for both ends of the spectrum. 99 Perfume has a wide variety of scents that you can purchase to gift Dad whether he has a take on the classic indulgences or he leans towards the more modern take. 

Classic Dad would agree that this is the signature scent when it comes to special and various occasions. I think this is just one of the trademark scents that never get old from Drakkar Noir.

Modern Dad could use some invigorating scents that could help start his active day. For the adventurous spirited Dad, Adidas Dynamic Pulse Cologne for men by Adidas could be the right scent before he heads on out to do his thing in the real world. 

Both perfumes are available at 99 Perfume. 

Who could forget the aviator shades that conquered the world years ago? This style is as old school as the Wayfarer and the Gazelle. But one thing is for sure, Dad could use some extra stylish sun protection and he could use one like this too. 
Now there is for the modern Dad, and with sharp and crisp eyewear like this, it sends just the right message of  a man who can get the job done with speed and precision. The Rydon Polar 3FX from Rudy Project also looks dual purpose not just in business but also in sports. 

So what did you get your Dad? Until my Dad comes home later this month for a late get together with the family, I can hold on to those chocolate bars or even throw in a bottle of Adidas Dynamic Pulse for Men from 99 Perfume

Sunday, 9 June 2013

Designing Your Own Reading Corner with Fab Rooms

If you want to know, the current second floor of our house is messy right now because we intend to enlarge the library to house all of our books. It's also another reason to organize. Good thing, there is an online tool that allows bookworms like me, as well as homeowners, on how to design and organize certain areas of their house.

Now I think this is one great idea because with Fab Rooms, not only do you get to make a creative collage and design inspiration that is truly your own but you can also mix and match the elements, furniture, add or remove items and most importantly, view and compare costs of the furniture that you want to see in your own space-and in my case, a reading room. It allows you to explore your own personal style and you can conveniently make you own collage depending on what you want.

This is the inspiration collage featured for Fab Rooms very own reading room. Isn't it comfortable and relaxing?

As for my own reading room, I would like to lean something towards the printed word. Even if it is just a part of my bedroom, I could still use a reading corner to identify it as a place to stretch and read and let the imagination run wild. Perhaps the scheme of vivid oranges, wood textures and some simple details and accessories could do for a comfortable and adventurous retreat. If you are curious as to what I came up with, here it is. You can also see that I added good lighting fixtures that comply with the orange-wooden theme. 

If you like it, I am sure you could do better and design your own spaces at Fab Rooms. You can design your wardrobe, garden, nursery and even your bedroom. If you have wondered what similar furniture and fixtures look like together, now is the time to put your design skills to work. You can now gain a step closer to your own space with color and style. 

How about you? Which room or private space would you want to design? What pieces and accessories would you want to have? Drop me a comment! 

Thursday, 6 June 2013

Sta. Cruz with Family

I've been living in Zamboanga for already more than 20 years and I haven't set foot in Sta. Cruz Island. Poor me, I know. My Mom and her brothers used to go there a lot when they were teens. And now is the only time that I can do so. I even went to some beaches in Basilan, but I just got to see a glimpse of Santa Cruz. Even if it is a little late, I am still glad that I had a day to unwind with Mom and my cousins.

My cousin gave me a sea urchin shell and there were tiny hermit crabs inside. I released them back in the ocean before we left the island. 

Here is my collection of seashells that my cousins gave me. 

And these were the books that I brought along to read so I could enjoy an unplugged day. 

Monday, 3 June 2013

Our Flores De May @ Pamucutan

No, it's not me who attended Flores de Mayo in our barangay. To tell you honestly, I don't have a memory of attending Flores de Mayo except for one occasion where I just stood up to recite prayers in front of the kids who were my age. I think that's it. I just went for a single day and that's it. Lol what a memory. It must be because I attended a Protestant elementary school despite being Catholic because it was near our house and even if I had my first communion, I don't remember where it took place. Now talk about bad memory!

Flores de Mayo is an annual activity where Catholic children spend the afternoon learning prayers and listening to praise songs as well as bible stories. I think the bible stories really get their attention. The whole activity lasts from the first day of May, ongoing throughout the weekdays and until the last day of May where everybody else meets at church for the culmination. Now this is my favorite part. Even if I no longer attend Flores de Mayo, my family is always approached by the coordinators for a little help. In return, we share what we could give to the children. And this is what we always prepare for them.

We went to town and shopped for the school supplies that we were going to hand out to the children. We also added some treats like biscuits, small chocolate bars and also cakes. Why school supplies, you ask? School is just around the corner and we thought that the little contribution could help motivate the kids so that they would do well in school.

We showed up at exactly three o’clock in the afternoon to help distribute the goodies at the church. So each kid received a notebook, a one-foot ruler, pencil, sharpener and eraser as well as some treats. Even our aunt contributed for the children.

The only thing was that the letter arrived on the day of the distribution itself, even if we were already shopping for the supplies two days earlier. We prepared supplies only good for sixty children and nobody told us that there were more children. But at least we gave what we could. I felt sad for the children who went home without our goodie bags but we have already thought of ways to remedy that. 

How about you? Did you attend Flores de Mayo? What did you do during summer when you were kids? Share your thoughts with me! =D 

Saturday, 1 June 2013

Book Review: The Venetian's Wife by Nick Bantock

What I thought would be a novel about a Victorian era turned out to be a quest to completing a collection of magnificent sculptures from Ancient India.

What really interested me about the book was the title as I was looking for something to break away from the usual reading that I did about my usual authors. This turned out to be a fusion of artworks and Indian myth, and the quest of a computer-ghost to complete the lost collection in order to be reunited with his beloved after a forced separation of five hundred years.

This is my first time to read Nick Bantock and I find his approach to Indian art and myth quite interesting, not to mention short. The story centers on Sara Wolfe who is a curator for a museum and how she is employed by a mysterious Mr. Conti to locate the remaining four sculptures of his vast collection. 

Highlights of the Book: Themes, Issues and Characterization

(Warning: May Contain Spoilers)

There are three things about The Venetian’s Wife that I find rather interesting to note. First, the book features collages of art works and captivating sculptures that introduce the beliefs of Indian myth. Here again are the customs of their gods and the concept of reincarnation, as well as the journey of life itself.

Second, one gets to meet interesting characters who have their own story to tell, their reverence and attachments to each of the sculptures. This is where the acquisition of ancient treasures and works of art of private individuals and collectors resurface, instead of returning them to their country or place of origin under the care of the people to carefully preserve them. 

The recurring themes are all about passion, love, religion and life. These are seen in Sara’s growth as she takes the first step in her freedom and the way she is able to take a firmer grasp of love. Likewise, Niccolo Conti does everything in his power to fulfil his wife’s wishes as well as his desire to be reunited with her again after a very, very long time. Both employer and employee have a deep reverence for life and the way the Indian deities have exercised their powers.

Who Could Enjoy This Book?

Seeing that the book is all about growth, Indian myth and art, Nick Bantock’s book may well be interesting for people who want to learn about the Indian deities, sculptures and about art collecting. It is a light read, sprinkled with beautiful collages, photographs and paintings, and it is only 130 pages. It makes for a good weekend read and gives a sense of what an art collector does whether for self-satisfaction or working for an employer, even for a mysterious one.

About The Author

Nick Bantock is the bestselling author of the illustrated trilogy Griffin and Sabine, Sabine’s Notebook and The Golden Mean and also Averse to Beasts all published under Chronicle Books. He has written and illustrated nine other books and he is currently residing on an island off Vancouver, British Columbia with his wife and children. 

What Other People are Saying About This Book

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