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Friday, 24 March 2017


I've always been a coffee drinker.

I take after my father.

Now my parents have decided to put up a cafe in the West Coast of town.

C offered a really nice brand name.

And here I am playing around with images and layouts, color schemes and test printing.

Note: If the logo works well in Black and White, it's a go.

I have yet to try the illustrated version of the coffee cup.

For now I'm enjoying the mixing and matching and I'm loving the idea of the brand name and the story behind it.

Sunday, 9 June 2013

Designing Your Own Reading Corner with Fab Rooms

If you want to know, the current second floor of our house is messy right now because we intend to enlarge the library to house all of our books. It's also another reason to organize. Good thing, there is an online tool that allows bookworms like me, as well as homeowners, on how to design and organize certain areas of their house.

Now I think this is one great idea because with Fab Rooms, not only do you get to make a creative collage and design inspiration that is truly your own but you can also mix and match the elements, furniture, add or remove items and most importantly, view and compare costs of the furniture that you want to see in your own space-and in my case, a reading room. It allows you to explore your own personal style and you can conveniently make you own collage depending on what you want.

This is the inspiration collage featured for Fab Rooms very own reading room. Isn't it comfortable and relaxing?

As for my own reading room, I would like to lean something towards the printed word. Even if it is just a part of my bedroom, I could still use a reading corner to identify it as a place to stretch and read and let the imagination run wild. Perhaps the scheme of vivid oranges, wood textures and some simple details and accessories could do for a comfortable and adventurous retreat. If you are curious as to what I came up with, here it is. You can also see that I added good lighting fixtures that comply with the orange-wooden theme. 

If you like it, I am sure you could do better and design your own spaces at Fab Rooms. You can design your wardrobe, garden, nursery and even your bedroom. If you have wondered what similar furniture and fixtures look like together, now is the time to put your design skills to work. You can now gain a step closer to your own space with color and style. 

How about you? Which room or private space would you want to design? What pieces and accessories would you want to have? Drop me a comment! 

Saturday, 27 October 2012

Halloween Cake Inspirations

My little cousins will be celebrating their birthdays next week, and their mom has sought some Halloween designs for their cake. Here are just some which I am reposting from Pinterest, if we are contacts in Facebook you might have seen these already.

The little kids are going crazy over the creative designs online, here are some of their favourites, and mine as well.

Sneaky little mouse on the cake 

Batman's birthday cake 

Bats and ghouls 

The jellyworms and pretzels sticks make this extra yummy!

Creepy, crawly spiders 

This is Jess's favourite and wanted his birthday cake to be like this. 

This one is pretty doable... 

Black, orange and brown, simple but delicious 


Personal Fave! 
Orange five-eyed monster! 


James likes this one too. 

Do you have any Halloween cake designs you would want to share? Which ones are your picks?