"We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us."

Friday, 21 November 2014

Something Different, Something New

I can't believe this is happening!

All I can say is that I'm busy working on something different, it is completely something new. I've dreamed about this for a long time now and I have mixed emotions seeing it coming together. It took this long!
I guess the photo can help you figure out what it is... XOXO

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Sundays Are Blessings + Time Off

I guess I have a knack for dragging my friends with me to go on road trips during the weekend. I just think that Sundays are blessings and great for time off. I spent Saturday morning coaching Sophomores and Juniors in debate and we had mocks. It was a productive morning but kind of exhausting. So when Sunday rolled in, I went on a two-hour ride to meet a really special person close to me for a really special time together just catching up.

I travelled quite the distance just to be there for this special lady and I am so glad that for once in my life, I went out of my comfort zone to get to Vitali. It was all so worth it.  I miss spending time with her and the trip was one of a kind.

And this is what I wore for our trip. I had a gut feeling that the scarf would be helpful to cover myself from dust and heat and I was right. Also, it helped me keep warm because on our way home we rode an open jeep and it was raining like crazy!

V Neck Tees in Gray by Giordano
Teal Bead and Purple Wooden Pendant Necklace by Christine's Books and Baubles
Teal Pashmina Scarf from Davao
Polka Dot Tote Blogger's Own
Blue Jeans by Penshoppe

Femme Pink Leather Watch by Avon
Pink BFF Beads Bracelet by Runway Shop
Silver Hair Tie Blogger's Own

When I arrived home I immediately had a warm shower and ended the day with a couple of butter cookies and chocolate milk.
How about you? What did you do during the weekend?


Sunday, 16 November 2014

Educator's Dress Code- In Black And White

We have a dress code for educators in university and I am obliged, like most of my friends, to follow it. I'd hate to be called in for not following the dress code, so here I am showing up in black and white because in all honesty, it's the full-proof color scheme to look presentable. I just added in a couple of knick-knacks to accessorize. I've worn my hair simply and let loose, dumping in loads of Cream Silk's newest conditioner that I got from Sample Room to make it soft and keep it straight. (But I'll discuss more of that in another post.)
White Rivet Top by Penshoppe
Black Plain Slacks Blogger's Own
Black Canvas Bag Blogger's Own
Black Heeled Shoes by Rusty Lopez
I've had this necklace for quite some time now, it's handmade  by Lillie Jewelry and I'm having a hard time locating the creator because this came into possession years and years ago. The details are undeniably exquisite and color combination of the pearls are a great match against a plain white top like the one I wore. If anybody can point me to the right direction and I can give the creator due credit, thanks in advance! (Leave a comment below!)

As for my arm candy, I've paired the Gold  and Diamond Accent Watch by Avon with the White Stud Tennis Bracelet from Runway Shop. Does it pair with the pearl necklace? I'll let you decide!
I would also like you to meet my friend Noynoy, he's a Filipino major but on Dress Code Day, (yup Friday is no longer Wash Day for us Educators) he looks like an Art Teacher. It must be the cropped pants, the folded up sleeves or the portfolio bag, I can say that he pretty much nailed the look.

So how do you think did we do on Dress Code Day? If you were to grade us, will it be an (ambitious) A? Or is it a C? Or (please don't let it be) an F? Just teasing!
Comment away!

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

I Hijacked These People And Here's Where We've Been!

 I hijacked some of my friends with me over the weekend so that we could go to the Ecozone grounds and take a look at some of the Boy Scout activities that took place there. Even if we weren't expecting to stay the night, we still managed and had quite the time of our lives. We even witnessed three subcamps of Boy Scouts dancing to the animation of Gummy Bear and they were all so cute! It was too dark to take a video though. Another rare sight was seeing them all gather for a Boodle Fight dinner (again, photos were too dark).
But I'm still grateful that I had company for the evening and we talked and ate a lot. We had to walk from point A to point B and I really had to drag them all over the place since I was showing them around.

We got to explore the Water Park at sunset. Photo Opp!
I think that all of the bed sheets provided for us were in pink, one Hello Kitty fan was really happy... They were learning to make their own beds over here LOL.
I guess you can say that I spent much time in the Tiangge Tiangge... Like waaaay too much time...

This foot-long marshmallow just cost Php 5 and it's super gooey.

I got to witness this man cook fresh, hot piyaya in two flavors (note the bucayo and ube varieties) and learned that they came all the way from Bacolod. You get hot piyaya for only Php 7 each.

I had fun with my companions but I was constantly thinking about those who weren't able to go, specifically the ones who were tied up at work and other activities in school because of all people, they were the ones who deserved some time out. I'm thinking of another getaway maybe next month because I can't wait for another escapade. I guess I can be forgiven for ambushing these people (since they can't deny that they had fun)!
How was your weekend? Leave a comment below! 

Tuesday, 4 November 2014

5 Joys of Living on My Own + Bonus

I can’t believe I’m writing this post when I’m about to start the second semester. My supervisor has tasked me to write a course description that is new and quite innovative, and yet my brain is wandering all over the place.

But I’m enjoying my peace. 

It’s been five months since I first went on an apartment hunt and finally settled for one that is so, so, so close to school. There are ups and downs in maintaining my own place and now I’m out of the nest, I am overwhelmed with sheer pleasure. To be specific, these are my simple joys.

1. I Prepare My Own Food, Learn To Budget and Not Seeing Food Go To Waste 

I’ve been joking around, telling people around me that all I need is a house since I already have a mini rice cooker, a refrigerator and a microwave oven and electric kettle. I get up in the morning and prepare my own food which I have learned to budget and I’m pleased to make sure that nothing goes to waste. I’m happy to have the freedom to even experiment lol. 

Talk about easy, I set the table when I am ready to eat. There is only a mug, a plate and a pair of utensils to wash after each meal.
2. I Go To Bed On My Own Time And Get Up to The Sound of Silence
I believe in going to bed early and having a good start to the day. I don’t like the sound of a noisy alarm clock, not even a phone alarm. Ever since I got used to getting up at 3 in the morning to catch the 6:30 bus, I’ve learned to appreciate the spill of golden glow among the trees and on the streets. It may sound poetic, but that’s the picture of hope that comes in each new day. 

My body is responsible for waking up in the morning and this is better compared to a noisy alarm clock protruding into my “almost there” dreams and screeching in my ears. 

 3. I Enjoy My Own Stock of Everything

I have a Weekend Movie Selection, that’s when I reach for my popcorn and nachos. I also have my art stock, for when I want to create something and have some art therapy. This girl can be so happy with just watercolour and pencils. And finally, my Wi-Fi allows me to complete writing projects. I indulge in long showers and there’s nobody to knock on the door telling me I’ve been in there for twenty minutes already.

4. Concentrating On What I Have To Do On My Own Free Time and Working In Silence

When I am assigned tasks and face deadlines, I concentrate and work in silence. I now manage my own time and work in silence, getting up and eating when I want to, putting on shoes and going for a walk or running when I want to. I do it all the time with a smirk on my face. :p

5. Tackling Domestic Problems On My Own

Sometimes domestic issues are a challenge to how innovative I am. A dim light bulb just meant I had to switch it for a brighter bulb and I learned to replace it all on my own. I had to keep my place clean, and thank goodness for honest neighbours! Also, the real me shows itself when I am so particular about dirty dishes and budgeting my needs. At the end of everything, I am just so grateful for the peace and for being on my own.

6. Bonus: Oggling At Cute Puppies Downstairs

Here’s a plus, you all know how much I adore puppies. My landlord has a bunch of cute Shih Tzu puppies downstairs and I get to see them make a mess with all their furry faces every time I see them. They are just so cuuuuttttteeee! 

I guess it all boils down to being responsible. This may be a small flat, but taking care of it made me know myself more, that I like plain sheets over printed ones better, that I do enjoy silence most of all. It’s knowing that I have me and myself to depend on and that makes me feel content and somehow just grateful. 

It’s during those quiet hours when I feel really creative and productive; no wonder I thrive so well at night as long as I have a good lamp.