"We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us."
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Monday, 12 February 2018

Currently 02.11.18


I think school affairs have every reason to cause me my acne lol. They do appear when I’m stressed. 12 units is no joke, as I’m meeting the minimum for my school load.

I’ve finished my report in Urban Planning class yesterday. That leaves my report for Fiscal Policy and then the exam for Friday class which means I have to read everyone else’s input on the subject. So, add to that, here we go second quarter of the semester whoohooo! 


Well I managed to score a few online finds, in the like of new Tim Holtz washi and also Michaels stamp washi. I’m in love with the pink Gelly Roll pen, it’s Php 56 each and I can’t stop thinking about trying out a new set. I’m just really just fond of it.

I’ve thought of indulging in Bible journaling, maybe that can help me out?

My laptop needs a sleeve and I thought I should give Lazada one more try before I give it up. I’m still eyeing that Sakura Gelly Roll set…. I still can’t get over it lol. 

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Currently. 03.20.2017

Weekends are usually cut in two, for chores at home and then spending time unwinding. This is a glimpse of what I do on weekends based on my ever changing moods….

Movies: Moana and Death Note

Moana fills up my dose of adventure and mythical wonder pre-weekend. It’s fun and I like the catchy music. My favourite soundtracks are the Ancestor’s Song and the Shiny because of the beats to them. Well here’s a weekend story. I went to town to have a haircut and my pedicure in the afternoon, thinking that I can catch the weekend screening at 3PM. Turns out, the Beauty and the Beast 3 PM slot was sold out even if they were already showing in three cinemas and so we had to settle for Death Note instead. As for Death Note, it’s not what I was expecting being a fan of the original anime. However, there were twists nearing the end so I’m still pacified.


  •         Double beef burger patty at Pepper Lunch
  •          Kani Salad
  •          Buko Pie
  •          Lengua Estofado
  •          Fried Lumpia
  •         Spring Rolls

Gardening: Succulents Blooming

This weekend, I was simply staring at my Huernia, urging it to bloom faster. On a Sunny Sunday morning, it did. It’s one of the beautiful and cherished blooms I have.

Music: Joshua Bell

I just can’t stop listening to Joshua Bell on Spotify. From morning, to afternoon and evenings, it’s Joshua Bell’s violin Brahms. But I know after this, I’ll finally go back to Bach again.


Now that summer’s here, I have to stock up on summer skincare routine. My current favourite is Mary Kay’s Botanical Effects Evolution. This skincare routine is easy, simple and the whole set smells like citrusy grapefruit. I adore it. I’ve made a wise decision to stock up on SPF earlier this year and it’s such a smart investment for the summer. Now I’m looking at a hydrating mist for all those summer activities to moisturize the skin and an after sun.

Grateful For:

  •  Savings in the bank
  •  Potted garden that gives me simple joys every week
  • Pocket fragrance
  • Gold travel accessories

Random Thoughts and Ideas in My Messy Head

  •          Summer travel
  •          New things to learn
  •          Comfy summer outfits
  •          Saving more money
  •          Capsule wardrobe
  •          Clean room
  •          Organize makeup
  •          Black pumps for office
  •          Galaxy washi
  •          Branding for coffee shop 

Sunday, 12 March 2017

Summer Travel Thoughts

I can feel the Monday blues, because, I did most of the chores yesterday. From laundry, to ironing, to cooking dinner, I also panicked when it started to rain and had to rescue my cacti and succulents when I left them sunbathing outdoors. Good thing rain water is good for them, free of chemicals from treated water. 

I tried to take a nap yesterday but it did me no good. (Please stop watching television loudly on Sunday afternoons, it's doing my head in!)

And so today, I'm still craving for a quiet day by myself just doing nothing. 

I'm also craving for healthier, green food. 

And so please allow my mind to wander... 

I just can't wait for my summer travel to be here already. I've booked an advance escapade for May and now I really can't wait for my vacation. I'm just grateful though that there's Holy Week to look forward to next month. It's quiet time for me. 

Summer means road trips, springs, beaches, I just can't wait to unplug.

Pretty soon, I'll be revealing where I'm headed as I think this has signaled the awakening of my online presence once more.

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

To Please You

I force a smile
When you insist that I’m fat.
And follow your orders
And do as I’m told
Because I was raised to believe
That you are right
And I am wrong.

I think to myself,
I was bulimic and suffered before,
To be fat is also a sin.

And so I carry out and do what I “must”,
Without having to tell you what I really feel.
If I agree or not, If I am happy or not.

But because it is you who decides,
I force a smile.

When you tell me I am ugly,
I force a smile.
When you tell me I am dumb,
I force a smile.

When you say that this is what I should do
And dissect every single thing that is wrong about me,
I force a smile.

When you don’t ask me about my plans,
I force a smile.

When I leave you behind,
I force a bigger smile.

Tuesday, 4 November 2014

5 Joys of Living on My Own + Bonus

I can’t believe I’m writing this post when I’m about to start the second semester. My supervisor has tasked me to write a course description that is new and quite innovative, and yet my brain is wandering all over the place.

But I’m enjoying my peace. 

It’s been five months since I first went on an apartment hunt and finally settled for one that is so, so, so close to school. There are ups and downs in maintaining my own place and now I’m out of the nest, I am overwhelmed with sheer pleasure. To be specific, these are my simple joys.

1. I Prepare My Own Food, Learn To Budget and Not Seeing Food Go To Waste 

I’ve been joking around, telling people around me that all I need is a house since I already have a mini rice cooker, a refrigerator and a microwave oven and electric kettle. I get up in the morning and prepare my own food which I have learned to budget and I’m pleased to make sure that nothing goes to waste. I’m happy to have the freedom to even experiment lol. 

Talk about easy, I set the table when I am ready to eat. There is only a mug, a plate and a pair of utensils to wash after each meal.
2. I Go To Bed On My Own Time And Get Up to The Sound of Silence
I believe in going to bed early and having a good start to the day. I don’t like the sound of a noisy alarm clock, not even a phone alarm. Ever since I got used to getting up at 3 in the morning to catch the 6:30 bus, I’ve learned to appreciate the spill of golden glow among the trees and on the streets. It may sound poetic, but that’s the picture of hope that comes in each new day. 

My body is responsible for waking up in the morning and this is better compared to a noisy alarm clock protruding into my “almost there” dreams and screeching in my ears. 

 3. I Enjoy My Own Stock of Everything

I have a Weekend Movie Selection, that’s when I reach for my popcorn and nachos. I also have my art stock, for when I want to create something and have some art therapy. This girl can be so happy with just watercolour and pencils. And finally, my Wi-Fi allows me to complete writing projects. I indulge in long showers and there’s nobody to knock on the door telling me I’ve been in there for twenty minutes already.

4. Concentrating On What I Have To Do On My Own Free Time and Working In Silence

When I am assigned tasks and face deadlines, I concentrate and work in silence. I now manage my own time and work in silence, getting up and eating when I want to, putting on shoes and going for a walk or running when I want to. I do it all the time with a smirk on my face. :p

5. Tackling Domestic Problems On My Own

Sometimes domestic issues are a challenge to how innovative I am. A dim light bulb just meant I had to switch it for a brighter bulb and I learned to replace it all on my own. I had to keep my place clean, and thank goodness for honest neighbours! Also, the real me shows itself when I am so particular about dirty dishes and budgeting my needs. At the end of everything, I am just so grateful for the peace and for being on my own.

6. Bonus: Oggling At Cute Puppies Downstairs

Here’s a plus, you all know how much I adore puppies. My landlord has a bunch of cute Shih Tzu puppies downstairs and I get to see them make a mess with all their furry faces every time I see them. They are just so cuuuuttttteeee! 

I guess it all boils down to being responsible. This may be a small flat, but taking care of it made me know myself more, that I like plain sheets over printed ones better, that I do enjoy silence most of all. It’s knowing that I have me and myself to depend on and that makes me feel content and somehow just grateful. 

It’s during those quiet hours when I feel really creative and productive; no wonder I thrive so well at night as long as I have a good lamp.

Thursday, 18 September 2014

Sometimes I Feel Jaded + Mini-Moments

I've never really felt the need to vent out, though what I'm doing now isn't really ranting. But we all have bad days or good days. 

I've already psyched myself up though for the fact that I have only a couple of weeks left. Soon enough, all this will be over. But sometimes I can't cope with the demands of what it is that I do right now. Sometimes it just gets too much. But every day is a new day and surely, it will all end.

So what have I been doing?

I've just learned to cope by playing with watercolor and pampering myself from free stuff that I try.  Also, I've indulged in sweets and got lots of rest during weekends, even taking a walk on Sundays when the street has lesser vehicles. 

I still wish to bike on weekends where the air is fresh. I'll wait until next month.

Have a good weekend friends!

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Review: Garnier Lightening Peel Off Mask (Light)

I've been ultra busy these days, please forgive me...

My plate is full of writing, formatting, proofreading, editing-but that's for my regular job. My blogging activities do mirror my duties at work-but a gal has to prioritize. My past post here was all about thoughts, you can see the way I write and voice out my rants and raves- so unlike blogging... But....

I have decided to try my hand (or head) at another review.  The Garnier Lightening Peel Off Mask was innocently just sitting in a layer of my drawer organizer, and I decided to give it a spin. This is one of the surprise goodies the sweet Jannie shared with me. You see, I ran out of facial scrubs and badly needed to exfoliate, my skin was showing the signs of dreary, hyperpigmentation again, and so- I decided that Garnier and I should have a pretty good time. Initially, my brother announced interest on it but I said, what the heck, there's enough for the both of us.


Squeeze a little of the yellow and lemon-scented susbtance on the clean face and let it dry for a few minutes until it feels stiff. You can see that my forehead is flooded with the signs of stress, and it is shiny with a thin layer of the mask.

After a few minutes of waiting, the mask can already be peeled off, just like a second skin to reveal.... 

There are two ways to go about it, either you trust your fingers so much to do the peeling, or you enlist the help of a cleansing or cleaning facial sponge and do it slowly with lukewarm water to peel it all off. I just enjoyed ridiculing myself in front of the mirror with my own hands. Besides, it smelled fun! (Alright, that was weird of me to say.)

Is this face selfie-worthy already? You should know by now that I am not used to the term selfie, nor am I really a fan of taking selfies. But to each his own!


  • Fresh, citrusy scent 
  • Gentle on the skin
  • Quick drying
  • Easy to peel
  • Deep cleansing and exfoliating 
  • Good for two uses
  • Reduces oil and sebum
  • Non-irritating


  • No immediate lightening effects observed 
  • Needs at least two uses to achieve intended brightening effect 

 Do you enjoy authentic Japanese beauty products? There's only a few days left to join my Wawaza Giveaway! 

Do stay tuned because I have prepared a huge October giveaway for you guys! Mwah! Clues: Did you know that apart from Cancer Awareness Month, October is the month of Fiesta Pilar Celebrations among Zamboanguenos? That's just something for you to look forward to here at Raisie Speaks...

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

My Eyes Are Getting Smaller- Arguing Over Saving Private Ryan (1998)

Photo from wildlandfireleadership.blogspot.com
One reason why I don't want to share rooms with anyone is because I value sleep. I love my sleep. I need sleep. Especially if I want to wake up motivated and rested for the next working day.

Last night my Sis was already in bed when she woke me up with a question, as if it were a matter of life and death, only to find out if Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson was in Saving Private Ryan (1998) together with Tom Hanks. I said no, it was Vin Diesel. (I know for sure because I am a huge fan of Vin Diesel, I have a crush on him ever since he became triple X.)

She insisted no, it was The Rock. I said no, it was Vin Diesel. I should know because I follow Vin Diesel and most of his movies, yeah, you too Jason Statham and Ethan Hawke, I am watching you!

So it took her about half an hour to realize and admit it, yeah it was Vin Diesel. You should know my Sis, she wants to win possibly every argument.

Now that she succeeded in waking me up, I went to tossing and turning my way back to sleep. This was a really unfortunate time to stay awake because of the red alert status in our area too. I could really use as much sleep as I could get in order to stay awake at work.

Now that I am at work, I feel my head becoming heavier and heavier and my eyes are becoming smaller and smaller. I already have small Chinese eyes and now the most that they resemble are tiny, little slits. I am now depending on caffeine to keep me awake until lunch.