"We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us."
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Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Currently. 03.20.2017

Weekends are usually cut in two, for chores at home and then spending time unwinding. This is a glimpse of what I do on weekends based on my ever changing moods….

Movies: Moana and Death Note

Moana fills up my dose of adventure and mythical wonder pre-weekend. It’s fun and I like the catchy music. My favourite soundtracks are the Ancestor’s Song and the Shiny because of the beats to them. Well here’s a weekend story. I went to town to have a haircut and my pedicure in the afternoon, thinking that I can catch the weekend screening at 3PM. Turns out, the Beauty and the Beast 3 PM slot was sold out even if they were already showing in three cinemas and so we had to settle for Death Note instead. As for Death Note, it’s not what I was expecting being a fan of the original anime. However, there were twists nearing the end so I’m still pacified.


  •         Double beef burger patty at Pepper Lunch
  •          Kani Salad
  •          Buko Pie
  •          Lengua Estofado
  •          Fried Lumpia
  •         Spring Rolls

Gardening: Succulents Blooming

This weekend, I was simply staring at my Huernia, urging it to bloom faster. On a Sunny Sunday morning, it did. It’s one of the beautiful and cherished blooms I have.

Music: Joshua Bell

I just can’t stop listening to Joshua Bell on Spotify. From morning, to afternoon and evenings, it’s Joshua Bell’s violin Brahms. But I know after this, I’ll finally go back to Bach again.


Now that summer’s here, I have to stock up on summer skincare routine. My current favourite is Mary Kay’s Botanical Effects Evolution. This skincare routine is easy, simple and the whole set smells like citrusy grapefruit. I adore it. I’ve made a wise decision to stock up on SPF earlier this year and it’s such a smart investment for the summer. Now I’m looking at a hydrating mist for all those summer activities to moisturize the skin and an after sun.

Grateful For:

  •  Savings in the bank
  •  Potted garden that gives me simple joys every week
  • Pocket fragrance
  • Gold travel accessories

Random Thoughts and Ideas in My Messy Head

  •          Summer travel
  •          New things to learn
  •          Comfy summer outfits
  •          Saving more money
  •          Capsule wardrobe
  •          Clean room
  •          Organize makeup
  •          Black pumps for office
  •          Galaxy washi
  •          Branding for coffee shop 

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Sundays Are Blessings + Time Off

I guess I have a knack for dragging my friends with me to go on road trips during the weekend. I just think that Sundays are blessings and great for time off. I spent Saturday morning coaching Sophomores and Juniors in debate and we had mocks. It was a productive morning but kind of exhausting. So when Sunday rolled in, I went on a two-hour ride to meet a really special person close to me for a really special time together just catching up.

I travelled quite the distance just to be there for this special lady and I am so glad that for once in my life, I went out of my comfort zone to get to Vitali. It was all so worth it.  I miss spending time with her and the trip was one of a kind.

And this is what I wore for our trip. I had a gut feeling that the scarf would be helpful to cover myself from dust and heat and I was right. Also, it helped me keep warm because on our way home we rode an open jeep and it was raining like crazy!

V Neck Tees in Gray by Giordano
Teal Bead and Purple Wooden Pendant Necklace by Christine's Books and Baubles
Teal Pashmina Scarf from Davao
Polka Dot Tote Blogger's Own
Blue Jeans by Penshoppe

Femme Pink Leather Watch by Avon
Pink BFF Beads Bracelet by Runway Shop
Silver Hair Tie Blogger's Own

When I arrived home I immediately had a warm shower and ended the day with a couple of butter cookies and chocolate milk.
How about you? What did you do during the weekend?


Tuesday, 11 November 2014

I Hijacked These People And Here's Where We've Been!

 I hijacked some of my friends with me over the weekend so that we could go to the Ecozone grounds and take a look at some of the Boy Scout activities that took place there. Even if we weren't expecting to stay the night, we still managed and had quite the time of our lives. We even witnessed three subcamps of Boy Scouts dancing to the animation of Gummy Bear and they were all so cute! It was too dark to take a video though. Another rare sight was seeing them all gather for a Boodle Fight dinner (again, photos were too dark).
But I'm still grateful that I had company for the evening and we talked and ate a lot. We had to walk from point A to point B and I really had to drag them all over the place since I was showing them around.

We got to explore the Water Park at sunset. Photo Opp!
I think that all of the bed sheets provided for us were in pink, one Hello Kitty fan was really happy... They were learning to make their own beds over here LOL.
I guess you can say that I spent much time in the Tiangge Tiangge... Like waaaay too much time...

This foot-long marshmallow just cost Php 5 and it's super gooey.

I got to witness this man cook fresh, hot piyaya in two flavors (note the bucayo and ube varieties) and learned that they came all the way from Bacolod. You get hot piyaya for only Php 7 each.

I had fun with my companions but I was constantly thinking about those who weren't able to go, specifically the ones who were tied up at work and other activities in school because of all people, they were the ones who deserved some time out. I'm thinking of another getaway maybe next month because I can't wait for another escapade. I guess I can be forgiven for ambushing these people (since they can't deny that they had fun)!
How was your weekend? Leave a comment below! 

Sunday, 19 October 2014

Viva Nuestra Senyora La Virgen Del Pilar + Tang's Sweet Orange Makes Waves At The Zamboanga Regatta

Early on a bleak Saturday morning, we went to witness the Regatta event in RT Lim Boulevard. The colorful vintas were a welcome contrast against the gray horizon. Everybody has been waiting for the Regatta, last year's having been cancelled because of the siege.

I was invited by Ms. Grace Bermejo to join the Tang Philippines Team as they sponsored various events in the city. Tang has also activated the newest flavor to the market, Tang Sweet Orange. Sweet Orange is specially formulated for Mindanao, having studied the preferences of Mindanaoans when it comes to refreshing beverages. #TimplangAto

I have to say that the activation was a successful one, spectators were able to sample the new flavor as they cheered on the vintas racing on that eventful morning.

Over a hundred vinta sailors showed up to compete. The Regatta has been an attraction for as long as the Zamboanguenos can remember. Lawrence Lorico, Assistant Brand Manager from Tang Philippines explained that the Regatta reflects the brand, that it is an inviting and colorful event.


Even the Coast Guard has its own colorful vinta. 

Gerald Anderson is the endorser of Tang Sweet Orange #TimplangAto

Tang also gave away prizes for the Regatta winners.

What's impressive is that Tang also brought in three bigger trucks containing the refreshing Sweet Orange drinks for on the spot refill. 


People from all walks of life went to witness the Regatta. It was a colorful morning, and as the day progressed, the sun came out to brighten the day. Just like Mi Ciudad, she has risen from a dark nightmare and is slowly facing the beauty and color of the present.

Sunday, 9 February 2014

Adah Belle’s Weekend Surprise + Giveaway


Looking at all the pretty clothes in Adah Belle’s inventory can have quite an effect on a shopper. The colors and styles are just too feminine and dainty, owning a piece is sometimes considered an investment for the closet. I’ve been shopping at Adah Belle for over a year now, and I’ve been carefully building up my corporate closet with blazers and dresses. Clearly, the choices available are for the Parisian belle, the lady who knows how to dress up in both statement prints and delicate minimalist fabrics.

So what could you get by shopping at Adah Belle? Looking at the labels that spell out Burberry, Marc Jacobs and Guess among others, you’re sure to get high quality, handpicked clothing for great prices. I personally don’t get tired of my corporate blazer and my short dresses are just the right choices for those last-minute meet-ups with friends and on special occasions.

 But instead of me raving on about this Facebook shop and the thoughtful ladies Pat and Steph behind Adah Belle, you are now given the chance to own these beautiful items. The sweet ladies have decided to send over these gifts to Raisie Speaks’ readers and all you have to do is complete the information being asked in the giveaway tool. Believe me, they surely are worth it!

 So do you think you are the one to take these babies home? Good luck!Open internationally.

Sunday, 26 January 2014

Sundays Are All About Winding Down- Love, Arista

Hi! How are you doing? I hope you’re having a cool weekend! I’m Arista, a year-old chocolate Labrador who lives in a mountain-side property. Over here, there’s lots of fresh air and also grass to roll around in. If other dogs avoid water, I am the first one to launch into it and just play around. I also know how to fetch! My mommy buys me toys that don’t last for more than five minutes, but she tries. She does. 

Mommy right now is busy baking in the kitchen, and I think if I make a good show of my darling eyes, I can make her give me some of that butter cake. Since she left her laptop open, I thought I might do her a favour of narrating to you what Mommy and I did this weekend. Good thing there are photos here to support my claim on how behaved I really am, you know... 

Well Mommy just started reading this paperback version of Salmon Fishing in the Yemen by Paul Torday. She brought it home from a business trip last month and realized that it has been months since the last book review, so there you are. She’s also bought more stationery for writing, and Mommy has a weak spot for chocolate milk but she added ice to Swiss Miss with marshmallow instead of drinking it hot. 

There’s another haul from Sample Room that arrived this week. The package includes Probiotics fiber, Celeteque Back Acne Spray, and Calchews in Chocolate and Caramel. Mommy says that the Chocolate tastes like Tootsie Roll! 

Do you see that Reese’s sticks up there? Mommy is crazy for those. She also has two new Kit Kat flavours whose labels she can’t even read. At least I’m smart enough to say that the green one is green tea. There’s Radiant Orchid in the Human Nature eye shadow palette (which I believe is the last one ever out there) and Tropical Rose seems to be a good, healthy color on the skin. #sampleroom

Another thing that excited the both of us is the arrival of Onecklace monogram necklace in silver. Isn’t it lovely? What makes Mommy happy also makes Arista happy! Watch out for a separate post on this. #silver #jewelry #onecklace

And finally, this haul is simply for the babies. Mommy found the green silicon bone at a local supermarket. It’s supposed to clean my teeth and keep me from stealing people’s slippers here in the house. Mommy also had to make sure there’s enough stock of dog soap here at home. I also have a new pink collar. Don’t I look pretty in it? The blue one is Axle's.

See, I told you I am so behaved. Mommy allowed me to stay with her to keep her company. We went for a walk shortly after I was all fresh and clean and smelling good. Mommy has to get more shampoo for me!


I also went to say hi to my friends the goats at the back of the house. I promised I didn't bark or harass them. I'm a sweet baby like that.

So I guess that's it. I'm sure there will be more to follow but I do know that it's going to be a busy week for the both of us and Mommy wants to get me a bed of my own so I won't have to really stretch on the hard and cold floor. I'm trying my best to be clean all the time. 

I hope you enjoy your time with family! It's time for me to be a good girl because I smell the cake in the oven calling my name!