"We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us."



verb  scrib·ble \ˈskri-bəl\

Simple Definition of scribble

  • : to write (something) quickly and in a way that makes it difficult to read
  • : to draw lines, shapes, etc., that have no particular meaning in a quick and careless way

About Raisie...

I write for a living. So this comes to as no surprise that I'm motivated by beautiful stationery and related paper products. In the corporate world, I still enjoy decorating my planner pages in cutesy themes. I also document my days enjoy printing photos, my way of preserving memories of precious moments, especially my travels with the people I love. And I also fall in love with succulents lol.

I collect books and devour all of my favorite authors as if there is no tomorrow. I cry when I lose a cherished copy. Admittedly a kid at heart, I fly kites in the summer and play with two bubble machines during Christmas. I am a grandmother to seven adorable and intelligent Labrador puppies. I consume more cups of coffee than what is considered enough for a day.

Writing Experience

Since grade school, I have been distributing handwritten letters to my classmates on their birthdays. I have been writing features since college as part of my contribution to the official university publication, The Beacon Newsmagazine of the Ateneo de Zamboanga University, and The Chalkboard, the School of Education's newsletter. I was also the literary folio's Editor, Marejada, during my junior year. I've practiced the skill of spotting errors on my peer's outputs and haven't shaken the habit after being out of school for some years now, I admit.

My training started in high school when I used to participate in the National Schools Press Conferences (where I got to travel, meet new people, and had the excuse of missing classes on account of being a school representative).

After school, I have worked as a scriptwriter for television and associate editor for a local news publication under a tri-media firm. I've also gained experience as a technical writer for an economic zone authority. 

And my dream job? Even if it doesn't exist yet, I'd like to be a travel writer or technical writer for a think tank or government corporation someday.
Scribbles by Raisie is a hub for reviews on writing instruments, gift ideas (especially for that stationery addict in your life-could it be you perhaps?), and writing tips from my experiences as a writer.

Besides, all this stationery talk makes me remember those days when I would sigh and swoon at all the cute stationery I saw and even exchange and bargain with them from my schoolmates. Did you ever do that too?

Go ahead, click and explore.

I'd truly appreciate it. Good day!

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