"We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us."

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Evening in Sta. Maria

I just headed to the Sta. Maria school grounds to have some bonding time with people from work. While others were having cold beer, I sat down devouring barbecue, isaw and Coke. I picked up a souvenir to remember the night and I had to rush home early before the rain really poured... 

In the meantime, here are some photos I was able to gather. I also had to leave early because it is a weekday... 

I tried to make a dreamy effect with this shot. Seems like I failed. 

I had loads of barbecue (no rice, I swear!)

Leleng was serving barbecue for everybody. Am I supposed to count how many sticks I finished? Because I honestly forgot...

Now you see me... 

Now you don't...

My emptied bottle of Coke. I couldn't hit on the beer. 

So what do you say to that? 

Strawberry Crepe loaded in jam and choco syrup. And just that. I was disappointed in this. Really disappointed. 

 Keychain galore! 

Bracelets ripe for the picking for only Php 20! 

Manong adds the designs to the bracelets I have picked.

Wire art produced bracelets, earrings, necklaces and rings!

 Up close...

Monday, 21 January 2013

Floral Wedges in the Mail!

Raisie just received floral wedges in the mail and it turned out just as expected! So here I am on a Tuesday grinning wide. I will be doing more looks with these floral prints soon. They will do well with the top I got earlier. 

I got this pair at a very affordable price from Pinky Winky Shoes and Vanity on Facebook and this would do well with my floral rose top. In the meantime, I will be brainstorming for future outfit posts too. 

Just sharing a photo of my floral wedges here! May you be inspired as well! 

Saturday, 19 January 2013

Look at Who Went to The Beach This Sunday!

Yes! It is the puppies' time out for beach on a Sunday morning! 

What did Axle and Arista do? Take a bath and practice their Frisbee catching skills with their Kuya! 

 This place is right in front of our family friends' house in Sinubong. This used to be a rest house facing the sea. 

Choloy, Nikki and Jasper joined us with the puppies. 

Time on the grass after going for a dip in the water. Did you know it was exhausting to be your own doggies' yaya? 

Arista obediently returns her yellow Frisbee to her Kuya. Axle seems to have found something else. 

It was a great Sunday morning for time in the beach. Skies were blue. Coconut trees were swaying.

Time to dry off babies!

Kuya no more play Frisbee?

We found a nicely shaped shell and brought it home for our souvenir. We wrote the date and our names on it. 

 How was your Sunday? 

Friday, 18 January 2013

TGIF: Catching Up

I guess that these are some fun stuff a CoEd would be missing when the back is finally turned against the halls of uni. Although I was running late to meet Mich and JC, we still had fun going around and then finally wind down for coffee after checking out a shop in front of uni. I scored a really cool top in mint green and I was just telling Mich how excited I am to post another look in my compilation for it.

This is what the Friday dawn sky looked like from the window of our dining room. 

I tried yet another DIY nails with red and gold glitter inspired by the colours of Chinese New Year. Hopefully by then I could be ready. What do you think?

Caught up with Mich... 

And JC... 

This is JC's Sola Raspberry Iced Tea which I tried and turned out to be yummy... 

And my mochaccino... Funny how we can exchange baked goods in a bakeshop and just order coffee...

And Mich liked the doily-like wallpaper here. 

This is just the right way to end a busy week, chatting with friends and scoring cool new accessories and new additions for new look posts. 

Have a great weekend everyone!

Thursday, 17 January 2013

Week in Photos

Too much has been going on for me, and it is quite difficult especially if I am the one being paranoid, going after deadlines. But at least I am looking forward to some down time with Bessie. I will also be posting new looks next week just to satisfy my love for prints. And when my Bessie sees my Lookbook account again, she will comment again on my addiction to florals and prints, hehehe.

Look who visited in our neighbour’s field in Pamucutan! This is a young carabao grazing on the front field. That’s how life is in our area. Some time ago, there was a carabao stampede right in the rough road leading to our house, good thing they did not crash against our gate.

My brother made me some fruit salad shake so that the leftover fruit salad from New Year’s Eve would not go to waste. He preserved it very well in the freezer and this just happened to be such a great treat from writing on a hot afternoon.

I think this is inspired by what he saw on TV by Chef Boy Logro in GMA. 

I did some not so impressive nail art! That’s just me trying to see what baby pink and silver glitters look like and I tried to make my very own version of French manicure. Hmm, if this one did not work, perhaps I should try caviar nails next time? I think V-Day which is less than a month away could be a fitting event for caviar nails. I saw a shop online which sells affordable sets. 

That’s all in the meantime. I am seriously thinking of big plans for this corner. But the big reveal will have to wait. Ciao! 

Friday, 11 January 2013

Neutral with Blue

I was supposed to share my thoughts about the shoes I wore in this outfit post but he talked me out of it. So maybe tomorrow then, eh? I really can't avoid wearing cardis to work because I have the sniffles this week and it is just giving me a bad case, plus headache if it is too hot outside. So my best friends as of the moment are Nasathera, Gatorade and lots of vitamin C. 

In the meantime, I have been going home earlier than usual this week just to have enough rest. I have got a couple of major projects coming up which are due next week and I still have found the time to blog! Lol. 

Accessories: Blogger's Own
Portia Top: Adah Belle
Cardigan: Regatta
Beige Leather Bag: Gifted
Stacey Beige: Pinkytoes

Photo Credits to Damon Steine