"We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us."

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Weekend Report


Yesterday I was so honoured to introduce to those who were present Atty. Laisa Masuhud-Alamia, our very own Pinay and Proud Ambassador. I admire her so much and it was through her works that I got to know her, prior to actually meeting her in person. So there I was, meeting her for the first time and mingling around in the new Human Nature branch. I have to say I’m glad that HN Zamboanga found a new home which is more accessible to people and the jeepney commuting public, me included.

I picked up some new arrivals in the HN shelves and bought some new products too. I can say I am also mighty excited for new items like the brewed coffee, cheese and Theo and Philo Chocolates which will be making a comeback this season. Oh yes, the haul: HN feminine wash in chamomile, men’s facial wash for the brother, some mandarin shampoo and anti-bacterial soap which I can bring anywhere.

Of course, the rain knew at which moment to heavily pour, so I was stranded and worried in the HN shop and had to wait it out because I was afraid of the laptop getting wet. Luckily I decided to buy my slippers. My old ones burst after a couple years of everyday use, and it was really my favourite because it had the studs on it against the black rubber. I ended up with a teal pair of Havaianas plain. I’m steering away from the jewelled, stud-ly ones now. I really am happy with the quality because it is made of thick rubber and it could last long too. I fit it before heading to pay for them, but somehow I think I could have gotten a smaller size instead. I am a size 35, but the pair said 35-36. When I got home and changed, they looked a little big on my dwarfish feet.

I have been thinking ever since to give it away, I couldn’t possibly return it because I already cut out the tags, and teal is such a favourite colour of mine. But I guess it could do.

So I ended up crashing here and stayed to catch up with Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy as they met again in Paris in 2004, and all the events that followed in Before Sunset.

I still have a cone of Cornetto Vanilla Ice Cream in the refrigerator, safely hidden away from the little girl’s eyes and reach, because it will ruin her diet. I still have to find the right mood to drown in for the vanilla.


And nothing has changed. I had a chat with Ardrin regarding our plans for November. The guy is excited to come home and I am also looking forward to a book he should be bringing. I have to check though if they have a copy for me. Hahaha, my excitement when it comes to books.

Had my nails done in rose, and I am quite content with how it turned out. Here I am, finished with my weekend tasks, happy that at least I am right on track with my savings, I have not gone out to do some compulsive shopping, the weather these couple of days have prevented me to do so. And now, I am stuck here in the dark with no lights.

I have been wanting to get a new top and at least have some alternative jeans but here I am, afraid to spend again because I keep telling myself that I am saving for something more worthwhile. I haven’t even gone near any thrift shops. Yes, I have been looking at online shops, but that is just it. It even makes me scared to spend using the debit card. And so far, I haven’t used it or made any expensive purchases.

Saving is the name of the game, and I think it should stay that way.

Bank is happy.

Conscience is happy.