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Sunday, 10 February 2013

Raisie Speaks X Firmoo $30 Voucher Giveaway

Are you a blogger or follower? Do you like reading books and other printed materials but have difficulty with smaller font sizes? Do you like surfing the web, downloading resources and spending all your free time on the internet? Are all these activities making you squint in between and giving you headaches? Perhaps you are in need of a pair of free glasses!

If you already have a prescription from your opthalomologist but still do not have a pair of glasses that are suitable for you, allow Raisie Speaks to give you a chance to win vouchers for you to have designer glasses from your online optical store, Firmoo.

This is not the first time Firmoo has reached me for a collaboration. Firmoo is a global optical online store that offers practical and stylish eyeglasses for everyone. They even have computer glasses and sunglasses of many different designs. Do you need specialty eye wear? That is not a problem! You can get inexpensive specs with high quality so that anyone can have access to good eye wear and see the world better.

Retro Style Glasses from Firmoo

Joining is easy! Simply complete the mechanics as shown in the Rafflecopter app and you can wait for the announcement on February 22, 2013 for the lucky winners. There will be six winners of vouchers valued at $30 each which can be used to purchase designer eyeglasses. The giveaway is open internationally and once notified, you will have to provide a serviceable delivery address.

One very important detail you have to remember though is to follow all mandatory actions in the Rafflecopter app. Keep your fingers crossed and good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Monday, 4 February 2013

Weekends Are Love Photos

Here is a quick run down of my activities last weekend, (and I am blogging about this when it is already Tuesday!)

I had a quick lunch with my Mommy and my Sis at Don Vicente Restaurante Latino in Tetuan.  It is my second time to have lunch here and I am glad to inform you all that they are preparing for a very special and intimate Valentine affair with beloved customers. In the meantime, I am happy that my Mom is able to experience lunch in one of my favorite restos in the city and the food, to add, is excellent as always.

I just adore how the tinted glass window made a contrast in this indoor shot. 

Don Vicente now features an authentic silver set in one of its decors. I wonder how old it is. 

Mommy takes a look at the menu. Our driver for the day was Nong Berto

This is my Sis looking so small against the painting. 

I had Putanesca for lunch. 

This is Mommy's carbonara. She left no morsel unharmed. 

Nong Berto and Sis had the same order and from the looks of it, it definitely tastes yummy!

This frozen Manga Crema hits the spot after a full meal. 

As for Sunday, I baked butter cake because Lola Portia was visiting the house and by the end of Sunday afternoon, there was no more cake left. Maybe next time I could ask my brother to take more photos of me baking. 

Would you care to comment on what you did last weekend? Leave a comment below and I shall return the love! 

Sunday, 3 February 2013

Emerald Nails for the Weekend from Bobbie

I have to admit that I am becoming obsessed with the color of green lately. You can see this by the haul I did earlier last month and the review I did last post for the eye shadow I received from Sample Room. Here is a mint green top I wore with Gording and it is now also my profile photo in Facebook haha. 

He isn't my dog but I still got to have a photo opp with him last week. 

So while the weekend allows for some rest and relaxation, I went ahead and experimented with green nails which could last at least a week since I am not expecting any formal events to pop up soon. 

I still need some practice in applying nail color. I am surprised though that I already switched to many different colors in just one month. In the meantime, here are the polishes I used for this week's Emerald Nails. 

Emerald Nails with Bobbie

Bobbie Basic Top Coat
Bobbie Emerald Glaze
Bobbie Basic Sheer 
Bobbie Premium in Flare 

Just in case you haven't, you can like Nails by Chic Center in Facebook and take a look at all the beautiful and rich colors they have in store.  

Would you care to share what nail color you have on right now? Leave some comments and Raisie will get back to you! 

Saturday, 2 February 2013

Venus and Mars Mineral Eye Shadow in Halo

As early as now, I am thanking you for your patience with this review. It is my first time to try a different shade of eye shadow and to do a beauty review for eye shadow. Sample Room sent me the Venus and Mars Mineral Eye Shadow in Halo.

 I tried it on and I can say that I am quite happy with how it turned out. It is a rich shade in aquamarine with little glitters in a small pot. Even for a sample, it contains a generous amount of sheer color in a small pot. This eye shadow is paraben-free, which makes it safe for everyday use.

One thing I like about this eye shadow color is its wearability. It is cool and pleasant to look at, and it could be the go-to color throughout the spring and summer. Not to mention, if you are really into mint green and have a love for mint green and aquamarine accessories, you will be reaching for this color any time. Women of any age can wear this, and this is also great for both indoor and outdoor affairs.

It is also long-lasting. I put this on in the morning and it is still there even as my working day was coming to a close even without primer. 

It did not give me any eye problems, considering that most of my lower lid was covered with it. It is so light and sheer that I forgot I had it on.

There is only one small problem with this eye shadow. The packaging seems to be overlooked. I like the color, and the eye shadow is in loose powder form, I hate to see the beautiful color go to waste because the jar has no stopper or regulator whatsoever. Other than that, it is a product that is safe to use and it stays on very well. 

Venus and Mars Mineral Eye Shadow in Halo from