"We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us."

Monday, 27 October 2014

All Souls Essentials-Fresh and Protected

All Souls is coming this weekend and I've got to advise all of you to stay protected. If you will be going out to visit dead relatives, you might want to make sure that you are fresh but most importantly, that you have ample protection from the sun.

To give you an idea of what I think are essential, I've put together a collage from my Polyvore and you can see that I chose summer sandals, a fedora hat (because I can't get enough of them), sunglasses and sunblock.

Even your lips need to be protected from the sun so if needed, apply a lip balm and make sure you have SPF just in case the need to reapply arises. Tow in a huge umbrella if you must!

All Souls Essentials

Long sleeve t shirt
1,025 PHP - delias.com

Dorothy Perkins shorts
1,565 PHP - dorothyperkins.com

Accessorize summer sandals
905 PHP - accessorize.com

Bead bracelet
1,120 PHP - tribalnative.com

Black hat
2,235 PHP - seedheritage.com

Linda Farrow cat-eye glasses
29,110 PHP - net-a-porter.com

AERIN lips makeup
1,345 PHP - saksfifthavenue.com

COOLA Suncare rose perfume
1,610 PHP - 6pm.com

Michael Kors nail polish
805 PHP - macys.com


It's been a tough day.

I've been on my own.

My eyes are now tired
There must have been seven thousand thoughts or more
     running in this head
         since this morning.

But people have personal matters to attend to,
There are definitely other more important matters
No one will bother to ask.

I've been smiling and keeping my head up high
I can still do it for a few hours more,
A few days more
A few years more.

It's been a tough day. 


Sunday, 19 October 2014

Viva Nuestra Senyora La Virgen Del Pilar + Tang's Sweet Orange Makes Waves At The Zamboanga Regatta

Early on a bleak Saturday morning, we went to witness the Regatta event in RT Lim Boulevard. The colorful vintas were a welcome contrast against the gray horizon. Everybody has been waiting for the Regatta, last year's having been cancelled because of the siege.

I was invited by Ms. Grace Bermejo to join the Tang Philippines Team as they sponsored various events in the city. Tang has also activated the newest flavor to the market, Tang Sweet Orange. Sweet Orange is specially formulated for Mindanao, having studied the preferences of Mindanaoans when it comes to refreshing beverages. #TimplangAto

I have to say that the activation was a successful one, spectators were able to sample the new flavor as they cheered on the vintas racing on that eventful morning.

Over a hundred vinta sailors showed up to compete. The Regatta has been an attraction for as long as the Zamboanguenos can remember. Lawrence Lorico, Assistant Brand Manager from Tang Philippines explained that the Regatta reflects the brand, that it is an inviting and colorful event.


Even the Coast Guard has its own colorful vinta. 

Gerald Anderson is the endorser of Tang Sweet Orange #TimplangAto

Tang also gave away prizes for the Regatta winners.

What's impressive is that Tang also brought in three bigger trucks containing the refreshing Sweet Orange drinks for on the spot refill. 


People from all walks of life went to witness the Regatta. It was a colorful morning, and as the day progressed, the sun came out to brighten the day. Just like Mi Ciudad, she has risen from a dark nightmare and is slowly facing the beauty and color of the present.

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Our Super Teacher Booth, Decorating With Mini Chalkboards and Blue Pompoms + Lanterns

The last week of September was declared Education Week at the university which happens to be funny because October is officially International Teacher Appreciation Month. We took the time off and moved our activities from the classroom to the backfield. 

I helped out the seniors with some booth designs and suggested to adapt the #superteacher theme. We also added more character with mini-chalkboards and created blue pompoms as well as blue and white Japanese lanterns. The result?- A floating haven of blue right in the side of a muddy backfield. 

Juliet brought her ribbons with her and sold them at really affordable prices. To check out more of her creations, visit Jam's Ribbon on Facebook.

Like our blue pompoms? We just learned to do that a day before! Where did we learn it? From a tutorial on YouTube! (Sshh don't tell!)

Of course our friend Biboy also brought his blue and white Japanese garden lanterns which made quite a huge difference with the decor. 

And what's a teacher's best tool for teaching? Enter chalkboards! 

We used mini-chalkboards to tie it up to the Education theme.

I even declared that the Power Pencils will make its user pass any exam. (Believe it at your own risk please.)  


You will never guess but this one is Pinterest inspired.  We also used mini-clothespins.

 Finally, this is for all the #superteachers out there.

Did I mention that it was a contest? We won by the way.  

 I've been seeing a lot of these all over the place. You might want to do this too. Have a fabulous International Teacher Appreciation Month!