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Thursday, 24 April 2014

I Want To Be A Part of Sample Room’s Bloggers Circle (2014 Edition)


Just typing that title makes me feel like I’m in a reality show for bloggers. But in the blogosphere, things are done a bit unorthodox, and it’s what makes being on the plane a whole lot of fun and the whole blogging experience is rather innovative. 

I’ve been a Roomie since 2012 and have been looking out for new samples to try in Sample Room since started my blog and have been rewarded with the initial 100 points when the platform first launched. Being a Roomie means keeping an eye out for new samples, making sure there are enough points in the account to purchase new samples (especially the full-sized ones), paying the shipping fee and practicing extreme patience while waiting for the order to arrive. Of course, once I’ve had my fill and decided on a yes or no for the products, I write down my review and get rewarded my points back. There are also fun contests being held across social media sites and occasional goodie bags. 

Now let’s tackle why I want to be a part of Sample Room’s Bloggers Circle for this year. Most of those in the beauty blogging world would agree that being a Roomie is pretty convenient and addictive. It gives its members the chance to try out new products for free. I feel that being a Partner Blogger would be quite the privilege, and being a blogger from the south, I can introduce the concept of trying before buying to interested women especially among small town bloggers like myself. 

I keep coming back to Sample Room to find new products that can help me with my skin problems like discoloration, acne, sun care and protection and just about anything else that’s creating waves in the beauty world. The site also introduces useful tools for beauty enthusiasts of various degrees and it’s just about time that more women get to discover for themselves the clever system of Sample Room. 

Sample Room opens doors for women who want to discover what’s out there that deserve the slice of their budget. Women owe it to themselves to decide first if the products that they encounter are worth it, saving time and money in the process.

So do I deserve to be a part of the Bloggers Circle for this year? If it were a reality show, will I make the cut? Only the beautiful people at the SR team get to decide. I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

Thursday, 21 November 2013

Raisie Speaks- The Beginning + Blogversary Giveaway

Two years ago, I started a blog purely to record all the books I have read, the authors I have been pining after, and the books I had on my wishlist-because I was crazy like that. I didn't expect to complete my wishlist, which explains why until now it's nowhere near halfway complete because the wishlist seems to be longer compared to my actual acquisitions, plus the fact that like any other working person, I am on a budget.

So you get the tone of this blog in the beginning, at least. That it was meant for books and literature.

Then somewhere along the way, it evolved into a beauty blog. Barely just dipping into the world of makeup and not knowing the first thing about the differences with contouring and just concealing, here I am sharing my adventures on skin care and beauty (again) on a budget.

And from books, the tag also extended to beauty.

The ride on a whole was a mixture of ups and downs. What could a small town blogger come up with? How on earth would it be interesting? Was my life and blog worth sharing? In those two years, I learned that there were some things worth sharing and some things worth keeping private, and was kind of careful in balancing the two. I have met fellow bloggers, got to know them a bit and most importantly, got to know who my readers were. I was reaching out and being influential to a group of  readers who were interested in what I had to say.

Sometimes, I didn't have the time. There was a time that I posted only a single entry for a month! But the thing bout blogging is, I can always come back. It's tough especially if author of said blog has a day job that can be downright challenging which also entails writing on a completely different topography- but here I am still writing my heart out, waiting, waiting, waiting for what-I don't even have the answer. But as long as Raisie Speaks is still alive and online, I would be forever grateful to those who read it and interact with me.

This one's for you.

There are two prizes! Which one is yours?
Prize A

Top From Adah Belle
Lace Shorts 
Creativity Notebook + Pen From Heart Artistic Dreams
Bobbie Wondernails Polish
Peace Bracelet
Blue Drop Bracelet
Nautical Necklace in Gold

Prize B
Pocket Notebook in Mint
Hair Accessories in Browns
Hair Pins in Black
San San Nail Polish in Raspberry Peach
Caronia Nail Polish in Eternity Frosted
Plum Leatherette Chain Bracelet
Allue Milk Bath Soap Plus Yogurt
San San CYO Eyeshadow in Blackground, Charcoal Brown and White Frost

This is going to be super-duper easy. All you have to do is input the correct details into the Giveaway Tools app.

Friday, 15 June 2012

Bloggers Chit Chat with Yuri! (Insert Hugs Here)

Surprise, surprise! I got to chit chat with the ever blooming, super friendly Yuri Choi! Yuri looked absolutely fresh this morning, and I just had to tell him as his follower that:
  1. I definitely love his blogger header, who doesn't? It's so minimalist and so Asian!
  2. He looks good despite a mishap with a facial product he tried, read here
  3. It's nice to accidentally meet, knowing that we both go home to the West Coast.

Don't you just adore a smile from Yuri? Who doesn't love him?

On another note, I was also invited by a representative of the British Embassy this morning with a meet and greet. They gave those in attendance these and mini haul photos to follow:

The story and contents of this envelope to follow

Have a great Friday everyone! 

Monday, 23 January 2012

Paulo Coelho's Thoughts on the SOPA

Coelho expresses his thoughts on the SOPA in his blog

Who else is against SOPA?

Paulo Coelho, that's who.

Here I am, ready to head home, with a good deal of commuting, when I stumbled upon this blog. It belongs to no other that The Alchemist's author himself, Paulo Coelho. And here, he shares his thoughts on the SOPA.

Visit his blog, and you will be surprised to see that he welcomes those who pirate his works.

Click here: Welcome to Pirate My Books

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

To Keep Reading in Check

To keep reading in check, my lola decided to be my book buddy. =)

And she is one absolutely fun book buddy! I don't call her lola, I call her Mama Lette, shortened for Loretto. Papa calls her Mamang. Grand kids call her Mama Lette, so do her nieces, nephews, and other relatives. She is mother to three sons, (Papa being the middle son) and two girls.

Mama Lette is a retired teacher who also served under the Ministry of Education, during Marcos's administration. She was in fourth year law school when she married Papa Choy, (my lolo) and took up a teaching career when she no longer pursued the bar exams.

Mama Lette and the grandkids (L-R: Jess, Mikee, Mama Lette, Kyla, Tita Bing and Jenica) taken last December during our family picnic

Perhaps the love of books run in the family, and she is very conversant when it comes to talking about books she read, her favorite characters, what she likes about the style, the plot and whatever it is that catches her attention. With good eyesight, she still reads books at night by the bedside.

I brought home a copy of The Help by Kathryn Stockett and she borrowed it, suggesting we exchange books after I read The Onion Girl by Charles de Lint. Mama Lette makes the perfect book buddy, because we can always exchange books and talk about them when I come home from work and when she has finally settled down in the evening from watching her favorite Koreanovela. =)

The book pile

Mama Lette's current occupation 

My current book for the 2012 Reading Challenge, and I'm not even close to half of it yet! 

Awaiting the arrival of Thoughts of a Blogger via Multiply

What books are you currently reading? Leave a comment below!