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Saturday, 25 March 2017

Scribbles: Currently Obsessing Over Galaxy Washi

Yeah, yeah.

Who actually falls in love with galaxy washi right? I mean, it's just sticky duct tape with prints. But I've fallen in love with starry, night summer skies and I've always enjoyed stargazing in quiet places.

These washi reminds me of those quiet nights just chilling in the patio and just talking.

I guess I'm lucky that no physical store here carries them yet, or else I'll be hoarding away again.

More pins are in my Pinterest board if you're interested.

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Best Movie Posters of 2011

Quite busy right now, but there's something I want to share with the rest of you art-loving people. Here is a list of the best movie posters of last year, and I'm dumping them here. I am swamped with writing tasks, being the conclusion of the SOCA here, and upcoming productions lined up until kingdom come.

I'm longing for a vacation, but the Vigan trip with L won't be until June, and I still have to save a huge portion, so I'm depriving myself from further purchases because I have to prove myself as frugal. Yay.

Cat Run: The poster is an example of creative graphic work. (I didn't go for the movie) 

The pink font is sexy and perky set against a dark-themed background. It's simple. And the movie has Ryan Gosling in it! 

Nice layers of shadows for the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. If I were teaching a Science class about the umbra and penumbra, I will be bringing this movie poster as a visual aid. 

Apart from good reviews, the blacks in this poster makes Lisbeth Salander's face blend well in the background. Simple font, three themed font colors, dragon doesn't overdo the whole negative space. 

An adult version of an Agatha Christie movie, if there was one, this is the Swedish version of the movie which came out a few years ago. Still convincing. 

Daring take for whoever designed this vintage-y poster of Hobo with a Shotgun. Was this how movie posters were designed back then? Collage-like appeal did good to the eyes.

Gosling-Clooney: This is outstanding. Need I say more?

Again, shadows. Effective typography with the font and negative space is well utilized. 

For some movie posters, "posters say it all about the movie". This fits well. Simple yet effective. 

In this case, the lower portion of the grid makes good attention-grabbing. The upper portion of the grid is well utilized with a good logo-ish title. 

The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo and Shadows, Again

Pooh and the Gang. Just a date, nothing more. 

So there, the best. I didn't bother putting up the worst. 

Hi ho, hi ho. And off to write I go....