"We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us."
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Monday, 6 November 2017

Washi Wednesday: Hobby Depot Haul

It all started with the idea that I needed washi holders to bring my washi with me to my upcoming travel. I already set up my traveler’s notebook in advance. Only one shop had them, so I combined my order with washi to add.

Hobby Depot offers stickers, stamps, washi and also washi holders for those antsy documenters who cannot bear to be away from their favorite washi. (Guilty.)

I also took the chance of including the camping themed outdoor seal sticker for the pages of my traveler's notebook. I already used up the bus and tent image on my TN. Hobby Depot has more stock of this, so I'm going back for more (for those hiking trips next year). 

Now I just had to have this panda washi because it's meaningful for me. I personally know someone who claims to be a panda, so it sort of became a panda obsession. 

The ticket washi adds a vintage feel to my TN pages, and it’s relevant because of the bus ride, road trip to the mountain ranges, and then the flight. I love it really. It completes the travel theme.

Finally, I cannot do without coffee. This is for my coffee-themed planner, my TN and anything that’s coffee oriented. Something tells me that I need to have an extra roll so that I won’t panic when this one runs out. I love the handpainted details on this roll. Yep, I’m going to get another one.

Hauling from Hobby Depot is easy, shop owner is quick to reply and updates with stock availability. Transaction is a breeze and I’m definitely coming back for more hauls. The shipping is also quick, it arrived just in time for me to set up my TN and bring these washis and the holder with me.

If you want to purchase washis, holders, stamps or stickers, feel free to visit Hobby Depot on Facebook anytime. There’s a lot of good stuff and pretty washi to satisfy your artsy gut. If you want some inspiration, the Instagram account can also give you that. 

Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Mountain Province Travel Mood Board

I honestly can’t wait to unplug and be closer to nature. I guess it’s one of the factors that influence us every time we decide where we want to go. This year’s themes have some sort of element in them, and we have completed that immersion factor already. January, we had air at the Hot Air Balloon Festival. April we had sea as we went Whaleshark Diving. For October, it’s going to be land because where we’re headed, is all full of land as far as the eye can see but it’s still going to be a memorable experience.

Since I want to maximize the time out I’ll be having, I’ve organized a mood board for our upcoming travel. I’ve fantasized about this for quite some time now, also because it’s on C’s bucket list to experience these all. It’s kinda contagious don’t you think? 

1. Mt. Pulag- The Playground of the Gods

We’ve heard many things about Mt. Pulag both mystical and natural. It captured our curiosity, plus C’s friends have shared stories of the Playground of the Gods, I also saw some milky way shots from visitors who have been there. It’s been on C’s bucket list and I’ll be happy to put my photography skills to the test. 

2. Sagada Tour

I’m after the hanging coffins in Sagada for a photo opp and then maybe do a side trip to one of the strawberry farms in Benguet. I might meet Ifugaos as well. Who knows what else I can do in Mountain Province. I’ll definitely be happy to just drink it all in. My cameras better be ready with spare batteries! Don’t give up on me powerbank!

3. Baguio City Tour

Just like the Sagada Tour, I’ve also listed what I want to do in Baguio. That includes a visit to Mt. Cloud Bookshop, then a taste of strawberry tahu, visit the nearby attractions and then…

4. Shopping for Pasalubong and Succulents 

I know that I’m supposed to grab pasalubong with anything strawberry and ube in it. Yep, I’m a good tourist like that lol. I’d also like to get myself a little souvenir from Ibay’s Silver Shop if I’m lucky. 

5. Conrad Manila 

We will be ending our week with a stay in Conrad Manila. It’s also quite a meaningful place for C because he’s one of the engineers who have helped construct it. From roughing it, we sure can lounge around in a luxurious place such as a hotel by the bay. 

I really hope we can cross off all our items in our bucket list. Plus, I’m hoping that all goes well. We can come back with more stories to tell too. Who knows where else our feet will take us. 

I guess it's also going to be our last travel for this year before we head on out next year. We've sort of developed appreciation for looking at both ancient and modern architecture lol. We'll definitely share some more stories here as well as our hacks and itineraries. 

Washi Wednesday: Scouting for Travel Washi

It’s probably because my last quarter travel is nearing, plus almost everything is in place that’s helping to build my excitement. I really, really want to unplug and be with C already.

Nature has always been our surest way of recharging. Unplugging is what we really need right now, plus discovering new places together. And because bringing along a traveller’s journal is one of my hobbies, I’ve started setting up my upcycled, hand-painted TN from Airees Creates.

I guess C is already used to all my shenanigans every time we travel. I have a tendency to scout for art materials and linger a bit too long over the watercolours. I know it too well, that a pair of scissors are definitely not allowed in hand-carried baggage. (They have to be checked-in).

So in the name of setting up my TN and for our upcoming escape, I’ve gathered travel washi that I would definitely like to get my hands on lol.

I'm seriously thinking about getting world map washi, but who knows what else I can come across by the time I get to roam around Manila as well. That and some vintage ticket washi.

But of course, I'm not forgetting why I need to get away for a while. And I can't wait to capture anything interesting I see on camera. Wheew! I'm quietly, super excited. =) 

Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Washi Wednesday: World Map Washi

To help get over hump day, I have a small selection of washi for inspiration. These are not mine, but I do wish they were. I have yet to hunt them down and hoard them one by one. Just kidding (not).

These are the world map washi that I’ve saved on my Pinterest board. However, I’ve seen a couple of local shops that carry world map washi. 

World map washi is for those journal enthusiasts or diarists who suffer from an irreversible epidemic or a symptom of the equally contagious bite of the travel bug.

Unfortunately, there’s no antidote to this.

Here you go, feed that wanderlust.  

Sunday, 12 March 2017

Summer Travel Thoughts

I can feel the Monday blues, because, I did most of the chores yesterday. From laundry, to ironing, to cooking dinner, I also panicked when it started to rain and had to rescue my cacti and succulents when I left them sunbathing outdoors. Good thing rain water is good for them, free of chemicals from treated water. 

I tried to take a nap yesterday but it did me no good. (Please stop watching television loudly on Sunday afternoons, it's doing my head in!)

And so today, I'm still craving for a quiet day by myself just doing nothing. 

I'm also craving for healthier, green food. 

And so please allow my mind to wander... 

I just can't wait for my summer travel to be here already. I've booked an advance escapade for May and now I really can't wait for my vacation. I'm just grateful though that there's Holy Week to look forward to next month. It's quiet time for me. 

Summer means road trips, springs, beaches, I just can't wait to unplug.

Pretty soon, I'll be revealing where I'm headed as I think this has signaled the awakening of my online presence once more.

Friday, 29 January 2016

Unboxing Crafts Unltd January 2016 Planner Kit, Inspiring A Nautical Journey, Let’s Sail Away!

Who doesn’t want to spend a day at the beach and then just feel those worries melt away? January started the pull of saying “hey, come back here, don’t let your mind wander off just yet”. I felt the same way when I started work again. But it doesn’t always have to be like that. Good thing, Crafts Unltd came up with a Nautical themed Planner Kit this month that’s a must-grab for some nautical aficionados on the horizon.

So what do I think of the Crafts Unltd January 2016 Planner Kit? Let’s take a look at the items one by one.

There's the anchor plushie that I think makes this planner kit more of a goodie box, but it makes a good gift on its own also. I'm not sure if it drives home the concept of a planner kit for me. 

I'm happy to see a set of stickers with a nautical theme and the color palette is gorgeous, this goes well with a whole lot of planner themes, the hand-drawn effect makes it so unique. I wish that there were more of these stickers though. Some pieces here have to be cut though because they aren't pre-cut. There's also a small and handy card holder. It's not your usual card holder so that makes it a fun piece to bring around. It's also a nice card holder to bring around during relaxed business meetings, especially if it involves travel. 

Paper clips in a bottle. It seems like a good twist to the usual "message in a bottle" approach. I saw that there's a sailboat, anchor and something that I haven't figured out yet, but it's nice to display on am all too-formal desk and it's useful, talk about form over function. This is a keeper!


Here's something nice. There's a ribbon decorated paper clip, a magnet, Out to Sea postcard which I really like, and a quoted dashboard (?) 

They're really what you can see from the usual planner kit, but I like the postcard very much and I used it already in my Instagram album that houses my pink sand beach visit. 

The paper clip and magnet and dashboard (?) are nice to have items but not really a necessity. Just nice to have and share

There's also a pocket notebook (quite handy for travel) and a regular mini planner with a silver ribbon bookmark. The lines are large and makes a good gift for a colleague at work. The red pen resembles a piece of a turbine, must be because of its plastic make and flat handle. 

The flat bookmarks are a part of the kit, so are the wooden colored veneers and anchor eraser. The hot air balloon bookmarks are sold separately and you can choose your colors from their Instagram feed, and I think complements the overall dream nautical and journey theme for the month. 

The pouch is larger than expected. I was hoping this could serve as a pencil case but it can carry a wallet and smartphone just like a clutch. The strap makes a good use of the pouch like a wristlet, so yeah, it's a multi-purpose pouch with lots of space in it for just pens. It can carry the other planner goodies in it too. It's not a part of the monthly planner kit but can be bought from Crafts Unltd just the same. 

So what do I think of the whole planner kit in general?

There are some items that I appreciate, like the eraser, postcard, paperclips, stickers and plushies. But I think this is already a good deal for the monthly subscription fee of Php 540. It's also enough to encourage a regular planner girl to dream and plan of beach and island trips throughout the year. 

I still think that more stickers and some washi could have hit the mark though, especially if they have subtle gilded details and whatnot, but maybe that's for another planner theme kit altogether. 

Follow Crafts Unltd on Instagram and check out their goodies for your planners and don't hesitate to send them a message if there's something you like! Ms. Jona is really a nice seller. Also, if you don't mind, while you're in Insta, you can also follow me as @raisiespeaks  and see what I'm up to. 

Are you into planners and stationery? Share your thoughts with me! Have a great weekend! Why not visit the beach or go on an island trip while you're at it! 

Sunday, 27 May 2012

This Ambition Would Work Only If...

I'm letting you in on one of my crazy childish ambitions.

I had this crazy childhood dream about being a proud owner of a bookstore. Nothing big, just a cozy bookstore, the ones where it occupies a country living room, or the old, quaint ones like in Notting Hill (1999) called the Travel Bookshop where Julia Roberts steps in to meet Hugh Grant, or the little book nook like in Before Sunset (2004) where Julie Delpy and Ethan Hawke meet again.

The Travel Bookshop in Notting Hill, London

Yeah, this is similar to what I had in mind 

Shakespeare and Company in Paris

Inside Shakespeare and Company, curious which titles they carry

And my book shop would have tons of books on the floor, postcards and crazy bookmarks and all sorts of shenanigans, even outdated newspapers if it made any history at all. 

The bookshop of my dreams just might, just might have a flying bike somewhere

And as poor bookshop owner, I was willing to give up comfortable living just to be able to sell some more books and read books

You see, all was going well and fine, for me to have the bookshop of my dreams. As I've said, it's a childhood dream. All was going good, and I even had ambitions of more ladders leaning against more bookshelves reaching the ceilings to store some books, or even a cottage just to house some books, so yeah, you get the idea.

I repeat, all was going well and fine until those expensive e-book readers came along and made owning a library portable. I can't blame them. E-books help save the environment by saving the sheets of paper to be used and printed upon. And saves ink too. So you see my problem? I can't compete with being a book shop owner (even if it still all remains an ambition), when more and more people gravitate towards e-books these days which is even lighter compared to a hardbound book.

Do what you want with your e-book reader

And take it anywhere you want, read anywhere you want

But I feel defeated, armed with my childhood dream and fear for the future where everything these days is better on screen, I might be lucky to be able to sell novels for Php2 each as paperweights.

So yeah, I need another ambition. I thought of bookmark crafter, but who would even buy bookmarks from me thirty or forty years from now? Boohoo!

On second thought, I feel like being a book shop owner would put me out of business anyway since I would be hesitant to part from books acquired.

See what it takes to kill a childhood dream?

Got a better childhood ambition? Share them with me! =)