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Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Colors and Forms: My Latest Finds From Christine’s Books and Baubles

Two collections later, I could say that Christine’s Books and Baubles is doing well. More people are discovering the beauty of Ms. Christine’s handmade creations. They’re unique, affordable and most importantly, made with passion by the lady that inspired them all. Christine’s Books and Baubles expanded clientele might be good for online business but it means more competition for handmade jewelry lovers like yours truly. I’ve gotten better at being the first to comment on her page once I’m alerted that a new collection is launched. 

So why am I all hyped up about her designs? Why should a newbie at handmade jewelry be lurking around in her Facebook page for a start?

I already mentioned unique-so if you’re looking for something that is  new and would want to walk around with jewelry that has no replica, you know where to go. That’s when you will encounter people appreciating and commenting on the outstanding color combinations, if not whimsical characters of your jewelry. At this point you can do an advertising plug and say “I got them from Christine’s Books and Baubles”. 

Here’s where you recall how affordable they are. If Ms. Christine knew just how pretty her jewelry are, I swear they’d cost more, but she’s sweet and humble like that. Well you can also mention the fact that they’re handmade, it only adds a certain charm to them. Personally, looking at the pieces that she’s conjured makes me wonder what emotions, thoughts and ideas she’s had at the time when she sits in her crafting corner and brings birth to these beautiful pieces. 

In each collection, I’ve fought really hard to control myself from hoarding. But I’m not going to suffer alone. I’m sharing the beauty with you. =)


The Santorini Collection: Turquoise and pale pink stone bead matinee necklace with a sea glass wire-wrapped pendant, matching bracelet 

This is my latest acquisition, (listen to me, as if I'm talking about diamonds) that's how special her creations are, at least for me. Just looking at these lovely colors immediately brings me to blue skies and sparkling waters.


I'm a ridiculously happy girl.

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  1. Cute! Let me check her page. I hope to meet you soon too! :)