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Thursday, 8 May 2014

Scribbles: For the Love of Writing and Cutie Patootie Stationery

HEART by Artistic Dreams by Abby Sy haul last year

I write for a living. 

It’s bloody different if I were just writing for myself and I were cursing in between pages of leather bound diaries because of how bad my day went. What if things turned out for the best? There would be a litany of gratitude that’s about two pages long. 

I’d like to think any person who still writes entries on a journal would react the same way. But-let’s go back to writing for a living.

I do. I write for a living. 

My adage is: If you need technical or creative outputs, call me. But I sure dang won’t complete your thesis for you-(edit, sure I could do that, spot grammatical errors and misspelled words, but don’t let me do all the writing for you, your thesis grade is something you have to earn). 

All my writing and brainstorming can sometimes get lost on pad paper. In fact, I’ve lost pad papers all over the place. 

This is where notebooks come in handy. I even plan my blog posts in notebooks and keep track of my writing assignments and meetings in notebooks. There’s the ever-present to-do list, structure of most reports I have to do (a concept note has a different format from that of an executive summary), and dates of meetings. 

With my need for stationery, I’ve decided to introduce a new feature section of my writing materials purchases which I do frequently. Allow me to tell you which gel pens are good, which post-it-notes do stick, and where to get cheap and cute notebooks, and useful executive gifts appropriate for professionals. School’s about to start next month, let’s also see how we can maximize a school supply budget for the kids, shall we? 

Stick with me, friends. Scribbles is the newest section here on Raisie Speaks. It’s birth is inspired by my need and love for writing and cutie patootie stationery. 

What’s your must-have writing instrument? Let me know!

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Raisie Needs Her Drugs & Mini Haul

No, I'm not talking about any illegal drug, but one that gives some natural high and a dash of indulgence too. After a full morning running around, I just had to stop by at Planet Vegis in Pasonanca to have some fresh lumpia. But being the only customer at ten in the morning where the cook is still mopping up the place, I had to settle for something else on the go; Starbucks Mocha Frappuccino! (Yes, this is my drug.)

You might call this cheating, and I might agree at some point that it is, though I haven't made a vow to love only Kopiko whether brown, black or kopiccino. But it's cold and available so I'm saying yes and turning a blind side to its price tag (Php 130-yikes!)

So there's the drug and I'm feeling a bit pacified. For now. 

This morning's haul thanks to the Diskwento Fair of DTI in Plaza Pershing

And for the other haul, I bought 60 pieces of pencils, and 30 erasers and 10 rulers for the kids in church. They will be having the last day of Flores de Mayo and the organizers have asked some contribution from my family so my Mom decided to give them something useful, and since most of the kids are in grade school, a little help of pencils and rulers could do. 

I got them at uber discounted prices, and what's good is that there's no lining up unlike in department stores here today. Total damage? Php 2 for the plastic rulers= Php 20, Php 1.50 for each eraser and I got 30= Php 45 and Php 13 for a set of pencils and I got 5 sets= Php 65= Php 130. 

I still have to get them tiny bags where I can add some biscuits and snacks to give away tomorrow. 

Cheapo, useful, lightweight headset I needed so desperately

Another buy, is the super cheap-o but very useful Delkin headset I found yesterday. I'm not a super techie person paying close attention to specs and all. But for a price of Php 100, I shrugged it off and had to settle for this one without a microphone. It's lightweight and a plug-ready headset. Is it disposable? I have no idea. I will have to search for the answer soon. 

For now, I will be happy sipping my Mocha. 

Still have a lot to do for today.

Bidding adieu. For today.