"We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us."
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Monday, 6 November 2017

A New Coffee Haus Is in Town (And It’s Right Behind Where I’m Studying LOL)

It’s funny how best friends get to observe things that otherwise we may overlook, such as a new coffee house conveniently on its soft opening at the back of the university where I’m studying. You know how coffee is an essential part of my being. This gal runs on coffee….

So while my regular lunch date C was out of town, M and I caught up over coffee in Barako Haus.  Now what makes Barako Haus interesting is that it’s the only cafĂ© that serves Civet Coffee at Php 365 per mug. Civet Coffee is one of the most expensive types of coffee in the world, and the most flavorful. Kopi luwak or civet coffee, is coffee that includes part-digested coffee cherries eaten and defecated by the Asian palm civet (Paradoxurus hermaphroditus). Yep, Barako Haus serves that for Zamboanguenos to try.

But I didn’t go there for the Civet. I needed my good old barako in my system, and I did get. I ordered the longganisa and pan de sal with scrambled eggs for my lunch. Crazy I know. Although there were pasta dishes, the mood hit for longganisa at that moment. I also had iced barako to go with it. M ordered the tuna pasta for a healthier option.

Well, the longganisa served with my pan de sal was the sweet variety, and I have to admit I’m not used to sweet longganisa, as I always have my longganisa quite savory. I enjoyed my iced barako and I’m quite satisfied to have had it with muscovado sugar to lessen my refined sugar intake. This was before my travel to take on Benguet so I was still a bit conscious with my sugar intake.

As for the price range of their food selection, I find it reasonably priced, and that dishes are mid range.There are also other desserts on display, such as yema cake, choco yema cake, ube yema cake, moist choco cake, muffins and cupcakes to satisfy those with sweet tooths.

I like that the interiors make use of elevated platforms covered in banig, or the traditional woven mats made out of dried palm leaves. It makes me feel like I’m having coffee in someone’s veranda with such comfortable materials, because banig to me always means cozy.

In totality, I’m satisfied with my barako experience in Barako Haus. The staff were friendly, coffee selection is good, place is clean and comfortable. I’ll just have to practice my indian seat the next time I go back in one of those nooks. Thankfully, it’s very accessible for quick pick-me-up between classes.

Barako Haus is in Nunez Street right behind ADZU back gate. You may visit their Facebook page here.

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Currently. 03.20.2017

Weekends are usually cut in two, for chores at home and then spending time unwinding. This is a glimpse of what I do on weekends based on my ever changing moods….

Movies: Moana and Death Note

Moana fills up my dose of adventure and mythical wonder pre-weekend. It’s fun and I like the catchy music. My favourite soundtracks are the Ancestor’s Song and the Shiny because of the beats to them. Well here’s a weekend story. I went to town to have a haircut and my pedicure in the afternoon, thinking that I can catch the weekend screening at 3PM. Turns out, the Beauty and the Beast 3 PM slot was sold out even if they were already showing in three cinemas and so we had to settle for Death Note instead. As for Death Note, it’s not what I was expecting being a fan of the original anime. However, there were twists nearing the end so I’m still pacified.


  •         Double beef burger patty at Pepper Lunch
  •          Kani Salad
  •          Buko Pie
  •          Lengua Estofado
  •          Fried Lumpia
  •         Spring Rolls

Gardening: Succulents Blooming

This weekend, I was simply staring at my Huernia, urging it to bloom faster. On a Sunny Sunday morning, it did. It’s one of the beautiful and cherished blooms I have.

Music: Joshua Bell

I just can’t stop listening to Joshua Bell on Spotify. From morning, to afternoon and evenings, it’s Joshua Bell’s violin Brahms. But I know after this, I’ll finally go back to Bach again.


Now that summer’s here, I have to stock up on summer skincare routine. My current favourite is Mary Kay’s Botanical Effects Evolution. This skincare routine is easy, simple and the whole set smells like citrusy grapefruit. I adore it. I’ve made a wise decision to stock up on SPF earlier this year and it’s such a smart investment for the summer. Now I’m looking at a hydrating mist for all those summer activities to moisturize the skin and an after sun.

Grateful For:

  •  Savings in the bank
  •  Potted garden that gives me simple joys every week
  • Pocket fragrance
  • Gold travel accessories

Random Thoughts and Ideas in My Messy Head

  •          Summer travel
  •          New things to learn
  •          Comfy summer outfits
  •          Saving more money
  •          Capsule wardrobe
  •          Clean room
  •          Organize makeup
  •          Black pumps for office
  •          Galaxy washi
  •          Branding for coffee shop 

Thursday, 9 January 2014

January Hauls, Bits and Pieces

The first month of the year, I thought I had enough time to wrap things up and take it slow, but it's not what I expected. I'm currently going after my personal goals and realized that it takes courage to do all the things I really want and that I have to trust in myself.  It's really no use holding on to the things that weight me down when I want to fly. 2013 was a year of hits and misses, but at least I am mature to realize what I should be prioritizing and what I should be accomplishing this year. My goals may be difficult but still doable.

Starting the year, it's all a mixture of re-energizing and indulging in comfort (as you can see in photos of my favorite food) and the things that I enjoy. Throughout this week I was kind of feeling pressured, but now, I feel relieved and encouraged somehow. I find strength in the least expected places and I am glad to know that there are people who truly value me as a person.

There will be more to come here in my corner, albeit I struggle to find time to let you know what's happening with me so far, but I'm still going to make it a point to come back on every now and then.

From me to you, thank you for making my time here truly memorable.


Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Don Vicente Restaurante Latino

Now there is a family Italian restaurant for people who are tired of just fast food spaghetti. You can find this cozy place in Atilano Street, Tetuan and walk right in to a charming resto that is tastefully decorated. 

I kind of had a field day taking photos from this quaint resto, so here they are. I followed suit thanks to Anj and I am definitely going back soon to try other dishes. In the meantime, here are some photos. 

Gotta love the colours outdoors

I had my Linguine Carbonara with Iced Tea

The Putanesca consists of al dente pasta, sauce of wine, herbs and whole olives. 

Black and gold doily adds an elegant touch to this setting

Grandfather clock beside the table where I ate 

That is around the same time my order arrived, whoops!


Gold and white doily this time which served as the placemat for my lunch

Notice the VPElago signature on the painting that is the candelabra's background

Sunday, 17 June 2012

What Papa Taught Me

I wouldn't be here without the most important man in my life; Papa. 

He sacrificed so much together with my Mom to give me what he thinks I deserve, together with my siblings. He made sure that I can sleep well, with food to eat, and a comfortable house to go home to, to rest and to live in. 

He made sure I had a childhood, and made sure I got good education, so I could face the world independently. 

I am proud that even if sometimes we both don't agree on some trivial matters, like how to cook this dish and that dish, where to go first, or what to do this year, the bonding moments are irreplaceable. 

He still insists to fetch me if he could, and bring me safely from one destination to the other. 

He makes sure I have what I need. 

He won't sacrifice my security and company to people he does not know or does not trust. 

My fondest memory of being with Papa was when we travelled from Tacloban-taking the overnight ferry to Cebu and then finally touchdown in Cagayan de Oro to meet with my Mom. We did that when I was only eight years old, and backpacking while he carried nothing more than my milk and vitamins in his huge knapsack. 

Father's Day Lunch

Papa enjoying his self-prepared home-cooked, medium-rare steak lunch with mashed potatoes and mixed vegetables

He always cooks home-made meals for us, every chance he gets. He is the only one who can satisfy my search for pork sinigang, I got home from college during sem break and told him about how no restaurant in Cagayan de Oro can cook pork sinigang the way I wanted, and he just looked at me as if saying "Told you so". 

Most Important Lesson Papa Taught Me: "Make sure there is food, for your body, for your mind, your soul, and always, always, be grateful for what you HAVE. You will be surprised how this can teach you humility. Share what you have, and always remember that material things do not amount to what you need in this world: love, family, friends and freedom." 

What I have yet to teach him: Computer encoding and how to log in his FB account just so he can play poker. 

What To Look Forward To This Year: Papa and I got promo tickets to Cebu this July to visit Tito Ruel in Ormoc, Leyte and we will be spelunking (without my mother's knowledge) in Samar. 

Happy Father's Day, thank you for everything.