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Monday, 6 November 2017

Washi Wednesday: Hobby Depot Haul

It all started with the idea that I needed washi holders to bring my washi with me to my upcoming travel. I already set up my traveler’s notebook in advance. Only one shop had them, so I combined my order with washi to add.

Hobby Depot offers stickers, stamps, washi and also washi holders for those antsy documenters who cannot bear to be away from their favorite washi. (Guilty.)

I also took the chance of including the camping themed outdoor seal sticker for the pages of my traveler's notebook. I already used up the bus and tent image on my TN. Hobby Depot has more stock of this, so I'm going back for more (for those hiking trips next year). 

Now I just had to have this panda washi because it's meaningful for me. I personally know someone who claims to be a panda, so it sort of became a panda obsession. 

The ticket washi adds a vintage feel to my TN pages, and it’s relevant because of the bus ride, road trip to the mountain ranges, and then the flight. I love it really. It completes the travel theme.

Finally, I cannot do without coffee. This is for my coffee-themed planner, my TN and anything that’s coffee oriented. Something tells me that I need to have an extra roll so that I won’t panic when this one runs out. I love the handpainted details on this roll. Yep, I’m going to get another one.

Hauling from Hobby Depot is easy, shop owner is quick to reply and updates with stock availability. Transaction is a breeze and I’m definitely coming back for more hauls. The shipping is also quick, it arrived just in time for me to set up my TN and bring these washis and the holder with me.

If you want to purchase washis, holders, stamps or stickers, feel free to visit Hobby Depot on Facebook anytime. There’s a lot of good stuff and pretty washi to satisfy your artsy gut. If you want some inspiration, the Instagram account can also give you that. 

A New Coffee Haus Is in Town (And It’s Right Behind Where I’m Studying LOL)

It’s funny how best friends get to observe things that otherwise we may overlook, such as a new coffee house conveniently on its soft opening at the back of the university where I’m studying. You know how coffee is an essential part of my being. This gal runs on coffee….

So while my regular lunch date C was out of town, M and I caught up over coffee in Barako Haus.  Now what makes Barako Haus interesting is that it’s the only cafĂ© that serves Civet Coffee at Php 365 per mug. Civet Coffee is one of the most expensive types of coffee in the world, and the most flavorful. Kopi luwak or civet coffee, is coffee that includes part-digested coffee cherries eaten and defecated by the Asian palm civet (Paradoxurus hermaphroditus). Yep, Barako Haus serves that for Zamboanguenos to try.

But I didn’t go there for the Civet. I needed my good old barako in my system, and I did get. I ordered the longganisa and pan de sal with scrambled eggs for my lunch. Crazy I know. Although there were pasta dishes, the mood hit for longganisa at that moment. I also had iced barako to go with it. M ordered the tuna pasta for a healthier option.

Well, the longganisa served with my pan de sal was the sweet variety, and I have to admit I’m not used to sweet longganisa, as I always have my longganisa quite savory. I enjoyed my iced barako and I’m quite satisfied to have had it with muscovado sugar to lessen my refined sugar intake. This was before my travel to take on Benguet so I was still a bit conscious with my sugar intake.

As for the price range of their food selection, I find it reasonably priced, and that dishes are mid range.There are also other desserts on display, such as yema cake, choco yema cake, ube yema cake, moist choco cake, muffins and cupcakes to satisfy those with sweet tooths.

I like that the interiors make use of elevated platforms covered in banig, or the traditional woven mats made out of dried palm leaves. It makes me feel like I’m having coffee in someone’s veranda with such comfortable materials, because banig to me always means cozy.

In totality, I’m satisfied with my barako experience in Barako Haus. The staff were friendly, coffee selection is good, place is clean and comfortable. I’ll just have to practice my indian seat the next time I go back in one of those nooks. Thankfully, it’s very accessible for quick pick-me-up between classes.

Barako Haus is in Nunez Street right behind ADZU back gate. You may visit their Facebook page here.

Friday, 24 March 2017


I've always been a coffee drinker.

I take after my father.

Now my parents have decided to put up a cafe in the West Coast of town.

C offered a really nice brand name.

And here I am playing around with images and layouts, color schemes and test printing.

Note: If the logo works well in Black and White, it's a go.

I have yet to try the illustrated version of the coffee cup.

For now I'm enjoying the mixing and matching and I'm loving the idea of the brand name and the story behind it.

Sunday, 6 May 2012

Koppiccino Satisfaction and at Less Than Php10!

Each pack comes with a small bag of choco granules to put on top your drink

In the era of instants- instant makeup (cosmetic tattoo), instant food (instant noodles), instant credit card (okay, I'm not being paid to advertise here so no special mention), everybody can now get a taste of instant kopiccino (Kopiko and cappuccino). 

Kopiko has spread its Kopiccino across the nation, giving opportunity for the ordinary Juan to try the traditional Italian drink. Here's my thoughts on the now accessible cappuccino version by Kopiko.

Taste (4/5)

It's too sweet for my liking, and as far as I know, cappuccino should be topped with cinnamon or nutmeg. However, I am aware that most people do not have a liking to these garnishes and so choose to top off their coffee with chocolate granules instead, thanks to their naturally sweet tooth. It's also a plus for Kopiko to attach a small bag of chocolate granules at the back of every kopiccino pack, simply decide whether or not you want to add them in. I have already accumulated a lot of extra chocolate granules bags in the kitchen for some "future" use.

When mixed in either hot water in a mug or in cold water for iced coffee, the top develops a foam and it's very creamy. 

Cinnamon and nutmeg on top when served with ice in a tall glass

Packaging (5/5)

I like no fuss, simple packaging. It comes with a separate pack of chocolate granules attached at the back of every regular pack of Kopiccino in red, green and white, colors of the Italian flag. It's quite a standout from the different variations of Kopiko (brown and black) so Kopiko consumers can immediately distinguish it from other instant coffee brands. It also looks like an imported brand.

Price (5/5)

At only SRP Php 8.00, you can have an instant coffee mix that's tasteful. Where else can you get a cup of cappuccino at that price? Most cafes offer that at Php 60 and up. It's also a way for the ordinary coffee lover to wake up to cappuccino in the morning, even just at home.

The Verdict

I've already made Kopiccino a part of my morning habit, because I've been consuming Kopiko since my college days and the brand still gives me the right taste I look for over other leading coffee names. Although on some mornings I still take a stronger brew, luckily there's Kopiko's original blend coffee in black just within reach. But I do reach out for the Kopiccino in the coffee lane when I go to the grocery.

Have you tried the Kopiccino yet?