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Friday, 24 March 2017


I've always been a coffee drinker.

I take after my father.

Now my parents have decided to put up a cafe in the West Coast of town.

C offered a really nice brand name.

And here I am playing around with images and layouts, color schemes and test printing.

Note: If the logo works well in Black and White, it's a go.

I have yet to try the illustrated version of the coffee cup.

For now I'm enjoying the mixing and matching and I'm loving the idea of the brand name and the story behind it.

Sunday, 6 May 2012

Koppiccino Satisfaction and at Less Than Php10!

Each pack comes with a small bag of choco granules to put on top your drink

In the era of instants- instant makeup (cosmetic tattoo), instant food (instant noodles), instant credit card (okay, I'm not being paid to advertise here so no special mention), everybody can now get a taste of instant kopiccino (Kopiko and cappuccino). 

Kopiko has spread its Kopiccino across the nation, giving opportunity for the ordinary Juan to try the traditional Italian drink. Here's my thoughts on the now accessible cappuccino version by Kopiko.

Taste (4/5)

It's too sweet for my liking, and as far as I know, cappuccino should be topped with cinnamon or nutmeg. However, I am aware that most people do not have a liking to these garnishes and so choose to top off their coffee with chocolate granules instead, thanks to their naturally sweet tooth. It's also a plus for Kopiko to attach a small bag of chocolate granules at the back of every kopiccino pack, simply decide whether or not you want to add them in. I have already accumulated a lot of extra chocolate granules bags in the kitchen for some "future" use.

When mixed in either hot water in a mug or in cold water for iced coffee, the top develops a foam and it's very creamy. 

Cinnamon and nutmeg on top when served with ice in a tall glass

Packaging (5/5)

I like no fuss, simple packaging. It comes with a separate pack of chocolate granules attached at the back of every regular pack of Kopiccino in red, green and white, colors of the Italian flag. It's quite a standout from the different variations of Kopiko (brown and black) so Kopiko consumers can immediately distinguish it from other instant coffee brands. It also looks like an imported brand.

Price (5/5)

At only SRP Php 8.00, you can have an instant coffee mix that's tasteful. Where else can you get a cup of cappuccino at that price? Most cafes offer that at Php 60 and up. It's also a way for the ordinary coffee lover to wake up to cappuccino in the morning, even just at home.

The Verdict

I've already made Kopiccino a part of my morning habit, because I've been consuming Kopiko since my college days and the brand still gives me the right taste I look for over other leading coffee names. Although on some mornings I still take a stronger brew, luckily there's Kopiko's original blend coffee in black just within reach. But I do reach out for the Kopiccino in the coffee lane when I go to the grocery.

Have you tried the Kopiccino yet?