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Friday, 29 January 2016

Unboxing Crafts Unltd January 2016 Planner Kit, Inspiring A Nautical Journey, Let’s Sail Away!

Who doesn’t want to spend a day at the beach and then just feel those worries melt away? January started the pull of saying “hey, come back here, don’t let your mind wander off just yet”. I felt the same way when I started work again. But it doesn’t always have to be like that. Good thing, Crafts Unltd came up with a Nautical themed Planner Kit this month that’s a must-grab for some nautical aficionados on the horizon.

So what do I think of the Crafts Unltd January 2016 Planner Kit? Let’s take a look at the items one by one.

There's the anchor plushie that I think makes this planner kit more of a goodie box, but it makes a good gift on its own also. I'm not sure if it drives home the concept of a planner kit for me. 

I'm happy to see a set of stickers with a nautical theme and the color palette is gorgeous, this goes well with a whole lot of planner themes, the hand-drawn effect makes it so unique. I wish that there were more of these stickers though. Some pieces here have to be cut though because they aren't pre-cut. There's also a small and handy card holder. It's not your usual card holder so that makes it a fun piece to bring around. It's also a nice card holder to bring around during relaxed business meetings, especially if it involves travel. 

Paper clips in a bottle. It seems like a good twist to the usual "message in a bottle" approach. I saw that there's a sailboat, anchor and something that I haven't figured out yet, but it's nice to display on am all too-formal desk and it's useful, talk about form over function. This is a keeper!


Here's something nice. There's a ribbon decorated paper clip, a magnet, Out to Sea postcard which I really like, and a quoted dashboard (?) 

They're really what you can see from the usual planner kit, but I like the postcard very much and I used it already in my Instagram album that houses my pink sand beach visit. 

The paper clip and magnet and dashboard (?) are nice to have items but not really a necessity. Just nice to have and share

There's also a pocket notebook (quite handy for travel) and a regular mini planner with a silver ribbon bookmark. The lines are large and makes a good gift for a colleague at work. The red pen resembles a piece of a turbine, must be because of its plastic make and flat handle. 

The flat bookmarks are a part of the kit, so are the wooden colored veneers and anchor eraser. The hot air balloon bookmarks are sold separately and you can choose your colors from their Instagram feed, and I think complements the overall dream nautical and journey theme for the month. 

The pouch is larger than expected. I was hoping this could serve as a pencil case but it can carry a wallet and smartphone just like a clutch. The strap makes a good use of the pouch like a wristlet, so yeah, it's a multi-purpose pouch with lots of space in it for just pens. It can carry the other planner goodies in it too. It's not a part of the monthly planner kit but can be bought from Crafts Unltd just the same. 

So what do I think of the whole planner kit in general?

There are some items that I appreciate, like the eraser, postcard, paperclips, stickers and plushies. But I think this is already a good deal for the monthly subscription fee of Php 540. It's also enough to encourage a regular planner girl to dream and plan of beach and island trips throughout the year. 

I still think that more stickers and some washi could have hit the mark though, especially if they have subtle gilded details and whatnot, but maybe that's for another planner theme kit altogether. 

Follow Crafts Unltd on Instagram and check out their goodies for your planners and don't hesitate to send them a message if there's something you like! Ms. Jona is really a nice seller. Also, if you don't mind, while you're in Insta, you can also follow me as @raisiespeaks  and see what I'm up to. 

Are you into planners and stationery? Share your thoughts with me! Have a great weekend! Why not visit the beach or go on an island trip while you're at it! 


  1. These nautical themed little things are so cute!!! Aaaaargh

    1. Thank you for dropping by Chelsea! There is something definitely calming about blues and clean lines. =)

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  3. Nice sharing! Glad to read your post!