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Monday, 7 April 2014

Meet My New Friends This Summer, A Couple Of Them I've Met From Book Shops

It’s been a while since I posted something bookworm-related But it does not mean that I’ve stopped reading nor have the books stopped arriving and taking up space in my shelves. But I admit that spending on books have taken a back seat for now. It’s because I’ve been so mindful of all my expenses as of the moment and I’ve given priority to my needs and not just my wants. 

But in my perspective, books can be both a want and need. If one can enjoy acquiring and reading books, it could be a personal want, and the need of adventure, imagination and the experience of learning could be fulfilled. In totality, collecting more books to read can be justified (wink).

Enough of me banging on. 

I would like to introduce you to my new friends for the month of April. 

I have a weakness when it comes to Latin American writers (insert Japanese, Chinese and a particular French author). To be honest, I've stalked G.G. Marquez enough and made it a point to hunt down all of the Random House editions (simply because I've started with the Random House covers) but have also come across titles like The Shadow of the Wind, Angel's Game, Midnight Palace and Prisoner of Heaven leading me to the Wikipedia page of Carlos Ruiz Zafon

I found two titles in Book Love's shop and got them for bargain prices and something tells me that I really would not be disappointed.

The Prisoner of Heaven and The Midnight Palace by Carlos Ruiz Zafon
Note from Book Love
 Another new friend of mine has been on my bedside shelf for a while now. The Elenium by David Eddings is trilogy and made its way from Australia to the Philippines. It took a while to get here (mailed last year and arrived five months after). I pretty much enjoy the world of enchantment of knights belonging to a holy order, politics surrounding a kingdom and the sarcasm in the dialogue. Book reviews and author introductions to follow, yeah?

The Elenium Trilogy by David Eddings

It won't be long before my book shelf above my bed will collapse and I will find myself knocked out with all these copies landing right on my face, the spines bruising half of me. Bloody horrible scene is it? I think it's fantastic!


  1. Elenium looks interesting. Might check it out. Ano theme niya?

    1. Hi thanks for dropping by Animoyanime! The main character is a Pandion knight named Sparhawk who returns from a decade's exile to find that the kingdom he once served is in a very delicate situation and the Queen he serves is preserved by his mentors in a crystal cocoon in the throne room, if any of them dies, she also dies. The kingdom is also at the mercy of a tyrant. I'll write a review when I finish kaya lang it's a trilogy so I just read a chapter every evening. =)

  2. Zafon's really great! He never fails to amaze me with his works and fed my imagination with twists and turns. :) - Genova

    1. I immediately tore the package open and sat down with The Prisoner of Heaven. =)

    2. Really? That's good to hear! :) I'll just start reading midnight palace though. Happy reading! :)

  3. ...interesting books to read for summer.
    ...would love to read those. :)

    1. Thanks Monde! I'm tempted to find more CRZ but my wallet says Not Yet in capital letters.... =p

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    1. Thank you for visiting, at least it's some light reading this summer =)