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Wednesday, 9 April 2014

It Won't Be Long Now, P Wants To Give Up On Me


It's been ten years, Pentax Optio has been the witness of our family affairs and my constant blogging companion. But during one of my photo sessions for beauty products that I was featuring, the screen was flickering on and off. 

Admittedly it's gone through a lot, it has its own stories to share. It fell, was comatosed, resurrected and now is living its twilight years. Even if I've acquired a smartphone with a camera, I sometimes still prefer to use the P because of the color quality and macro shot focus. I know sooner or later that it will be stubborn and say "hey, other gadgets get to retire at the age of 5 or 6, why do I have to push beyond 10 years?"

To be honest, I have to maximize the P. But in the meantime, I'll use the Xperia (that's what I've been doing lately). I'll be lucky to find a replacement pretty soon but I'm saving.

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