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Sunday, 22 December 2013

Inspiring Colors and Forms: Christine's Books and Baubles

The Creator

Beyond that pretty face, Ms Christine Fabian-Ruste's mind is overflowing with designs and color combinations to bring to life some of her creations- wire jewelry. Knowing her from my college days, I've known her as a writer and a talented lady and also the smallest of the Fabian sisters. She showcased her products at the DMI Fair a couple of weekends ago, with her vintage jewelry display and a fish bowl with an assortment of Argan oil products. I also got to bring home my very first haul from her DIY collection, in teal of course.

She put some of her books on sale too. Look at those prices! (Thanks to my not so impressive photo skills using mobile phone photo quality, you can check out her Facebook page and see which titles are still on hand.)

If only Ms Christine were not using the vintage box for displaying her hand-made creations, it would have been abducted a long time ago.

My Teal Collection

For a closer look at my personal collection from Christine's Books and Baubles,  I've specifically gravitated towards her teal beads and the striking contrast of purple wooden accent on this necklace.  I've paired it with a lot of my plain shirts already and it's become such a statement necklace minus the weight around the neck! The ring made use of the same beads and I think it's a good accent for most occasions.

This simple cat's eye ring set in silver wire goes well with my everyday Anne Klein silver watch and silver ring. It also sets the contrast with bright nail polish. I reach out for this every ow and then and you can catch me staring at it blankly when I'm not facing the laptop in work.

I find this bird's nest ring really charming.I think the shades really appropriate for the holiday season. I wore the earrings during our office Christmas party but forgot to take photos. =S

 How To Take Care Of Your Wire Jewelry 

  1. Store your wire jewelry from Christine's Books and Baubles in a dry place, preferably in a sturdy box
  2. Avoid storing together with heavy objects that could bend the wires
  3. Take off the rings from your fingers if you are going to wash your hands
  4. Spritz your perfume away from your jewelry if possible
  5. Wipe and clean with a soft cloth
You can head on to Christine's Books and Baubles and check out her albums, or leave her a message there for personalized orders. They also make great stocking stuffers and holiday gifts for ladies of all ages. Her creations are affordable and unique, you might want to start building your own collection too.

Personal note: Thank you to J and C for a really beautiful post-exam reward + Christmas present! Even if I didn't know my ring size, everything is still a perfect fit! 


  1. I'm glad to see Christine and her creations get featured here. She's a friend of mine from way back in Ateneo.