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Saturday, 26 October 2013

My HBC Girl Gets Kita Loot and Mini Haul

After over a month of waiting, I finally received my prize from the Girl Gets Kita Shout Out Forum by HBC on Facebook.  The reason why it took so long was because it came all the way from Manila and the siege in our city forced most of the shops to close. But every time I would go to the HBC shop in town, I would see if my loot already arrived. So Sis and I stepped in and brought home a small loot too apart from my gift. 

 I know you are curious to see what's inside!

The thoughtful HBC team put together these goodies for me. I now have a Body Recipe Papaya soap, two more San San Nail Polishes to add to my growing collection, Blue Sapphire and Red Gleam, an Allue lip gloss in Cherry, and three Hortaleza Professional hair treatment packs. You can tell that I will be busy in the weeks to come.


Apart from that, I went to look for a compact eyelash curler so that I can practice with eye makeup when I have the time. (Work has been occupying my brain lately and I just need a little color and beauty therapy to reset.) I really don't like the bulky and scissor-like ones, I was relieved when I saw this. 

 And if you remember how easily I gravitate towards nail polish, I spent another session looking at the pastel colors this time, so let me introduce the new members of my nail polish family, Purple Breeze and French White. There still aren't any colors from the Holiday Collection, but once there are, you know where I'm headed.

All in all, it was a fruitful day since I went around town with my Mom and my siblings, and I got my gift pack, so I'm grinning ear to ear too. I am also giving you the chance to bring home a box filled with goodies, you can join here and try your luck! Have a good weekend!

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