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Saturday, 16 June 2012

Journals Collection (?)

I didn't realize I had that much journals and notebooks already in my possession. I've approximately consumed thirteen diaries and journals since I began writing in fifth grade and they are all kept in a box on the second floor of our house because we are fixing the floorboards as of now.

Here are just some of the unkept journals.

Just sharing...

I'm a sucker for lined paper in hard binding... 

Top Left: Shadow in Shadow Journal, Top Right: Happy Panda in Blue
Bottom Left: British Council Journal, Bottom Right: Gray 2012 Planner

This was a present last Christmas by someone really special 

Shadow with lotsadoodley-doo 

And scraps and pieces of what happened to me this year

I yet have to decide what to do with this yellow thingy... 

With this divider inside...

The blue panda smiles like creepy. also a gift from a friend

With different page designs at every flip

Some more 

And this planner is just so heavy

With cartoon-like divider inside

These are all presents really, and people already know that gifting me is easy, either it's books or journals...


Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. I like your planner! I got one too, and trying to discipline myself to stick with my "plans" :D

    1. Me too, it's already middle of the year so far twenty pages pa lang I consumed, hahaha.

  2. Nako, if you go to Invitation house or pop culture in ATC, madami cute planners don!

    Love your collection, Raisie!

    Jamie Kate

  3. Awesome collection!!! :DDD I have lots of journals too! But they're not as fancy as yours. haha! I used to write diaries but I just stopped sometime in College. sigh

  4. OH MY. i can really, really relate!
    marami din akong journals. nagmana talaga ako sa nanay ko. i can't get enough moleskines and others with hard covers. btw, ang cute nung planner! <3